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  1. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/club-news/item/1803-sfa-youth-cup-first-round Hopefully there will be a big crowd. Can't imaging all 50,000 regulars will be at Berwick!! :-)
  2. Also, if the club is floated on a stock exchange in the future, it can go from Limited to PLC.
  3. Doesn't make sense to me. If you sell your house, the first thing the lawyers do is to check out what mortgages or other loans are secured against it. These must be cleared as part of the transaction. Surely the same thing applies to the assets of a company? After all, you can't sell what doesn't belong to you. Or perhaps you can as an administrator/liquidator, in which case any previous charges must surely have been first rendered null and void?
  4. That's true. The question is how many of them would stick around if it was division 3? My guess would be not too many. Three years or more, depending upon how long it took to achieve promotion back into the SPL, is a long time in a footballers career. Bear in mind that these lads have been recruited into Rangers and therefore the SPL, and if they are ambitious, may not want to wait to get back up. So, I guess my vote is division 1, sorry....
  5. LOL. Although I don't think it would be a difficult sell....
  6. Absolutely. He loves it and is getting great reviews from the management. Would love to see him continue to thrive at Rangers. Great club.
  7. Was a great night. Would be a shame to take that competition away from the youngsters.
  8. Less than 1,000 people is a consensus? Surely not...
  9. Agreed, this must all have been in relation to Whyte. You can't have been told lies by someone you haven't met. Not sure how much of an excuse this is though.
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