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  1. It's completely unacceptable. What if the pie burnt Tavernier? Or got in his eye? Rangers should call it out.
  2. Pretty much this. Any of the other talk. I'll believe it, when I see it.
  3. I think Tavernier's contributions to the team, far outweighs his occasional errors. I believe on our day we're better than Young Boys and think we'll beat them at home.
  4. Really got to the point where I couldn't care less when Scotland are playing. The last 2 Scottish games I went to. Wasn't to see Scotland it was to see Hazard and Ronaldo (who didn't play). I only watched last night because I had a bet on Belgium and I switched off when it came up.
  5. Defo, Article 50 should never have been invoked, until any government was in a position to deliver on its ramifications.
  6. I'm a fan of cool water. You can get a 100ml at the duty free for less than £40.
  7. I don't think Brexit is dead. The moment of truth will come in a General Election, and it now looks increasingly likely we're going to get one.
  8. I thought St Mirren would come out when we scored. But didn't. From where I was sitting. I got the impression Gerrard wanted Kamara or Jack to overload the centre and have Barasic and Tavernier overlap on the wings. We didn't do that in the first half possibly because of the sun as Helander seemed to have difficulty with high balls he had to attack. But when we did it at the start of the second half it led to the goal.
  9. I think if we qualify for the Europa League we may well get Kent and another striker. If we don't, I don't see Kent happening.
  10. Barasic is an enigma. He hardly (if ever) goes past the last man to cross the ball and he just pings the same diagonal ball in over and over again. It's frustrating as he's clearly a player, from watching him play for Osijek or Croatia.
  11. I like Lafferty if he can screw the nut. We clearly thought he'd turned a corner but he admits in the interview he let himself down and some of the other stupidity he got up to when he re-signed is why he is gone.
  12. As am i. But (and tinfoil hat time) i'm concerned that some of the statements from fan groups are coming via the board adding to the confusion.
  13. On the face of it this seems pretty serious and looks like it could be very costly for us. I'm not sure it is quite as catastrophic as some outlets are implying but all the same. I'm getting concerned some our fans groups seem to be going down the fake news route and everything is gravy. The board need to be straight with the fans.
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