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  1. 10 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

    I think Barisic is suiting not being as offensive, where there is less onus on him creating; he's also deeper, so he's in a better position to defend. 

    Getting back to his best which is really very good. 


    Was great mostly defending v Celtc earlier in the season as well. 

  2. 27 minutes ago, Sutton_blows_goats said:

    Great 3 points yesterday. Felt like an old school routine 3-0 home win from the good old days when we were racking up trophies. Aribo is really developing into a player with a final product to back up everything else he offers. Manager got the midfield spot on yesterday. Sakala looked a constant threat. Needs more composure in front of goal and he will really take his game to the next level.


    I have no idea how the wee skinny fat guy was not sent off. The referee needs to call the game as he sees it and not with some kind of context he clearly applied. That's the only reason I can think of for the boy not walking. In fact I have no idea what their manager was thinking involving him, he comes with too much baggage V us and doesn't offer anything on the park.

    Yes completely unfair to us not sending him off just because the game was over. We could have scored a goal that won us the league or worse he could have scored one that lost us it. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, der Berliner said:

    Sorry, I'am not of the Tavernier fan-club nor do I see him as irreplacable. Reasons for my idea are given above.


    And BTW, Tav has had rotten games and yet came away with the odd assist to paper over the rest of his performance. You know that as well as I do. He`s doing well as an auxilliary winger and works his socks off, no doubt. But there is no reason to suggest that a real winger wouldn't get the same amount of assists and goals, nor that Patterson is de facto incapable of matching Tav`s return in the offensive department - given that Patterson is actually a converted right-winger.

    The odd assist. 



  4. 1 minute ago, JohnMc said:

    Dropping Kent and Davis was fairly bold management, and it worked so credit for that. Also thought it was interesting he left Morelos on after he was booked and the game was won. I can't decide if GVB simply doesn't know his past and how he's refereed differently to others or if he simply has more faith in his professionalism than I do. 

    That was a Dundee side in good form going into the match made to look very poor. 


    I can't claim to be a master tactician but even I can spot the difference in what's expected from our full backs since GVB took control. So much of our attacking play under Gerrard came from our full-backs, they were often our furthest forward players. I felt other clubs were starting to nullify that threat more, they'd figured out how to play us. The last couple of matches has seen a subtle change there, with Tav and Barasic still venturing forward but not all the time and as an addition to the attack, not its mainstay. So far it's worked, I think both Livi and Dundee would have caused us more problems had Gerrard still been in charge, we were huffing and puffing against those types of sides earlier in the season. Interestingly I think Barasic has benefited from this change, but Tav seems more subdued. 

    Everyone played well but I thought Arfield was man of the match. I felt he worked exceptionally hard and his running and attacking created space for others to exploit. That said another 3 or 4 were also excellent so I've no complaints with Aribo winning the official award.


    A 1-0 win for Dundee Utd today would see us go level on goal difference with the team in second place, it seems only a few weeks ago they were miles ahead on that measurement. 


    Overall you have to give enormous credit to the board and Ross Wilson as well as to Gio and his staff and indeed the players, for the almost seamless transition of management team. I'm not sure all of us fully appreciate how seismic our entire first team management team walking out on mass must have been. 

    Couple of years since Alfie had discipline problems really. 

  5. 9 hours ago, RANGERRAB said:

    I think the new manager GVB has made a very good start indeed.

    But as I see it he’s still very much assessing the squad he’s inherited.

    Some,such as Arfield, he clearly feels should be more involved than his predecessor thought. And others may be less involved as he maybe looks to replace them.

    An immediate concern for him however will be the CB’s where SG left us hopelessly short iMO. Balougen and Helander are currently injured leaving only Goldson as the only fit recognised first team CB. This will need sorted out next month.

    Both Goldson & Balougen’s contracts expire at the end of this season. Will he try to offload them in January? And does he have replacements identified ? We don’t know 

    In fact a lot of things are now up in

    the air. My own view is we lost a manager & replaced him with a better manager. 


    The form of so many have improved. Mcgregor, goldson, barasic, Morelos are just some 


    Arfield should be playing a lot for us he is such a good all round player. 


    1 hour ago, Rousseau said:

    It wasn't right that we didn't need wingers?


    There's no right or wrong about it: we chose not to play with wingers, but instead two #10s. That's just how SG wanted us to play.  


    We won the league and got out of the Europa League group stage three years on the bounce.  

    I really think we would have been better with him than Ojo, Barker, hagi and even aribo out there. in attack and especially defence. What i said is we have spent millions on right wing or whatever you want to call it and are still struggling when it was a strength when we had him. 


    But you know what they say about opinions. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, CammyF said:

    Huge missed opportunity. We should have appointed a SG type manager back then who'd have taken us through the league's whilst building a squad. Instead we signed players who'd struggle to get a game in the juniors. 


    Ally was and still is a hero but we were too loyal to him back then. He was never management material. 


    Let's not forget and this is no exaggeration, our enemies tried to kill us off back then. They failed, but we took a hell of a kicking. 


    We have one team who had free access to a decades worth of CL money, sponsorship etc, yet somehow we have managed to overtake them and won 55.


    A miracle really, stuff of folklore but still not good enough for some fans. 

    Spot on mate. 


    we should have hovered up all the young talent and played them with a manager playing the right way. 


    the Spivs couldn't get rid of Ally for fear and didn't care for us long term. 

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