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  1. That shouldn't have been happening then but now things are very different.
  2. CL has moved on too. half the teams these days have 1 player who would cost as much as our whole team.
  3. Yes but is that right. I say no. He was quite the opposite of windas in some ways.
  4. He was magnificent and we have never replaced his quality despite spending 10 million trying.
  5. Yeah well out of it. PSG sure aren't letting him go by choice. Never seen him play myself but he is massively rated.
  6. Right wing has been an issue since we sold Candieas. God knows what we have spent on inferior replacements.
  7. hearts out and out cheated tonight and kyogo shaming scottish football yet again
  8. Alternatively we have lost once in about 2 years in the league and are 7 clear at the top. But yeah utterly shite.
  9. Mate Guardiola and Klopp rate him as one of the best talents in the world. He is touted as the new Mbappe Messi etc etc. Realistically we have literally no chance he could go anywhere and no doubt will. Maybe as he is Dutch and wants to be playing every week at 18 and only on 17k a week just now we have some kind of tiny chance but one thing is for sure it would rock football if we got him and not just Scottish football. Of course he could be shite like many rated 18 year olds turn out to be but he is sure as hell highly rated as a prospect.
  10. I wen't bassey given his previous problems at CH he has been a really good stand in here recently.
  11. He was laughing on the TV last night as he contorted himself he was at it and knew it. Was some of his better work. Give it time gets wild on here from time to time.
  12. Now this is what these threads are all about. Would be simply ridiculous.
  13. I remember a pen years ago in europe that super took(maybe alania vladikavkaz, certainly russians). He gave the keeper they eyes so effectively the keeper just collapsed in a heap backwards in the middle of the goal dizzy as it rolled into the corner. lovely stuff.
  14. Porteus says there was contact but minimal. Ross says it was a pen and he would want it but they are only given 50/50 so he wanted it not given. So it was a pen no mater what anyone says. Great to see you posting here BTW SBG.
  15. Possibly because of the share issues recently. What i would really like to know is the current director loans are they going to be converted to shares or repaid. Brahim sure does love you but who can blame him.
  16. Celtc scrapped through that end of season and adopted it because they were shite.
  17. What a feeling. Superb. Missed the game and because i was at Return of the Jedi live in concert (beyond brilliant BTW) didn't see the score except at half and full time. Think that was all for the best. Result was so good when i quickly glanced at it at quarter to ten i caught the score correct but spent the last 45 mins of the film wondering if i had seen it wrong and convincing myself not to get to excited. Highlights looked fairly one way and McGregor only had one very routine save to make.
  18. Definitely not i have read them all and would surely remember.
  19. I think he has bought a lot of credit. Some never wanted his money though so there will be a bit of noise always. Sensibly he will go down as a huge part of stopping terry munro and rightly so. PS i know an actual Terry Munro.
  20. It very much is. Designed to make his shares more desirable no doubt. Very poor indeed and will go a long way to ruining the good he has done but say one thing of Dave King. Dave King doesn't care what others think of him.
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