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  1. I see in the B.B.C. Football gossip Sunderland and McCoist are mentioned.
  2. I watched Spurs v R.M. That was some game.
  3. The question is Will it be with Rangers ?
  4. After what Pedro said at the presser,we'll soon know tonight who wants to play for him and who doesn't.
  5. Think I was wrong about it being the Ballon D'or. It's some sort of ceremony in London.
  6. What a fecking joke. Septic have won a fans award at what I believe to be the Ballon D'or awards.
  7. The camera went onto Dean Windass after his son missed another sitter. He looked disgusted. The shots sorry passes he fired at the goalie were a disgrace. Just piss off back to Accrington,you're no good to us.
  8. Go back to calling it the European Cup.
  9. AFAIK it costs £400 to use Photobucket. I know of people on other sites,not football,that refuse to pay it and have gone elsewhere.
  10. Just answer this Archibald ya cretin.Did you count the number of fouls from your team in the first 30 mins.?
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