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  1. Crimson Dynamo

    Is Scottish Football Corrupt?

    I don't think it is corrupt. Inept would be a better description.
  2. Crimson Dynamo

    Allan McGregor's two game ban stands

    I think McGregor has been lucky this season not to have already been sent off. I didn't think this one was red more yellow for me but I can see why it would have been red.
  3. Not ignoring anything. Morelos gave the referee a decision to make. Referee made one albeit the wrong one. We threw away 2 points. Not laying it all at his feet but his red card was a contributing factor to that. Anyway Defoe has scored my blood pressure has lowered 😀
  4. Nothing to do with enemies. He consistently and needlessly gives referees a decision to make.
  5. Yeah, needlessly involved. He's been leaving legs, arms, and elbows in all night. All for putting yourself about. But he's had 3 red cards against them this season. It's unacceptable.
  6. Needlessly involved again though. We're trying to win a big game and he's doing that. Because of his antics he missed Aberdeen semi and now he'll miss big game against Killie. It's just so needless, just play the game.
  7. Morelos needs to calm down.
  8. Crimson Dynamo

    The Winter 2018/19 - Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

    I don't think we're over reliant on Tavernier. But do agree our attackers could offer more. I think the type of midfielders we have aren't those types of players to offer creativity. However, I think Arfield's contribution for the type of player he is, has been nothing short of phenomenal. Attacking wise, Kent and Candeias have both had good season's but could and should offer more in terms of breaking down the Killies of this world down. Lafferty isn't an impact player in my opinion and think for us to get the most out of him he should start. So he will always look poor because of his role. I hope Davis offers the spark our midfield is seeking in the short term or perhaps a fully fit Dorrans. But I fear Dorrans may well leave in the summer.
  9. Crimson Dynamo

    The Winter 2018/19 - Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

    Fully agree. As an attacking option Tavernier's contribution to us has been fantastic.
  10. Crimson Dynamo

    Why does Diane Abbott get interrupted so often?

    I don't know much about Diane Abbott. In her favour she seems fairly popular in her constituency. But, any time that I've watched her, she struggles to make a coherent point. Most interviewers seem to run rings around her and make her look inept.
  11. Crimson Dynamo

    TV Football Commentators

    I can quite happily watch football in the house with the commentary turned off. There are so many that just seem to spout crap just for the sake of saying something. It is dismally boring and offputting.
  12. Crimson Dynamo

    [FT] Kilmarnock 2 - 1 Rangers (Defoe 12)

    It's all very well saying this, this, and this. But we've not played very well. Second to the ball far to often.
  13. Crimson Dynamo

    The Winter 2018/19 - Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

    I agree, I think Lafferty just needs a goal or 2.
  14. Crimson Dynamo

    An SFA stitch-up to stop Celtic: Sutton

    He'll be saying the SFA lay down to Rangers next. Good to see him hurting. Long may it continue.

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