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  1. I was a paperboy in the early to mid 90's it was great seeing the back pages and seeing who were getting linked to. The Daily Star always had the more incredible ones like Marco Van Basten.
  2. Good move for him. Get him playing regularly at a fairly good level. At the very least it will add to his value.
  3. If the stories regarding the wages structure are true. 10 million would come in handy for Liverpool to pay wages.
  4. I'd have Kelly back at Rangers has potential to be a future number 1 for us.
  5. Controversial but in terms of what Gascoigne and Laudrup were bought for. Which was to push us to the next level in Europe both were failures. Not taking anything away from 9 in a row. They joy they brought me watching them strutting their stuff in domestic games still makes me smiles even now. But it is bittersweet when I remember our record in Europe from that time. Bar one season. I would have loved to have seen both play for Advocaat.
  6. I haven't seen much of Gray but he looked different class when he scored that hat trick against us for Burnley in a preseason friendly.
  7. I read a rumour on Twitter recently that said £5.5m had been agreed.
  8. Look at the playoffs in English Championship. You can finish 6th and still get promoted.
  9. Roberts did. He was a fairly decent keeper if I remember right he had a habit of going goal if needed. I'm sure he did it for Spurs a couple of times.
  10. Can you cast direct from your phone? My phone has an option to cast my screen. Only time I have been unable to do it this way was with Sky. Which has a feature to prevent you doing so.
  11. Not related but coincidentally William McGregor who was largely responsible for the Aston Villa we see today. Was from Glasgow and a Rangers fan. Villa's motto is "Prepared" similar to our own "Ready ".
  12. Goodson and Villa Park both have great atmospheres and always remind me of Ibrox.
  13. Stuart Munro was always a bargain and solid for us. No matter how many times Souness tried to replace him.
  14. Marcus Gayle, I genuinely thought would do a job for us. Big and powerful thought he'd go down a storm up here. Theo Snelders loved him at Aberdeen we signed him as never more than cover. Egil Ostenstad, James Beattie both strikers I thought would score goals for us.
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