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  1. I tend to agree. We should be as different as possible to Celtic here, do the right thing and and shine an even harsher light on their indefensible evasion and deceit. We sacked Neely when his abuse became known which was more than Celtic did with their paedophiles. It's not like our Directors continued to be business associates of a child molestor and then re-employed him years later after they hoped the dust had settled.
  2. Indeed. Through the actions of Whyte and Green Rangers were nearly killed off and then left on a life support machine that pumped more stimulus into Mike Ashley than it ever did to us. Rangers were nearly destroyed and everyone involved has just walked off Scot free. How can anyone argue that is just incompetence?
  3. I wish I could be as charitable as you. These "errors" don't seem to happen to other clubs or other supporters to the same extent as they happen to Rangers. When I see evidence of general rather than selective incompetence from Police Scotland and an equivalent number of failed prosecutions of our supporters then I'll be more inclined to agree. Right now I think we are being given the shitty end of the stick and there are political motivations at play to not do enough about it.
  4. Even if they did visit the Piggery you can bet that their hearing would be very selective. These people want nothing more than us to be thrown out of European competition and hamstrung so that we are nothing more than a cash cow to Scottish football but never able to compete for honours. Their agenda is twisted but the sad thing is that some of our fans are complicit in giving them exactly what they want. We have to be smarter than we have been. This is a sea-change moment, as important as the day Souness signed Mo Johnstone in terms of how our club is going to be perceived. None of us can envisage going back to what the club did with regard to signings in the 1980's because we have seen where that change has taken us and the fnatastic players we have had (who just happened to have been catholic but who totally bought into the spirit of Rangers) since then. Dropping TBB and others from the the songbook and focusing on supporting the team properly leads us forward and will actually piss off FARE, the Green Brigade and the BBC a whole lot more than if we just sit in our bunker and continue to hand them the ammunition to really hurt us.
  5. Am I the only one that spotted Celtic have spelled Aribo's name wrong in their transfer dossier. They must have gone chasing another "Arribo" and left the real one to us. "Tierney - staying" is the one that cracks me up. How did that one work out?
  6. Good article with really solid analysis, so hat's off for that. Aribo looks to be one hell of a player who can really help us unlock stubborn defences. He's got plenty of room to grow and develop at Rangers and being mentored by the likes of Gerrard and McAllister ought to be any central midfielder's dream. Here's hoping he continues to do the business for us.
  7. They could have really taken the piss and launched it at the Piggery with our justice minister on hand to applaud (and ignore it).
  8. The only way to make this relevant is for us to do our business tomorrow night. Not fuck it up like a certain shower across this city. Come on Rangers.
  9. More likely that they double down on their venom. Fuck them.
  10. That's nice. Well done to both clubs and their fans for that.
  11. This is disastrous for Celtic and a massive boost for us, assuming we can do the business ourselves tomorrow. The best part of £50 million that they could have had from CL qualification in 2018 and 2019 just evaporated instead of being a massive insurance policy for securing them 10 in a row. The £25m from Tierney is gone for sure, just like the cash from Dembele disappeared to pay their wage bill last season. Lets see how they do against us now when the odds are more even.
  12. Celtic in Europe truly are the gift that keeps giving. Their ineptitude might save the BBC a few bob as as all those air miles for Pat Bonner and Tom English get cancelled.
  13. I can see your argument too Gonzo and I sympathise with your anger and frustration. We have been treated terribly by BBC Scotland and we should not have to put up with it. However before Gerrard arrived there was not a cat in hell's chance of that changing because nobody gave a fuck about Murty or Pedro beyond the Scottish media. Gerrard is different. If he leads Rangers to 55 then I think the BBC can't ignore it even if the pygmies at PQ want to. Happy to agree to disagree.
  14. Don't agree with that Gonzo. That's a nuclear option and while it might sound exactly like what we have at the moment, it's not. In withdrawing McLaughlin's privileges we did the right thing. BBC Scotland chose to twist that as an attack on journalistic freedom when the BBC down south did no such thing when Man Utd and other clubs chose to ban individual journalists. They simply sent along someone else and coverage continued as normal. They have not been consistent and we have not called them out strongly enough for it. Now consider what happens if Steven Gerrard leads Rangers to the SPL title this season. Former England captain and potential future Liverpool manager wins a title in Scotland as an almost rookie and achieves part of the redemption he is seeking for not having won a league title in a glittering career as a player in England. Don't you think the BBC nationally will be forced to cover that and get an interview with the man? Of course they will because they would look incompetent and stupid compared to all the other media companies that will be desperate to do it. That's the point when if need be the big bosses in the Sports Department will tell Pacific Quay to fuck themselves and send someone from London to do the job that BBC Scotland are incapable of doing. We just need to win the league and then we can't be ignored. Gerrard is box office and a winning Gerrard is like gold, all across the UK. If we ban all BBC journalists, not just McLoughlin (who we have bang to rights), then we have completely burnt that bridge and BBC Scotland can still duck the scenario I have outlined above. At the moment the bridge is still there but nobody is allowed to cross it by the clowns at PQ. Winning the league under Gerrard means the BBC have to cover the story and cross that bridge or they will look like complete idiots to everyone outside Scotland as well as inside.
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