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  1. It is. Only really works where there's high demand for a game though, for obvious reasons.
  2. That's how the re-ticketing scheme works, if you can't make a specific game, you tell the club in advance and they re-sell the seat. You get a discount towards your next season ticket and everyone wins.
  3. Don't disagree TB. Just a question of how many. There are almost always spare seats in the corners of the Clubdeck even on busy nights and if we genuinely do sell out regularly, then the club can adjust the incentives around secondary ticketing to make it more attractive - that's a real win / win / win for ST holders, occasional fans and the Club.
  4. Cashflow - money up front is better for the club than a drip feed from individual games. Plus, it means that they're guaranteed to sell the tickets for end of season games which might end up being meaningless.
  5. When Miller blasted over the bar from close range, he was met with chants of "Sebo, Sebo"[emoji23]
  6. This whole thread is the very definition of making a mountain out of a molehill. If I hadn't paid into any fan groups previously, there's no way I would have the time or motivation for such protracted public dialogue over a trivial slight from an organisation I had nothing to do with.
  7. The word "lie" is being used pretty liberally around this subject. If a club employee did say Club1872 was the Club's idea (and if you say so, that's good enough for me RBR), that still doesn't mean it isn't (or couldn't be) independent. It might simply mean that the Club encouraged discussions as it preferred to deal with a single fans group, which would be quite understandable. Certainly doesn't amount to evidence of lying. I've seen similar on Twitter this week regarding Lionbrand - accusations about lying, based on a lack of clarity over the exact route by which the money raised gets to the Club. I'm sure there are some valid issues being raised and that mistakes have been made, but I'm equally sure that some folk (not you RBR) are looking for any excuse to put the boot in and ensure Club1872 fails. Fresh elections can't come soon enough IMHO.
  8. Release #10 certainly ticked the right boxes for me - informative & reassuringly thorough.
  9. Several Twitter comments referencing a certain Toxic Jack Irvine as the Scottish Police Federation's PR man...
  10. I wouldn't be unhappy to see him stay for another season, but if we need to free wages for areas where we really need to strengthen (CF / CB), then so be it.
  11. I think the main outcome of strict liability would be opposition fans with their ears glued to the radio / TV, desperately trying to hear things to be offended by.
  12. Agreed. Unfortunately, Saturday's events have given the Scot Gov an excuse to defend the hugely flawed 2012 Act.
  13. I'm sure that Neutralscot can stand up for himself, but I interpreted his original post about Wallace as a typo (ie "Wallace had a swing [aimed] at him"). Made a lot more sense than the literal text. As for strict liability - while I agree clubs would never vote for it, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Scottish Gov demanded its introduction, with the threat of even more draconian criminal sanctions if they are ignored.
  14. I'm warming to the guy. Previously just thought he was an overpaid arse, but quoting Dylan is a good sign!
  15. How many good teams lose 3 goals six times during a season? We didn't play at all well, but scoring 2 goals should win you most cup finals.
  16. I remember reading about a young Stephen Hendry playing a series of matches against the then no.1 Steve Davis. He lost the lot, but his development benefited massively and he never looked back. I think if you're good enough, have a winner's self belief to start with and know why you're being put in that position, then losing doesn't become a habit, but more of a right of passage.
  17. By that logic, we wouldn't have signed the 22 year old Davie Cooper from Clydebank.
  18. James McArthur was 23 when he went to Wigan - not that different. As he shares the same name as my eldest son, I've taken more interest in Crawford's career than l'd normally do with a non Rangers player. He was the creative spark in a very decent Hamilton side under Alex Neil and has added goals to his game recently (10 in 38 last year - a good return from midfield). I rate him fairly highly and we've bought far worse in the past, when we had much more money to throw around.
  19. Many of us would have said the same about Holt last year. Best £65k we've ever spent.
  20. We've dropped 12 points in our first 25 league matches. Hibs now need us to drop a minimum of 9 in the remaining 11...and to win every one of their games. Hope to see us now relax (in a positive sense) and put in some confident performances during the coming games.
  21. One for the dressing room wall. He's just trolling, so give him the one reaction he doesn't want - a fired up Rangers team on the park and fired up supporters in the stands.
  22. Nothing against the idea of a museum per se, but given everything we've been through as a support over the past few years, I think it's fitting that money which was raised in case we needed to defend our history, can now be used to invest in the future.
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