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  1. I agree mostly with what The Real Papa Bear has to say here but I'm still pro-union. Whatever happened to the so-called "max-devo" option? Surely that option is/was win-win?
  2. Green (and most likely Ally too) will have seen the prank phone call becoming such a public affair as an extremely easy way to cut short an expensive flop signing. As much as I feel sorry for Sandaza as I don't think that what he said was all that bad, I can't blame the club for seizing the opportunity to cut some dead wood. At the same time, I hope it lets the rest of the players know that their contracts aren't necessarily safe.
  3. I'd like to know what we do in training because tactics don't seem to be part of it. Absolutely woeful display today against an inferior side on paper. Shiels & Little should have swapped positions as Little is wasted on the wing & I didn't even realise that's Shiels was playing until half time. Gunning can elbow Black in the face & get a yellow, Naismith can come in slightly late & get a straight red? I would have walked all the players off the pitch.
  4. Clatty Bastard. Shit happens, but he should have washed his hands. Im never eating Walkers crisps again.
  5. Cutting them down is 1 thing.. but how the fuck did they get them on this trains?
  6. I hope it stays this way for many years to come. It's been great to see the volume of families at games these days, I never remember there being this many. It was always a father & son event, but this season has been different. Or.. I've just not paid attention before.
  7. Harry said he would welcome the old firm in England but he wasn't so sure his chairman would feel the same.
  8. Right now Wallace & Templeton could play in England. 3 years from now McKay, Aird & Macleod could potentially play in England.
  9. When the haters have power, be that media or money, & we let them abuse that power it can hurt us whether we think we are invincible or not. Perhaps if Murray had been more pro-active in this area it wouldn't have been so easy for Scottish media to become so blatantly against Rangers.
  10. Calm down, roll over & just let all the Rangers haters walk all over you then.
  11. I'm pretty sure we hired him as 'head of communications' and not as an investigative journalist.
  12. If that's not the way things work then how can we be angry with Naismith, McGregor et al?
  13. Maybe they would.. but at 34 he doesn't have much time left to play to capacity crowds
  14. The money is not the issue here. He deserves a 2 year contract. He stuck with us through our period of instability, we owe it to him.
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