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  1. I've never heard of this before? That's quite extraordinary.
  2. I don't wish to be rude, but they've not exactly hit the heights. Feel a bit for Robbie Crawford & Templeton though, I hope they find clubs soon
  3. This sounds really good, but there is zero information on how/when to buy?
  4. "forearm smash". Isn't that a tennis term and slightly hyperbolic?
  5. Gazza was rightly fined. Last I checked people should be able to do their job without being racially insulted (yes that is what it is, I know you all love Gazza but he's not an actual saint) I find the term PC really quite pathetic. It's not difficult to not insult people based on their gender/race/religion but apparently hoping people would be treated equally is 'pc'. The world moves on, people become more enlightened. You either move with it or you don't and accept the consequences. It's not that long since slavery was abolished. I'm sure back then those who owned slaves would have said it's 'pc nonsense' (Before anyone gets all up in arms, I'm not accusing anyone here of being pro-slavery)
  6. 34. Genuinely boggled that I'm actual grown up now as I don't feel it. My kid hits double digits next year though, and that certainly makes me feel older!
  7. I'd say he's been in the games more than he was his first for us. He also reminds me of Harry a bit - so desperate to prove himself and get that goal. Once it happens, he'll settle down. I do kinda like his fieriness I have to say.
  8. I grew up on the black isle - way north. There was no protestant/catholic pressure up there. I chose Rangers at a young age because they were exciting and that was that. It's massively different to then live and Glasgow and support Rangers. I'm also not your supposed typical Rangers fan - I'm female, left-wing minded, have a distate for religion and really not interested in seeing the monarchy continue. And yet, I've never felt unwelcome - forced to defend my views, absolutely! I will admit to rolling my eyes when I see all the talk of Protestantism, loyalism & unionism, but I can also understand I didn't grow up in Glasgow. If we really want to be seen as inclusive, I agree we should absolutely celebrate the differences.
  9. Gawd please lets not do nazi comparisons ffs. I do think though, that scottish football is poison at the moment. This festering hatred has been allowed for too long. I was worried about Warburton after the cup final. He looked so disgusted then. Would I stay if I was him? I'm not sure I would, but then you can also use it to fire you up.
  10. I like Craig but I'm not sure he's a good fit for the board. I've voted, but on the whole this whole process has put me right off.
  11. The true meaning behind the dolls doesn't matter. I get the rivalry, I get the hatred but ultimately what parent wants their kid sitting underneath blow up sex dolls hanging by their necks? I mean on what planet is this reasonable behaviour?
  12. It's not solely down to him. We seem to expect players to move wherever we deem appropriate, yet with little consideration for family. I know the Mail & Sun like to proclaim wags live a life doing nothing but for most that isn't true. Plenty of player other halves have their own jobs/careers. Then add in kids. But yeah, he's just lazy. Nothing to do with him possibly having consideration for other people than just himself.
  13. So basically kids watching their team train had the cops called on them? Nice.
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