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  1. Decent summary of events from English. You can tell he smells some blood here. And in one sense he can't lose. Either the SPFL or Rangers get stuffed by this and he gets to write about it. He wants this played out to a conclusion and not shut down like Doncaster and his cronies. You have to wonder what they are scared of. Because it's clear they want this stopped and no scrutiny to take place. Rangers should hold on to what we have despite all the clamour for disclosure. Keep them sweating a few more days Rangers. Who knows what other ammunition they might inadvertently provide us.
  2. Yes it's not like he is attacking all Irish clubs or all clubs in catholic countries. Just one club. One like no other, when it comes to harboring, employing, and re-employing, paedophiles.
  3. A certain CEO at the Piggery for sure. He thinks his (place)man is doing a splendid job and probably deserves a raise.
  4. I agree with a lot of that. The Deloitte PR stunt yesterday was a blatant attempt to wrestle back the narrative from days of negative press and collective dismay at how the SPFL have fucked this up. When even the likes of Scrote are highlighting the limited scope of the investigation (basically "look at what we show you and tell us what we want to hear") then you know there is more mileage in this. The lack of any football right now has created a vacuum where stories like this are food for hungry jounro's. It's all they have to write about. In normal times, with games going on this
  5. It's definitely best if it comes from Partick Thistle. The SPFL has announced that they are relegated and hopefully that's a stain that Thistle will want removed regardless of any attempt at half hearted league reconstruction. Thistle have the stronger moral high ground than we do in this. However someone has to challenge this and if Thistle can't then we have to. This is about fixing a vote to get the outcome you wanted all along and blatantly lying and covering things up along the way. If this is allowed to stand unchallenged then this isn't a league any more. It's a rigged farce
  6. There are several things that have to be in place in order to deliver a proper opportunity of achieving a better foundation for Scottish Football’s future. First, a working group should be assembled and must have members from the highest levels of Scottish Football with long-term interest in the future success of the game. We need to agree a set of goals that will be the basis of reconstruction which takes into account current and future wants and needs of media; member clubs’ financial benefits; and sporting integrity as a basis. It is our belief that after speaking to numerous clubs that
  7. Spot on. No amount of spin is going to get them out of the hole they created for themselves when they didn't stick their guns and reject Doncaster's attempted bribery out of hand.
  8. What planet is MacLennan on and what credibility does he think he has left? At the weekend he exonerated Doncaster and Laidlaw of any wrongdoing and said that everything had been done properly. A not so polite "Shut up and fuck off while we wait for Dundee to hand in their Yes vote after they accept whatever crumbs fall of our table." Now, at the threat of an interim interdict from Partick Thistle, he says "Oh we might have to have a look at what happened on Friday after all." Perhaps he is planning that the SPFL should employ the same investigators who are going through the emotio
  9. Yes and it's nice for Rangers not to feel alone in this struggle, as has happened so many times in the past. We have to keep the pressure on until the rats are cleared out.
  10. In normal times when things could be done face to face between individuals with no record kept, I would agree with you Buster. But if this was all done via remote electronic meetings, emails and whatsapp then it's possibly to track it and verify who said what to whom and when it was said to establish the exact timeline. There are too many threads in too many places for just the SPFL to cover up. Somehow there has to be a push for an independent investigation and if that means the police coming in an seizing evidence while that investigation goes on then I'm all for it. If the SPFL
  11. The obvious question is, on whose authority are any of these offers being made? Dundee don't control the SPFL purse strings so who has apparently given them authority to make any kind of offer to anyone? I think we need to be told. But I'm sure we won't be.
  12. I agree. I think the positions will ultimately get called as they stand but the problem is the resolution presented for the vote had all the titles, promotion and relegation strands interwoven into it. Clubs couldn't get their money unless they agreed to declare Celtic champions, Dundee United champions and the three teams bottom of the leagues as relegated. It was accept this or don't get your money when you are desperate just to survive. They could have done it differently and limited the damage to member clubs. They chose not to and said take it or leave it expecting to get the outcome they
  13. Exactly. And you can only wonder why it had to go through now, in so much haste, and presented as a take it or you don't get your money scenario to most clubs? Who could possibly stand to benefit most from such an outcome? It couldn't possibly be a certain team across the city. Do you seriously think any form of league reconstruction would have been on the table if they had got the votes they needed for this to pass on Friday? Any proposals would have got the same treatment as Rangers' proposal got on Thursday, i.e. deemed somehow "incompetent" on whatever technicality they fancied
  14. Dundee can only revoke that vote because the result was not declared - because the SPFL didn't get the result they wanted. If the vote was genuinely outstanding and they didn't already know that it was a NO (no laughing at the back there) then common sense as well as the legality of the vote would dictate that no information on any of the outcomes should have released until all votes were in or the legal deadline for voting had elapsed, as per any established voting process. Basically we should all still be in the dark and potentially waiting 28 days to hear the outcome. Instead that principle
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