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  1. I'm sure I read on twitter that this game is now 3pm KO on the Sunday.
  2. I realise they are obviously allowed to do this but its already a horrible pitch for football. They have zero intentions of playing good football.
  3. I find myself popping in there quite regularly. Stock seems to be low constantly but that's obviously due to the demand. Only criticism I have for the shop is that there isn't a changing room to try on kit. Without having women's sizing on tops you don't have the option to check if they fit.
  4. Would love to see that introduced! Sat in the enclosure for one of the friendlies and there were a few seats that weren't in the best condition so this is good news for STH in that area.
  5. It's pathetic that they plan this sort of nonsense but hardly surprising. The Rangers fan who shouted back is equally as disrespectful and should be really ashamed of themselves. A minute of silence shouldn't be this hard.
  6. That was the quietest I've ever heard them at Ibrox, even before a ball was kicked but plenty of our fans said it was the same at their ground earlier this year. Doesn't help that half of the allocation probably goes to sponsorship/ hospitality. Not your normal away day fans.
  7. For me personally, I have no problem with the armed forces day that the club does but always felt that it sometimes got OTT at half time. Obviously that's changed now and feel like there is a mutual respect between the crowd and those on the pitch. My friend is going to be on the pitch at half time and as a life long Rangers fan, he's absolutely thrilled at the opportunity. It's hard to criticise when the support appear to back the idea and the military personnel appreciate it too.
  8. I have to agree with you there. Despite being available they will likely still demand a wage that we shouldn't be paying for any players. I must admit I'm surprised at Palacios not being picked up by a club. Vlaar I always rated but injury prone!
  9. I have that much faith in Kenny Miller this season, I'm allowing myself a bottle of Miller for every goal he scores this season (I've gave up drinking to get fitter). Might be an alcoholic by the end of the season!
  10. He is an absolutely perfect fit for everything the fans expect of a Rangers manager. So far I'm very impressed with the way he deals with the media and the constant circus they try and create.
  11. I didn't have a clue what it said from the Copland Front It would be great if we could cover the advertising boards with something to make sure that the display connects between the stands. Obviously our sponsors would have a meltdown but it would look excellent.
  12. I'm surprised with social media and the interwebs that no one has identified this idiot to name and shame.
  13. Kilmarnock at home. Especially if Boyd is up front!
  14. mmckgers

    Sammy Cox

    Very saddened to hear of Sammy's passing today. Such an unbelievably talented player.
  15. The digs at Rangers have been from the top of the club down. Its actually become their marketing campaign with this "unbroken history" nonsense. Where has that got them? Closing a stand, reducing ST prices by £100 and continually hitting out with digs at Rangers to encourage fans to go back. Personally I would like Rangers to distance themselves from this nonsense and care less what they say. I don't want stupid jibes back.
  16. I'm not so sure about the criticism he is getting on here. I've always believed a player deserves a chance to prove themselves and its going to be a long summer if every player we are signing on a precontract gets the same treatment. Signing Bell makes financial sense if Alexander wont budge on wages. Why we don't have a youth player that could step in is more concerning to me than brining in Bell.
  17. Whilst there are so many divisions and people pushing for their own agendas in the boardroom, there will be leaks of information to push decisions or people out. As much as I agreed with Rangers not having one major owner, it looks like its causing trouble far too often at boardroom level. I do struggle to see things getting any better anytime soon unfortunately.
  18. I'm not going to lie, but I probably wouldn't read the book. Nothing against the writers or the idea whatsoever, its just not something I'm particularly likely to complete. I will however pass on my best wishes to those involved and make a donation to the Rangers Charity foundation to the value of the book.
  19. mmckgers

    Union Bears

    Perhaps we should be less reliant on the bf1 section and start up songs elsewhere in the ground.
  20. I'm really looking forward to this one. As usual the international break makes me desperate to get back! I'm also one of the six female flag bearers for this game as it's for breast cancer awareness month. We are also wearing the new pink charity foundation shirt this weekend.
  21. Hell no! Celtic are a mile ahead of us in women's football, one over them would be huge
  22. I assume Mr Green is attempting to push for league reconstruction on the basis that we will be invited to the "new" SPL/ SPL 2 set up proposed? The fact is that he's at Rangers to make money, he admitted that from the start. However he wont be doing that in the 3rd division and needs us to go up the leagues asap.
  23. Oh dear Alex. The Celtic support wont buy tickets to their own home matches. What makes him believe that continually attempting to appeal to the lowest common denominator within the Celtic support will sell more books? It would be amusing if someone done a photoshop job on "downfall" and put his mug on the front of it.
  24. What are everyone's thoughts on these? I personally don't see the point of them and at the risk of criminal action there doesn't seem to have any positives. Plus if the club gets fined then it's a pretty stupid thing to do IMO. Stirling was the only away game this season that I've been at that I've not seen one. I guess I'm just not ultra.
  25. They are off every Wednesday except when we have games. Not that I'm disagreeing with you, especially when we haven't done preseason. Now I'm going to contradict myself and say that they do require a day off for their bodies to recover especially if they done any strength and conditioning training yesterday on top of a high intensity session.
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