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  1. We have needed to move the ball more quickly for 20 years. Getting better in that dept tonight. Good to see a higher press as well. Let's redouble our efforts and get the result here rangers.
  2. Not so sure now but maybe yet. Tav perhaps still under pressure.
  3. really hoping we can get him back fit and keep him that way. Would make such a huge difference.
  4. That's theoretically all our best players more or less. They either prove that to be the case or drop out. Certainly you hope that's how it works now. Gio will be under pressure from the off here if it goes wrong. personally i find it quite funny.
  5. I tend to agree with this but Rosseau has a point it's just for fun. No harm in it but something I don't bother doing.
  6. If the other team had no chance that one has less than none.
  7. Just finishing the First Law Trilogy. So far so good.
  8. an appeal now would probably see them make the weekend and miss rangers.
  9. will either or both be banned for the rangers game?
  10. good we play them soon. The diddy clubs always rip the pish out their fans.
  11. here is a post on the actual stats. Mental frankly. Posted a thread recently saying we had lost 12 goals from the last 16 shots on target. Thought that was bad enough. Looking at it further we have lost 6 goals in the last 3 games while facing 5 shots on target. Takes a bit of doing. It is also 7 from 7, 9 from 10 and 10 from 12. F.ucking ridiculous.
  12. watching derek just now and quantum leap. Both excellent.
  13. goldson was stating a fact. if he had said it at half time there would be an issue bit he said it after the game as a statement of fact. what he said was spot on. Christ fans were leaving at 3 nil.
  14. i would say what he meant was they gave themselves to much to do. That they fucked up and couldn't recover.
  15. Zander Clarke has gone from the worst keeper in the SPFL, Statistically at least to being superb.
  16. we have Mp's in this country that attacked Lee Wallace for reporting a crime. James Dornan is a grass should be trending.
  17. how he gets voted in is beyond me.
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