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  1. Crimson Dynamo

    Michael Beale

    McAllister seems to do most of the shouting.
  2. Crimson Dynamo

    Vienna Away

    I'm going, staying in Bratislava on Tuesday. Then Vienna, Wednesday and Thursday. First away European away day for me as well.
  3. Crimson Dynamo

    Rangers v Aberdeen

    Stupid from Morelos.
  4. Crimson Dynamo

    Favoured Gers XI

    Entirely on players from time watching Rangers. Goram, Stevens, Numan, Gough, Moore, McCall, Steven, Gascoigne, Walters, Laudrup, Hateley. Too many honourable mentions to even begin.
  5. Crimson Dynamo

    Ejaria dropped

    I liked our midfield tonight. I'd start those guys vs Celtic all being well.
  6. Crimson Dynamo

    TalkSport:Top 30 football stadiums in Europe ranked

    In no particular order my fave stadiums to have visited bar Ibrox. San Siro Anfield Goodison Villa Park Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Juventus Stadium Emirates Stamford Bridge City Ground Stadium of Light. All have their own charm, I liked the new Wembley. It is a bit soulless but I think if you followed your team there it'd be awesome.
  7. Crimson Dynamo

    Embarrassment for Steven Gerrard tonight

    You're of course entitled to your opinion dude. But you can't honestly believe this? It almost feels you are being purposefully obtuse and not looking at the bigger picture.
  8. That was a good game. Crap result. But we've went out there and worked our socks off. We can come back holding our heads high. Other nights we'd have won that or came away with a draw.
  9. Crimson Dynamo

    Carlos Pena returning with immediate effect

    I'd give Pena another spin if he's over his issues. Def a player there.
  10. Crimson Dynamo

    Rangers 1 - 1 Kilmarnock

    The team looks like it needs a rest. We have a fairly young average age and our squad is threadbare more so with the recent injuries. It is unfair to say we are moving backwards. We clearly aren't given where we were last season and where we are now. But we 100% need more depth to the squad.
  11. Crimson Dynamo

    [FT] Aberdeen 1 - 0 Rangers

    Thats not strictly true. Sadiq was caught offside how many times, 5/6 possibly more? It got to the point Gerrard was shouting at the player to be more aware and to stop blindly running. Also there were times during the game Sadiq was woefully out of position to the point you didn't know what the hell he was doing. I'm not laying it all at Sadiq's door and like Gerrard said; the buck stops with him. But I'll be surprised if Sadiq starts again for us.
  12. Crimson Dynamo

    [FT] Aberdeen 1 - 0 Rangers

    For all the mentions of Gerrard having no Plan B yesterday. I feel it needs to be taken into consideration that yesterday was probably Plan C. If Morelos hadn't have been booked then he starts which is Plan A. He got booked, therefore he was suspended so Lafferty would normally be Plan B. Lafferty was cup tied so Sadiq was Plan C. Was Sadiq a good Plan C? Probably not, Gerrard could maybe have played Middleton through the middle or taken a punt on Grezda. But I think Gerrard seems to prefer Middleton as an impact player in the last 10 - 15 mins due to his pace and directness. He might not have the same effect if he started and I'm not sure what the story is with Grezda. Our squad is paper thin and the number of games and injuries may be starting to impact the team. Hopefully come January we can add a bit more depth which we don't really have at the moment. The future is still looking extremely bright as far as I'm concerned.
  13. Crimson Dynamo

    Ian Durrant Caught Up In Bigotry Storm

    I have no issue with saying "f*ck" anyone. As has already been said earlier in this tread it's all down to context and environment.
  14. Crimson Dynamo

    Sad really

    Have we ever really been great at bringing striker's through, though?
  15. Crimson Dynamo

    Rangers new hummel kits go on sale today

    I am really disappointed that the club crest and strip maker, look as though they have been ironed on to the final product.

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