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  1. Mammoth AND required. An amazing opportunity was missed 3 years ago, the next month is an extremely important time to start the ground work on the mammoth task. Good read Frankie. Here's hoping whilst we've been focussed on results on the pitch with unfortunately ended in failure this season, DK has been focussed on getting the club to start building for sucess next season and beyond.
  2. Nope, but I will thank him for coming in at a time where we desparately needed change. I know what you're saying about giving him a chance with his own players, but im basing my opinion on some of the utterly bizarre decisions he would make during the 90 minutes which changed the course of the game, and not exactly for the better.
  3. I knew we were hated when we were on top, but at the time I took the majority of it as banter seeing as we were the club everyone was chasing. The level of hatred we have amassed since 2011 has actually astonished me. I have and always intend to be a fan of football for the football aspect, somewhere along the way, rivalry got lost and it has turn into something much more destructive. I hope it improves.
  4. The league hasnt even been over for a week, its the end of the season and we have no games coming up that would require McCall to prepare a team, its hardly keeping him hanging on. He surly must know himself that the chances of him getting the job for next season is very slim to none.
  5. That is an important factor that has also been lacking for years, no more buddy buddy acts between the management and players as this looked way too cosy for too long. I think its a good thing that Weir went away to learn the coaching trade, he'll still know a handful of players left at the club but that shouldnt be an issue with the professionalism he's shown throughout his career.
  6. Preference would definitely be Warburton and Weir over Macinnes any day. I liked Macinnes for the job in the past but hes not what we need at this point.
  7. Not unhappy at any of those leaving, overjoyed at some actually im afraid. Such a crucial time for the new regime to get it right, we cant think of rebuilding when we reach the top tier, the foundations have to be laid now in order to grow year in year out.
  8. Tell them to take Lewis back up the road with them and it'll be a nice start.
  9. Like Bluedell said, wait to see what sort of statement Motherwell come out with. If Rangers come out slagging off their players and whatnot, we'll probably have the book thrown at us. Im sure the Motherwell players will just get a slap on the wrist and there will be no mention of their fans being fairly agressive.
  10. Thought it was nice that they highlighted the fan incident, and that our fans didnt take the bait. Fair comment with regards to Moshni, we need level headed players going into next season who are focussed on the task at hand in winning matches, he was massively provoked there is no doubt about that, but handled it badly.
  11. Didnt see that until now, thats ridiculous, looked to attempt to hit him again on the back of the legs.
  12. The way these journalists word it is just enough to get away with it not being a sleight on Rangers, saying he was 'at the centre' of ugly scenes. The victim is often 'at the centre' of ugly scenes, its called getting jumped. Not saying he is innocent, he absolutely should not have reacted in such a manner and im hoping that next seasons crop of players are a bit smarter in football and conduct terms, but the board should strike whilst the iron is hot and ensure blame is not solely landed on our doorstep.
  13. Boyd : Whats that? Jig : A Mitre Boyd : Away man, thats no even a foot never mind a mitre!
  14. Quite a few names on that list is players who were playing well but plagued by injury, Rozental and Nerlinger stand out to me, definitely other worthy candidates who werent didnt have the injury excuse, were just plain shite.
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