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  1. So, it turns out this 'MS Removal Tool' is actually the virus. It's telling me my PC is infected when in fact it isn't (this aside) and tries to con folk into thinking they need it removing and to pay for it, essentially. It's built in to halt all .exe files which is why my internet etc. is fine but I can't play Football Manager and what-not. I think I've found a way to fix it here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-ms-removal-tool .. So we'll see how this goes. And cheers for those links above.. definitely will be getting those.
  2. Struggling to run much other than my internet browser, strangely. And must admit I don't have any specific anti-Malware programs anyway. Tried running a Virgin security scan and my PC restarted mid way through.. MS Removal Tool came up out of nowhere and claimed 38 infections but won't let me remove them.
  3. Right.. Computer had been acting a little weird recently and today I went away from it and came back to find all my applications closed and a blue background replacing the one I had. Now getting bubble messages saying my computer is infected and: 'Warning: Application cannot be executed. The file RPS.exe is infected.'. Got about as far as finding out that RPS.exe is something to do with my Virgin Media anti-virus software so if the anti-virus itself is the problem how do I go about fixing this? Hope someone here's smarter than me..
  4. Mate of mine always says he'd love to see Lafferty in training..
  5. Celtic try to win games and we try not to lose them. That's the be all and end all.
  6. He has one senior cap for Ireland in a friendly. However, new rules are that you can jump ship as long as you haven't played a competitive match. Case in point would be Jermaine Jones, US-Born German who played 3 tiems for Germany in friendlies but has now jumped ship to play for the US.
  7. I was a Henman fan and whereas Murray is clearly a better player, they're so alike in terms of putting you through the ringer or 'emotional rollercoaster' when watching them.
  8. And the moaning and muttering has started already..
  9. Typical Murray.. flashes of brilliance. Goes a break up. Loses serve instantly. Loses the set. Never, ever plain-sailing.
  10. Deal has obviously been in the pipeline when you consider we bid �£700k for Goodwillie. Seems as if we just took the money Biringham had offered and went straight to Dundee Utd with it for Goodwillie and had it thrown back at us.
  11. Striker Kenny Miller is mulling over a move to Birmingham City after Rangers accepted an offer in the region of �£700,000 from the English club. The 31-year-old Scotland player has netted 22 club goals so far this term. But he has stalled on a contract extension beyond June and he is free to speak with other clubs. Rangers failed with a bid for Dundee United's David Goodwillie but, even if Miller moves, they are unlikely to be able to meet United's �£1.5m valuation. The fee from the Midlands club would also increase should they avoid relegation from the English Premier Leag
  12. Beattie

    Fm 11

    You tried playing with the old school 2D top-down view? If it's a SWOS type thing you're after I'd say that's pretty close.
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