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  1. There's lies, damned lies and statistics. But I'll take these. Cue howls of masonic conspiracy from the unwashed.
  2. Seriously? All that's asked is that you do your fucking job and don't obstruct or cover up decades of child abuse and misery at a prominent football club in your jurisdiction. That's what a real justice minister would do. That fact that you refuse to meet the victims and act like nothing is happening is why you get criticized. Don't try and pretend otherwise.
  3. Happy to look and investigate anywhere but the rancid club he supports. What happened to justice being blind and there for all? Clearly not if you have the right friends in the right places. The sooner this joke of a so-called justice minister is voted out of the office along with the rest of his SNP mates the better. I hope the victims of the Celtic abuse scandal get the justice they deserve but it will be a long time coming while Celtic know they are protected by the likes of Humza. It makes me sick to see this clown in charge of justice in Scotland.
  4. As long as Ashley runs the ship, Newcastle ought to be toxic to any manager who isn't desperate for a job. I like to think Gerrard would have way more integrity than that.
  5. Utterly corrupt. They aren't even trying to hide it any more. How can the man that laughed off the biggest riot at a football match in Scotland since the OF Final in 1979 (instigated by the supporters of the club he chaired) get anywhere near the top job at the SFA? Weren't there any more qualified candidates? I mean anyone FFS?
  6. Another slip up like that will not be acceptable. We have to take this seriously and even if we end up playing more games to play ourselves into form I would take that option. Leave aside the extra income, which is always nice, the fact we were able to build up slowly and surely last season was the reason we went as far as we did.
  7. A tiny crumb of comfort (for now)
  8. Agree completely. Hopefully a few more journalists now grow some balls and pursue this to its full conclusion. If the upper echelons at Celtic really did whitewash it in the 1980's and just expected the victims to slink off and live with their shame and hurt, then they really deserve everything that is coming to them.
  9. No shit its an embarrassment for Scottish Football. It's been one since it was conceived but, no surprises, Celtic only moan about it when their kangaroo court somehow can't deliver what they want. This was always one that a good lawyer ought to have been able to drive a coach and horses through. Glad they have.
  10. Don't agree Bill. The lawyers are no driving this process. Celtic FC have the money to pay any compensation whereas the supposedly separate Boys Club don't have too pennies to rub together. The lawyers will want to chase the compensation money for themselves and for their clients. That means they have to chase Celtic and do their absolute best to nail them in court. Given the scale of the damage and Celtic's disgraceful denial of responsibility and refusal to cooperate I don't see any judge being soft on them. Perhaps anyone on the forum with legal training can comment one way or another.
  11. Exactly. Peter will be on speed dial to his many friends and associates in the media to make sure this stays in the long grass as long as possible.
  12. Is this a joke? It's not like this fucking clown hasn't been aware of this growing scandal for months and Celtic's stinking involvement in it. Why has it taken 4 convictions of scumbags linked to his favourite club for him to think about contacting Liewell to "ask what Celtic FC intend to do". Think of all the other times he and others in his government were asked to by the victims could have done it. By letter or by conversation in among the comfy green seats in the main stand at the Piggery on a home game. But nothing. Given the scale of the damage we can only wonder the nature of that conversation and what favours Peter might now be calling in in terms of damage limitation for his "separate entity". James Dornan makes me sick. He is an utter embarrassment to an already disgraced political class and the sooner his constituents boot him out the better. I hope voters will be reminded of this man's connivance in ignoring and covering up child abuse when the time comes.
  13. Other than it being endlessly replayed and analysed on the BBC and Sky while the elbow on Defoe and all the others involving Scott Borwn barely get a mention. The media are utterly conniving in this unbalanced playing field. If they did their fucking job and highlighted all the other incidents just as much as the hammer Rangers then it would be fairer. The fact is is they sweep all the other incidents under the carpet and just focus on us. We'll get no justice under these journo's, with BBC Scotland as currently construed, and certainly not with a CO hand picked by our bitter rivals. It's a joke!
  14. Their fucking useless centre forward. 9 million well spent there.
  15. Typical clickbait from failed manager and former bankrupt Sutton. Nobody at Rangers should give a fuck for what he thinks.
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