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  1. I can def see a caretaker manager perhaps to the New Year. We've an awful run of games coming up. Putting a new manager in and he loses them could kill them before they've even started.
  2. Last night reminded me of the Young Boys game in Switzerland. Where it was mostly 50/50 and could have gone either way but defensive lapses cost us.
  3. I was RB & RM. Would probably be a wing back if I played nowadays. I was solid if unspectacular. I had dodgy knees so never went far. Played for all my school teams and a couple local teams. I made the bench for a Juniors game alongside a couple of other guys from the boys team. But we were literally making up the numbers due to injuries.
  4. It's getting scarily absurd now. I fear where stuff like this is headed. Anyone that doesn't hear duh duh duh. Are genuinely just looking to stir up division.
  5. Nearly all of the major players were just looking for a reason at the start of the war. Gavrilo Princip must've been a dream come true for some of them.
  6. Just looked that up. Thats a fair record.
  7. Great Post! When I was a boy and just discovering football. Dundee United under McLean were at the height of their powers. They were a really good team. I still remember the night they beat Barcelona and the back to back cup finals when they lost to St. Mirren and Celtic. Back then they were genuinely a team I liked watching. Such a shame what Scottish football has become.
  8. I think Gerrard wants the front 3 to be pretty fluid. In as much they can play in all 3 positions during the game. Roofe would offer that with his versatility alongside Kent and Hagi.
  9. Calzaghe must be up there as the top British boxer of all time.
  10. Numan was injured when we signed him lucky if he played 20 games in his first season with us.
  11. Flanagan not a great player but played in position was always solid backup in my opinion. Never hid in games and ran himself into the ground.
  12. I'd guess there would be a clause or amendment to the contract to ensure that.
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