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  1. i am not at all sure i want to watch football without heading. would have to see at the time i guess.
  2. even if that was true he didn't but yeah madness.
  3. I actually don't think balogun has played huge amounts of games in his career looking at Wiki. That only shows league games mind you. He may have years in him yet.
  4. Been really impressed with Balogun this season.
  5. lundstrum all the way though he wasn't perfect at the Hibs goal.
  6. What we are reduced to here is people who purport to be clever being ridiculous for sport or malice. As i say this is simple but disingenuous from the government. Double jabbed is less likely to transmit and less likely to catch it. All they care about is inconveniencing the young into getting jabbed with the above as an excuse.
  7. you must do some extremely selective reading.
  8. We managed the game out really well. Something we are generally good at.
  9. ranger syntax has no idea what viral load is. lol or how antibodies work on those first few germs.
  10. It's not complicated to explain, If you are double jabbed you are less likely to catch it and also to pass it on. Really though we all know this is about getting vaccine numbers up by punishing those who haven't but can. really not the way they should be going.
  11. Hibs time wasting. Refs should be allowed to chop that back off in these circumstances.
  12. buzzing after that. Who knows if we would have come back with out that maniac Porteus going nuts again but we did it with the circumstances in hand. Lundstrum really looking the part now.
  13. logistics in the uk are absolutely brutal just now that is for sure.
  14. making our own bacon and sausages are we.
  15. don't understand lundstrum or morelos being dropped. really missing kent.
  16. a promising 4 - 0 gubbing. Even the wife was laughing at that.
  17. yeah could be huge. bassey probably play there. Maybe lundstrum.
  18. just to the enforcement of implementation......
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