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  1. Yeah I think he did caution him so it's protected himself whilst admitting he must have seen something.
  2. I like how quickly we get the responses out against statements against us. Not too sure if we are a bit defensive over this though, which is worrying.
  3. The tackle on Alexander was surely worth more than a booking as well. Funnily enough the FA were able to look at the incidents in the EPL games over the weekend by the Monday so why can't the sfa do the same? It's surely not that difficult.
  4. I played a few years back and one of my friends still plays... Will double check with her and will get back to you
  5. I like the simplicity of the shirt but I have a training top from a few seasons ago and its nearly identical. The change of shirt manufacturer should hopefully freshen things up, although I would like to ditch Tennents as well.
  6. I'm sure it was Gallacher who scored yesterday?
  7. We don't use width very well despite the fact we have a couple of young guys who are clearly comfortable on the ball. We should be attempting to hit the byline and get the ball in from there because a low cross would likely cause plenty of teams problems. I genuinely believe a few of our players are scared to run with the ball in case they get a bad tackle. Although we are absolutely no threat from a corner/ freekick which is a disgrace.
  8. I expected the league and a decent cup run in the ramsdens cup. Why everyone believed it was going to be a doddle is beyond me. We struggled in the SPL at times with a significantly better squad. Although I did believe that we would adapt to the games a bit better than we have considering we still have a full time structure in place.
  9. After I got home from Stirling I was annoyed about the game still so went and got fifa 13, wine for me beer for the boyfriend and played that until motd! Could be repeated today but there are some decent games on today.
  10. This game is on my birthday, that should be enough motivation to win.
  11. Perhaps we should send our players to take on full time jobs on top of their football to earn their wages. They are being paid far too much for the level we are playing at. It's simply not good enough.
  12. Something has to change but its sad that it takes something like this to kick the SFA into action. Without a doubt there has to be change but I'm not sure if those in charge currently would be capable of doing so.
  13. I wont be attending another game at Tannadice again ever and I genuinely hope our support take the same stance. Plus whoever Jerry Kerr was, they clearly didn't think highly of him naming that atrocity of a stand after him.
  14. Its really a stupid idea. Those who don't go back simply hate Rangers more than they love their own team.
  15. Regardless of what Bill is in place, its been proven time and time again that the green brigade are completely untouchable with their actions. Absolutely nothing done from the Poppy shame banner right through to setting our stadium on fire at a youth cup final. I would support the actions of the police if they didnt just stand their with camera's and did actually do something regarding them. However, I dont see what they did wrong yesterday. The RIP stuff was predicted and if anything wound the Bears up less than a Champions display would have... they done nothing but prove their obsession with our club. The fake gun thing, I dont know what's happened there but all males were being searched going into the Rangers end yesterday. I doubt its the same at the home end!
  16. The SFA are complete hypocrites! Don't want a Team GB, yet are happy for some of the Olympics football to be played at Hampden? I don't think any GB games are played in Scotland but that's not the point!
  17. That's very true. I'm not sure if a protest at an empty Hampden would benefit anyone but if that's what has to be done in order to show feelings then its got to be done.
  18. That's the potential issue... The moron's of the day would turn out and just cause trouble.
  19. I just wrote this on twitter but I'd much rather see us protesting at Hampden on cup final day. Get there early and cause not only policing hell but take the attention away from what's meant to be a lovely end of season game and focusing attention back on how unhappy we all are.
  20. "If there was ever a time in our Clubs 140 year old history that the Rangers Support should pull together as one, this is it. We need to stand up together and show the so called band of 10 that we will not accept rule changes that could have a drastic effect on our Clubs future, it is being done because we are weak and down and at a time when we do not have a voice or a leader. There comes a time when enough is enough and this is it, we, the Rangers Support need to quickly get together a work out a game plan that will stop this sham and show these people that we will be the masters of our fate not them. We, the Rangers Support need to realise that we hold the key within our grasp as to whether they continue to exist as they are at present or show them what it would be like to live without the money generated from our loyal support at their home games, one thing is certain we would not miss the revenue generated from the 300 odd away fans who come to Ibrox. These are the same people who voted to accept the ridiculous TV contract with the sham Irish company Setanta, after being told by both Rangers and Celtic that the Setanta deal would fail, which we all know did, and at a cost of Millions of Pounds in lost revenue to the SPL. Both Rangers and Celtic at the time were adamant that they should accept the deal that was on the table from Sky TV even though it was lower bid it was a more realistic deal for Scottish Football at the time. When Setanta eventually went bust the SPL then went cap in hand to Sky TV with their tails between their legs only to find that Sky had substantially reduced their previous offer, this was all down to the greed of the smaller SPL clubs, some things never change. Now these same people think they can exist without a healthy Rangers FC, well I can tell them they are in for a real shock. WATP"
  21. Jim Hannah said that the club would support a boycott of away games. I'll try and find exactly what he said regarding this a few weeks back.
  22. I've got to be honest and admit, I've never been a fan of Healy. There are too many in the support who simply look past his ability to look at his background. As for Little, I'm just pleased we aren't still trying to play him at RB!! I remember watching him at unders level and he was excellent, tall, held the ball up well and wasn't scared to take a run at defenders but overshadowed by the younger Fleck. Would like to see him playing next week as well as McCabe.
  23. My other half just got the new iPad and is looking for some advice for the best apps? Any suggestions by ipad/ iphone owners?
  24. I used to ride horses when I was younger and you could see at the start of the race there were a few horses too eager to run. Synchronised should never have been allowed to run after its escape from Mccoy! But there is far too much money in the grand national for it to stop completely. Someone had 50k on Synchronised to win so the bookies don't want to be paying back out. I would either like to see the jumps reduced or removed completely. It might take away the skill involved but less chance of being hurt. As soon as a jockey falls and gets killed or seriously injured is when we will see a stop to this.
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