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  1. Yeah he did but if he was a cheat it would be an easy one to use to his advantage.
  2. i think it's just utter incompetence. He could have sent off mcgregor and given a pen and it wouldn't have been a ridiculous decision. as it was he just got everything wrong all night. i think he is fundamentally useless.
  3. clancey has been taken of rangers games before.
  4. I think Sakala will cause them more problems anyway.
  5. Certainly getting interesting. Let's hope they get a few call ups too.
  6. I think that's a fair point. we lost the battle in midfield where we have all sorts of issues re selection just now. I would have played lundstrum instead of sands and thought he did well when he came on.
  7. Goldson for me too. Played really well and we were up against it.
  8. Can you appeal double yellows. you never used to be able to but i though that perhaps changed.
  9. We were awful in the midfield. We defended well enough, the forwards had zero service but the midfield were woeful. Clancy simply should not be allowed to referee games but we got what we deserved and that had little to do with the ref.
  10. Good team hope we are really up for it from the off.
  11. The manager has said he has budget and is looking for 1 player. I expect Frankie has nailed it re Skov Olsen.
  12. looked for that first and couldn't get it. Might have called it championship manager though
  13. Bologna, three European clubs on Skov Olsen (corrieredellosport.it) BOLOGNA - There are at least three foreign clubs that would like to sign Andreas Skov Olsen. The Danish national team of Bologna likes and the offers are not lacking: the Rangers,in the past few hours have made an offer. Proper sources now. Sex wee
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