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  1. Football has no morals. We could easily have been sacking Gerrard and paying compensation in 6 months time and we wouldn't have cared one bit for him. A few weeks ago some rangers fans were giving him dogs abuse. He clearly doesn't care for us one bit either. that's life in football. i am worried about what this means for this seasons title chances but we will see who we get and how they do and take it from there.
  2. GVB honours, just saying. Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau: 2010[44]
  3. Shame Arteta wasn't sacked after the first few games. What a turn around he has put in place.
  4. Bigger risk on this one but could be bigger reward.
  5. Would take Warnock to end of the season.
  6. Why Patterson and not Tav he never plays Paterson.
  7. we need experience here and we need it now. even if it's DM to end of season if we can't get who we want now. Dean Smith, Steve Bruce or even warnock would get us over the line.
  8. I think the fans have a small part in any blame for this. Some rounded on him about 2 minutes into this season after he stopped terry munro. He should have bought some trust with that from everyone surely. anyway be interesting to see who we get next.
  9. would be bold to take Tav out. we would most assuredly score less.
  10. barasic v bassey is interesting. Bassey is far flashier. Barasic creates so much more with his wand of a left foot. I prefer Barasic for now
  11. these last few years he just doesn't give a fuck. It's great.
  12. He had to by SA regulations. Whether it had to be that high though....
  13. i am not at all sure i want to watch football without heading. would have to see at the time i guess.
  14. even if that was true he didn't but yeah madness.
  15. I actually don't think balogun has played huge amounts of games in his career looking at Wiki. That only shows league games mind you. He may have years in him yet.
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