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  1. You would think you couldn't make this up. But it's true in Scotland in 2020. The pain being felt by the families of these survivors must be intense and made all the worse by crass insensitivity like this. I hope the Gray family and all the others get the justice they seek soon. Sadly, as with the Hillsborough families, it won't with their government's help - it will be despite their government. Heads really must roll over this.
  2. Nice to see Gerrard not mincing his words about those senior players who didn't step up. The bar for entry into the first team has been seriously ratcheted up this season and I think the likes of Barker and Ojo will be looking for a new club before too long. They simply aren't good enough for where Gerrard wants Rangers to go and it sounds like he's not afraid to cut the dead wood from our squad if he knows there are better options available. If we want sustained success this is the only way to go.
  3. I would say I was looking forward to one of your legendary rants Cammy. They certainly spiced up Gersnet in the old days. But I'm rather hoping we keep playing in a way that no ranting is required. Here's to 55 and hopefully this year.
  4. Good to have you back Cammy. You were a voice of sanity in the days past and I look forward to your future postings.
  5. Yep you can sense the fear of 55. They just can't deal with the prospect of it happening so soon after we were repeatedly told by pundit after pundit (usually ex-Celtic types) that it was years and 100's of millions away. To hell with the media. All that matters is we do our talking on the pitch and keep up the momentum until the end of the season.
  6. Suggests a pretty steely focus and resolve. Fantastic for us. Scary for everyone else.
  7. Yes. You have to laugh at the brass neck of that statement. All those Sell Out Sundays really whetted people's appetite didn't they? Oh wait.....
  8. If interest from Arsenal is serious then they can pay serious money. They paid £25 million for a left back with a well known glass ankle and who has barely kicked a ball since her arrived. They can afford to pay top dollar so let's force them to if it comes to it.
  9. Deflector screens to maximum!!! 1. Always cheated, never defeated! Oh shit, Clancy was too obvious and that's not going to work this time. 2. What sort of evil scum sing nasty songs about something that we won't even admit exists, and anyway happened at a different club that coincidentally had the same name and the same badge and who our directors had business interests with? An entirely separate and coincidental entity. Nothing to do with us. 3. Those evil mental health bullies in blue taking it out on poor Leigh Griffiths. That's the real story. Where's our Justice Minister????
  10. Doc

    Morelos abuse

    Top of the sports headlines on BBC 5 Live this lunchtime too. So there seems to be mileage in it that even Hollicom can't sweep under the carpet. Plenty of recordings of it too so Police Scotland can't simply lose the evidence like they have managed to do so often when it involves Celtic.
  11. You would hope it would be blind lady justice. But sadly it's more likely to be our morally blind SNP justice minister.
  12. Totally agree. We can't get carried away with anything. Sunday's win will mean nothing if we drop points in January like we did last year. I really hope we have turned a corner. I was genuinely fearful of what would play out over our December fixtures with all those critical away games and the manager and the team have proved me wrong. Let's hope lessons have been learned and we start again where we left off on Sunday.
  13. English will be getting pelters from others within the PQ gang hut for that article but seriously what else can he write? We have bossed Celtic more than they have bossed us over the last 6 Old Firm games and only bad luck and questionable refereeing have stopped that becoming blatantly obvious. Tom has simply opened his eyes to that fact at last, and is trying to do Neil Lennon's a favour and inject some urgency (and probably transfer money) into whatever they do between now and the end of the season.
  14. And long may it continue...
  15. Last August I wrote a thread outline called “The Weight of Expectation” that Frankie turned into a Gersnet article. In that I tried to sum up my thoughts about Stephen Gerrard becoming manager of Rangers, his motivations for doing so and where it could ultimately lead us. I thank Frankie for spreading that further than I intended and for everyone who commented on and responded to what I wrote. One paragraph stood out for me when I sat down to write it and I want to reflect on that now after today’s 2-1 win against Celtic in the last Old Firm game of this decade. This is it: “For the first time since Walter was manager I feel like we have someone at the helm who understands tactics and has a vision beyond the next crisis. For the first time since Souness arrived in 1986 I feel like we have a manager who feels comfortable with the grandeur of Ibrox and the history of the Rangers that the building embodies to us all. McCoist, Warburton, Pedro and Murty all looked too small for the Rangers manager’s suit, the arto deco furnishings made them look uncomfortable and somehow less. But from the day he walked in Gerrard looked like, not only was he comfortable with it, he understood the importance, he intuitively knew what a big cub expected and what its manager must be.” Nothing that Gerrard has done over the last 15 months has done anything to shake that impression. Last season was ultimately unsuccessful and we fell short in the league and in both cups. The chasm between us and Celtic that existed when Gerrard took over was too great to bridge in a single season and while all of us would have sorely loved an instant title to wipe the smug smiles off the faces of Lennon, Brown and all the others across the city, it was too much to realistically ask. Gerrard’s inexperience as a top-flight manager and his tactical inflexibility were exposed at critical times but he delivered two vitally important league victories to end a terrible barren run against Celtic and he planted the seeds of what we saw on show in today’s game. I think most would agree that this season Stephen Gerrard has put an extra level of determination and a steely edge to grind out results when they really matter into his players that was not there before. That steely edge extends beyond the dressing room into the wider sphere beyond. What passes for a media in Scotland are in awe of Gerrard because of the peaks he ascended as a player but loath him because he is Rangers manager in equal measure. They just can’t help themselves. I love the fact that he is taking a stand and calling out some of the ridiculous decisions that have gone against Rangers; pointing out how ludicrous they are and asking the assembled hacks how they would justify them. Gerrard probably wasn’t expecting the degree of hostility from the media that he and his players have received but he hasn’t let it affect him in the way that it crushed his predecessors. But the thing I love most about him and the thing that fans of other clubs probably most dislike about him is the way he understands and communicates with us, the supporters. I said above that from the minute he walked through the door Gerrard intuitively understood what and who he was dealing with. As Liverpool captain and a Liverpool supporter in a period where Liverpool couldn’t win the league title they desperately craved and as a man seeking redemption for a mistake that snatched away a chance at a title Gerrard could instinctively see and empathise with our pain, our frustration and our desire. Now you can argue that Ally McCoist as a Rangers legend had the same empathy but he wasn’t able to communicate it and transmit it in the same way that Gerrard has. That’s what makes him the leader he was at Liverpool and he is now to Rangers. Look at his reaction to today’s win. In those few seconds of undiluted joy when he screamed into the TV camera at the end of the game he wasn’t just Stephen Gerrard. He was every single one of us. I bet everyone watching that felt something and saw themselves in that instant. It was spectacular in its intensity and unexpected but all the more powerful for it. The mask of dignity that Gerrard usually wears so well fell away completely for a second and he was a fan, he was one of us. You would expect it if that victory was Liverpool's but it wasn't them it was Rangers and it is a measure of how much he has invested in our club and its supporters. His words tonight when he had calmed down and was being interviewed about his reaction to the win are worth repeating: “I’m not going to apologise for that. This means a lot to me. I came here for a reason because I want these players to be successful. I want this club to be successful and I want the supporters to be successful. That’s what it means to me. That’s what myself and my staff are putting into this job. We’re living it. And we’re doing everything we can.” “These fans have been through enough, and they’ve been through enough in this stadium. Tonight should be all about them. And I’m going away tonight smiling inside, for them.” Those words inspire me and make me feel proud of my club and connected to my team and manager in a way that feels different to anything I’ve felt before as a supporter. It’s not logical or something I can rationalise but that’s the way it feels. I hope today’s result is a massive turning point for Rangers. From miles behind 18 months ago we have shown Celtic we can beat them at the Piggery. We should have won the League Cup but for inspired goalkeeping, incompetent refereeing and huge slices of luck that handed them the win. Last season Gerrard and his players gave me a hope that change was going to come but ultimately that hope couldn’t be sustained. This season we are stronger and hungrier than them. There is a fear in Celtic that wasn’t there before and I hope it’s enough to take us to the title. Stephen Gerrard is special. We took a gamble on him and he took one on us but it is paying off and he is reinventing what it means to be manager of Rangers for me. The weight of expectation still hangs heavy around Ibrox and the media would love to see us fail again. They have become so used to kicking us they can't perceive of a time when Rangers are back on top and the look on their faces when 55 comes will be all the sweeter for all the lies and hatred they have thrown at us. Time will tell just how phoenix-like Gerrard’s Rangers will be but by goodness it’s been an incredible transformation so far and hopefully a title for him and for us is close at hand. I don't think Gerrard expected this himself and is probably surprised by it. Liverpool will always be his true love and it’s not unfair to say that his ultimate redemption must lie there somewhere in the future. Rangers could have simply been seen as his first real job before carving out a CV elsewhere but you sense now that it holds something more for him than he expected. This rebuilding of Rangers fits perfectly with the arc he wants to follow and he can achieve glory and learn the skills he needs for his ultimate test in a place where it doesn't hurt Liverpool (Champions League ties notwithstanding - we can dream..). So much for logic but there is heart as well and Gerrard's heart is now bound with Rangers and the club's revival in a way nobody could have foreseen. He gets and understands us as supporters. He gets and understands what our club is. He is proud to be our manager and utterly unapologetic for it, as so many in the media would somehow want him to be. He isn't going to play their game. He's playing his game and that means making us the best. He was never a Ranger as a player but boy does he exemplify everything I would want my ultimate Ranger to be. There’s a job still to do and a title to win. Let’s go!
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