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  1. "City’s scheme is being described as a “victim-first” policy and in sharp contrast to what appears to be an entirely different approach at Crewe, who are also facing a number of civil cases following Andy Woodward’s interview in the Guardian in November 2016, when their former player waived his anonymity to detail the years of abuse he encountered from Bennell in the club’s youth system." You could replace Crewe with Celtic here and it would be virtually identical. City have done the right thing here. The contrast with Separate Entity FC could not be more stark. I hope the victims get the justice they deserve and Celtic get nailed to the wall over the callous way they have treated them,
  2. Fine by me. At least he's appreciated here, unlike by large sections of the Tartan Army who can't help but indulge their anti-Rangers feelings whenever one of our players is called up for Scotland.
  3. BBC Five Live linking the incident with Tavernier on Friday night with the assault on Jack Grealish this afternoon. They could hardly say any different. But the main thrust of the commentary was about how well Hibs have responded to it. Slaps on the back all round for the Hibs top brass in their condemnation of the attack. Nothing on the fact that there has been a pattern of racist abuse and violence in the form of missiles and now an on-pitch assault from Hibs fans this season, or that the the stadium security at Easter Road is clearly not fit for purpose. And of course no reminder for the listeners about all those exuberant Hibees who invaded the pitch and assaulted Rangers players and staff at the Cup Final and the rather different spin that Petrie and his mates put on that day. Not followed what BBC Scotland have had to say. Probably not much....
  4. Doc


    For those of us that work in universities it's been clear that things work like that for quite a long time. The claim excellence in the PR bullshit for external consumption. Excellence inside the institution is stamped on and made ever more difficult by the demands of a machine that is designed to serve itself ahead of the teaching staff, and certainly ahead of the students.
  5. According to the BBC website.... this game is now going to "Extra Time". They are fucking clueless, or just desperate to see Aberdeen beat us at their midden.
  6. Great stuff Rangers, This lot are there for the taking tonight. Keep up the pressure. Fingers crossed Hearts can make it an even better night.
  7. I have argued on another thread that this full interview needs to be aired somehow. The transcripts of the interview must exist outwith the confines of PQ or Traynor is nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is. Get that transcript out to the Rangers public and let us broadcast and perform it in full if need be. If the BBC will only pick out the 9 seconds that plays to their narrative and leaves the rest in limbo, let's get it out there ourselves. Then everyone can see what was asked by the BBC and what was replied over the course of the full 25 minutes. I suspect it won't be comfortable listening for the crowd at PQ.
  8. If Traynor gave a 25 minute interview then there must be a transcript of that full interview somewhere. Either Rangers (or Traynor himself) or the BBC will retain a copy or copies. So in the interests of fairness and of seeing what was asked and what was said (and what was selectively edited to suit the BBC agenda) why can't that transcript be released? Perhaps a couple of Bears with aspirations of an acting career might choose to take the roles of the BBC and Traynor and simply read the transcript out in full - highlighting and putting into context the 9 seconds that was allowed into the public domain - on Rangers TV or on various Rangers podcasts. We can call it performance art and I expect it will be very enlightening. If the BBC won't publish it in full then we should. And let their journalistic integrity try and stop us!
  9. Please no. Just get Alfie the fuck off the pitch now so there are no opprtunities for Killie players or the ref to hammer him with anything else that might attract the CO's attentions.
  10. Bitter and twisted as ever. These people need to get a fucking life.
  11. Oh FFS! They aren't making this easy are they?
  12. Agreed. I thought we would go with a Defoe-Laferty combo. It's asking a lot of Defoe to lead the line alone from the start. Let's hope the others can support him.
  13. Just a coincidence. Celtic are a "separate entity" from their ST holders who just happen to sit on compliance panels that are meant to be independent. And their nutjob fans have the cheek to declare there are conspiracies against Celtic. You couldn't make this shit up. A CO from outside Scotland should be the minimum requirement. Nobody should hold their breath that the corrupt SFA will display any sense any time soon.
  14. Sorry Craig, we've had enough goes against this lot already. It's not luck it's our mistakes. We need to start making our own luck and just beat them. I am getting tired of this snatching a lead and then pissing it away. It's killing us.
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