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  1. I just don't believe the administrator will give out any new contracts. your right everything will depend on the new owners ambition.
  2. the way I heard it the 2 have good cash. with the share issue we could be recapitilsed no problem. perhaps one of these new bidders has more cash.
  3. for me you have the wrong idea. for me we would assemble a squad of the very best available 18 to 21 year olds and build something special. perhaps with a few older players down the spine . Alexander - weir - ferguson - jig.
  4. that's certainly one view point.
  5. I would also prefer this to the spl with sanctions.
  6. yeah was a bit obvious. not too bright.
  7. d & p did indeed make some claims they coukdnt back up about whytes claims. though maybe they can now.
  8. Casey said something I liked a while back. incompetent or malicious the results the same.
  9. the blue knights problem is whytes shares. they have the funding without ticketus.
  10. if we are liquidated our assets will be swifly sold and a newco set up in days. we will be back.in for august 4th no problem.
  11. yeah it will be Walter the records rarely wrong. that's if its true at all.
  12. duff and Phelps and deadlines are like oil and water.
  13. guessing or making it up as they go along like d&p.
  14. contracting out probably brings in less but at least its guaranteed and allows you to budget.
  15. hard to be sure. celtc do theirs in house but at one time said they should and would look to outsource it.
  16. I've always felt whyte wants liquidation.
  17. yes that's right but a stand alone cva does the same.
  18. there's a difference between not cutting costs and deliberately increasing them.
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