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  1. He didn't look like he was here for signing talks. How many people fly in, go to Murray Park, have a browse then head to Woolies to buy a paper an a pick 'n' mix?
  2. Aye, I doubt this has any relativity, but in the times of crazy rumours coming out of all places, thought it was worth a post. Does make you wonder though, I mean, Glasgow isn't exactly a popular end of season holiday destination, wonder what he is doing here.
  3. Fletch on loan would be a funny old signing.
  4. What's the link to FF again? I had it stored somewhere and haven't been able to find it for ages and that just reminded me to ask.
  5. Aye he's had a hard time with injuries, but when he's fit he's a cracking 'keeper. Oh, and yes, he did speak with an English accent when he went up to buy his Gazza autobiography, bottle of Lucozade, a pick 'n' mix and his Daily Star :-)
  6. Aye we need this thread back badly, and Cammy and that need to sign up.
  7. Aye, I didn't even notice that till a mate of mine pointed it out. Gotta stroke my ego a bit, for being subtle about it, I managed to get a hell of a picture ;-)
  8. Well, since the flavour of the month is to start rumours, I think I'll take my turn. Was in Woolworths today, and to my shock, who walks past me but: Chris Kirkland. Now I didn't have the balls to say: "Chris, what you doing in Glasgow?", but with Rangers looking for a 'keeper and PLG seemingly a fan of making private signings out of the blue.. if Chris Kirkland becomes a Rangers player anytime soon, you heard it here first.
  9. Beattie


    Colshy will catch up in no time.
  10. Aye it sounds like it was just between Aberdeen and Celtic, and if that's true then it was a no brainer.
  11. Looks better now, just need one of someone new to sign in teh new top in place of Svensson.
  12. Bollocks, I didn't hear about Landreu signing for PSG. Letizi is not to be touched.. And no Gordon because yes, he's a fine player, but he's already said he wants to play in either England or Italy when he leaves Hearts, so he dosen't need thinking about.
  13. Scotland's Euro 2008 qualifying bid will kick off against the Faroe Islands at Celtic Park. Hampden Park is unavailable on 2 September because the national stadium is hosting a Robbie Williams concert. A number of clubs made bids to host the game but Celtic Park was the top choice of the Scottish Football Association. Chief executive David Taylor said: "We want to make a positive start, and with Hampden not being available then Celtic Park will provide a magnificent venue." Aberdeen were one of the teams to miss out but Taylor wants to reward them by taking an international match to Pittodrie soon. "I would like to publicly acknowledge the strong bid from Aberdeen FC to stage the match at Pittodrie, but we anticipate the crowd for the opening match of the Euro 2008 campaign will require a larger stadium," added Taylor. "However, there is great support for the national team in the north east of Scotland, and I would very much hope we will take Scotland's next home friendly match to Aberdeen." Scotland have been drawn in a very difficult qualifying group, which also includes France, Italy, Ukraine and Lithuania. _____________________ Ha, would of been a laugh having a Scotland game at Pittodrie. Can't believe a Robbie Williams concert is getting put above a Euro qualifier in importance. Just looking at that there, we have ZERO chance of qualifying for Euro 2008, and with that comes falling lower down the rankings, meaning we're be seeded lower for the World Cup qualifiers, which will mean just as hard a group as this one. No matter how much our national side improves, with our already awful world ranking and seeding position, it's gonna be very hard to qualify for anything anytime soon.
  14. Aye I'm a member on another one of these, also not a Rangers one (Got about 10,000 posts on that one, sad bugger that I am) and it's good to see we've changed. In a way, I'll miss the old ones, I just associated them with Gersnet because they weret he only forums I knew that used that style. But hey, times move on.
  15. I wouldn't touch Gordon with a barge pole. Good keeper and all, but he's already said when he leaves Hearts it'll be for England, so there's no point even contemplating it. Michael Laundreu is still available on a free from Lens, he gets my vote.
  16. I hate having to click the quick reply thing, it should just be there. Anyway, I post on another forum and it's a VBulletin, the betting and points stuff is class if it's done right.
  17. I like this one to be honest. Only thought is that Svensson looks totally out of place on it and it looks like he's just been placed on it for the sake of it. Le Guen and Prso would be fine. And the outer glow on the Rangers badge is a little over done but that's a mute point.
  18. No really a point posting in the old ones though.
  19. Let's be honest, we could get a starting 11 out of the amount of keepers we've been linked with.
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