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  1. Sportsound and Sportscene were in lock step RE Lennon, both trotting out the "passionate" trope and Sportscene completely omitted showing the footage of Lennon verbally abusing the referee.
  2. *Eagerly awaits 26th of Foot's take on Pacific Quay this weekend*
  3. The future looks bleak for South Africa if the level of emigres is anything to go by. Mostly white, professionals are leaving in droves, I met a guy at a work conference who'd been held up at gun point twice in 2017..on the way to work!
  4. The campaign (and I'm confident there has been one) to punt Dembele has backfired. Not one English or European based outlet has ever printed a story about interest in Dembele that they haven't parroted from a Scottish publication and I'm sure the mockery and derision our fans on social media have engaged in has at least sewn some serious doubt in minds of those down south who had even considered it. I can see him seeing out his contract and bounce form one bout of injury to another before going to *insert Championship or bottom 6 EPL club here* on a Bosman.
  5. All I took from the video was that our defence and goalkeeper are actually pretty good!
  6. I can't make it on Saturday RBR, I'll gladly give you my smartcard if you can get out my way (Hamilton area). PM me!
  7. I've always wondered that and what the potential impact of that has been...we know on the dark side they will inflate players values before, during and after any transfer fee and the nett result is that they probably get more for their players as a result. We have more than our fair share of naysayers and negative Nancy's as a support.
  8. Chris McLaughlin was the first BBC Bhoy to use the term "unlawful" the day of the BTC verdict when there was no mention of the word in any of the documents. Jackie Bird introduced Chris and she even had a we go at it too. There's no doubt in my mind that this has been decreed as the position the BBC take on it and like good little bhoys, they've all duly obliged. Top down, publicly funded negative spin.
  9. I can exclusively reveal Tom English's bank of experts: GerryBhoy67, TheClumpany, Declan1888, CelticQuickNews
  10. I'm another one who can probably make all three dates but plumped for Killie on the 17th March. The OF game is usually a full days of activity so the next week sounds good to me. If no one minds I'll bring along a mate who's just taken the plunge on a season ticket after many years in the cold.
  11. I got the Novotel in the City Centre for £45 (it's one of the newly refurbished Novotels). http://www.novotel.com/gb/hotel-1348-novotel-sheffield-centre/index.shtml
  12. Myself and the wife are going down for this but staying over on the Sunday night in Sheffield because I start my two weeks holidays on the Monday..... I'd be happy to catch up with any Gersnetters for a beer or seven :-)
  13. Some points of order: 1) Humans experience directly 4 dimensions of space-time (to give it its scientifically accurate description) The current estimate is that there are 13 dimensions in our universe. The non detectable ones may well be out of our reach but the universal laws of physics would still apply to them. 2) Infinity is a strange concept but by definition it cannot be increased or decreased ie you can't add to infinity or extend it. 3) Our energy does move on somewhere after death but it's highly unlikely that this is to another dimension as we understand the physics of macro energy systems ie our atoms disperse into the universe itself (from whence they came!). 4) Quantum theory is built on the Standard Model which concerns sub atomic particles, forces and fields. While the theory is incomplete without an understanding of gravity at that scale, the Higgs discovery all but confirmed that Einstein was right about special relativity and so there is very little room for shoehorning in existential possibilities. People like Deepak Chopra make a living selling ideas and "wisdom" based on pseudo scientific mumbo jumbo about spirituality and the quantum world and are rightly mocked by the scientific community. I don't mean to criticise your musings Coop but I see a lot of this type of thinking - ie unknown phenomena could be a refuge for the supernatural and it rips my knitting!
  14. Twitter seems to think the fee for McKay is nearer £1.5m... Isn't it funny how every fee we receive is low balled and every fee we've to pay is exaggerated? It's almost like the papers write their stories to appeal to the manky side of the game.
  15. The media up here were trying to push the "bidding war" narrative to initiate it and rope in other parties (Sunderland etc). I'd be inclined to believe the RO version of events.
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