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  1. last time i saw our viewing figures for sky they were really good.
  2. Getting back to his best which is really very good. Was great mostly defending v Celtc earlier in the season as well.
  3. Yes completely unfair to us not sending him off just because the game was over. We could have scored a goal that won us the league or worse he could have scored one that lost us it.
  4. Either of the Right backs. Either of the left backs aribo or hagi i suppose.
  5. i could be wrong but I think he is a couple of years older. If this is where we are in the debate it's over.
  6. tav already has more league assists after 14 games than last season. Peaked? I don't think so.
  7. Hard to have a stinker when you are out winning the game with the odd assist in it. Which games are these?
  8. Is Jack in the squad? Shame defoe isn't and Should pay McCrorie as well. Probably others I am forgetting. Anyway the principal is there. Rest the first picks. Get the second string some game time.
  9. We should play all our decent fringe players on thursday and rest as many as possible for Hearts. Lundstrum, Sakala, Roofe, Wright and Patterson should all start at very least.
  10. The form of so many have improved. Mcgregor, goldson, barasic, Morelos are just some Arfield should be playing a lot for us he is such a good all round player.
  11. I really think we would have been better with him than Ojo, Barker, hagi and even aribo out there. in attack and especially defence. What i said is we have spent millions on right wing or whatever you want to call it and are still struggling when it was a strength when we had him. But you know what they say about opinions.
  12. Spot on mate. we should have hovered up all the young talent and played them with a manager playing the right way. the Spivs couldn't get rid of Ally for fear and didn't care for us long term.
  13. It really does. Ally embarrassed us down the leagues for me.
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