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  1. TBH I can't recall if that sign was ever illuminated but it wouldn't surprise me if this was all part of the "home improvement" programme by GCC....
  2. I agree with regards to the dimensions of the CP but that's by the by tbh. Surely this would have cost more to have it at Parkhead considering the closing ceremony is at Hampden. Seems you would be doubling the costs by having 2 stadia set up for ceremonial events? I also agree with regards the illuminated Celtic sign. Why didn't have a CG sign up? Maybe their Parkhead refurb budget ran out of money....? Or maybe it was saved it for the regeneration of the Gallowgate?? Or Brother Walfrid Way as I'm sure it will be called soon....
  3. Not sure if the opening ceremony had much to do with our mismanagement tbh. I'm still not sure why it wasn't at Hampden.... Looking forward to the 7's at Ibrox. My old man was joking the other night that it will probably be the most exciting thing we have seen at Ibrox in years after having to suffer Ally's brand of "Total Shit Football" for the last 3 years....
  4. All in all I thought it was quite good. You are never going to please everyone. The choice of John Barrowman and Karen Dunbar was truly baffling. Cheap panto stars for me. Especially Dunbar who is truly cringeworthy and a minor star even in Glasgow. I liked the gay kiss, the ballet, the rendition of Hamish Henderson's beautiful song by the South African soprano, Nicola on the violin and Connolly tribute to Mandela. I also liked the madness of the Amy McDonald musical number in George Square but hey I like a good musical. The biggest question for me (which I have yet to hear asked...) is why was the Opening Ceremony was at Darkhead in the first place? Must be the first time that the opening ceremony has not taken place in the main stadium?
  5. As someone that has never felt British, can someone please explain to me what defines these buzzwords "Loyal", "Britishness"?? I'm not fishing, I have just never understood this in relation to my football team, Rangers. Most Gers fans I've known that promote this ideal always seem to me to be reacting to the rise of the Celtic's Irish identity over the years. Just saying....
  6. I have to admit to possibly being the only person in the UK that is not in love with cycling. As much as I admire the endurance of the cyclists I can't get too bothered about watching a sport that delegates one rider from a team of 10/12 to win the event. Seems to me that it's a team sport where only one person gets the credit. If they all had the same bike and rode individually then I'd take more interest
  7. Why the frig is it over there? Mmmmm.... on top of their Commonwealth games "makeover", this is a bit fishy... And more importantly, why is taking over 3 months to return Hampden to it's normal state? Seems rather long IMO
  8. At least it doesn't have that Union Flag runninhg through it
  9. Miller...Boyd...c'mon Ally. I heard Nacho can still run. Complete the holy trinity...
  10. Been away from media/technology for a while and return to find out that Kenny Miller has re-signed for Rangers (again), we have a new strip that incorporates the Union Jack and our sponsor is a gambling firm. How fecking depressing....
  11. To be honest, when you see the hyperbolic reaction that the red and black strip has caused on some forums, it's hard to believe that fractions in our support will ever come together.
  12. Some of the stuff I read on RM is quite frankly mind blowing. I just don't understand some of our fans sometimes
  13. Boyd? Miller? These threads are slowly and surely making me fall out of love with football in general. Can we try to look forward for once. Friggin desperate IMO
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