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  1. Stuart Munro was always a bargain and solid for us. No matter how many times Souness tried to replace him.
  2. Marcus Gayle, I genuinely thought would do a job for us. Big and powerful thought he'd go down a storm up here. Theo Snelders loved him at Aberdeen we signed him as never more than cover. Egil Ostenstad, James Beattie both strikers I thought would score goals for us.
  3. Nuno Capucho was a huge disappointment.
  4. I think the jury is out on him. Davis just doesn't look fit. I thought when we signed Defoe it was with a view to selling Morelos in January.
  5. Agree, the ageing veteran seems to seldom work out for us. Few odd exceptions like Weir but most are very forgettable and largely a waste of money.
  6. If true and Southampton at least doubled that. Would be a good bit business for us. Assuming Gerrard and Allen had a cheap alternative lined up also.
  7. It's hard to take sides or offer support when we don't really know what occurred. Similarly to whatever happened with Barton. Apparently both were overly passionate after an Old Firm defeat. Which on the face of it, I want the players to be after losing any game nevermind Celtic.
  8. Imagine the furore if Kent had punched Brown.
  9. We must have some sort of clause with Forest the amount we play Worrall. So many times, I've thought Gerrard will drop him and give someone else a run. But at the most it is one game and he's back. He has had good games for us, especially when he keeps it simple. But like when we drop him. It's one game then it is back to the poor performances.
  10. I don't think it is corrupt. Inept would be a better description.
  11. I think McGregor has been lucky this season not to have already been sent off. I didn't think this one was red more yellow for me but I can see why it would have been red.
  12. Not ignoring anything. Morelos gave the referee a decision to make. Referee made one albeit the wrong one. We threw away 2 points. Not laying it all at his feet but his red card was a contributing factor to that. Anyway Defoe has scored my blood pressure has lowered 😀
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