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  1. I snorted aloud when reading the author's complaint about the use of "rats" and other degrading / dehumanising language: But now I've composed myself I realise I should apologise on behalf of all my fellow Zombies, monkeys, Huns, DOBs, Herrenvolk and Klan members.
  2. To be fair, it's not actually an instruction - it's a bit of a revenge fantasy against the invaders who exiled the Jews from Jerusalem. So I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water...
  3. Very frustrated with the whole merger debate. There is nothing on the table yet so all we've had are entrenched pro / anti views, rather than a discussion of the merits or otherwise of a specific proposal. That's simply distracted everyone from the attributes that each candidate would bring and their plans to improve what exist today - much of which is necessary (e.g. better communication), whatever the outcome of merger talks.
  4. I've got some sympathy with your post TB, but I hope you do exercise your vote, even if you can't find 7 candidates you're completely comfortable with.
  5. Hope you get a good day / turnout. I won't make the walk myself (I'm already supporting my wife on a charity climb of the Ben this summer) but have donated. I assume that you're all sorted with some experienced walkers in the group, but if you need any advice, just DM me.
  6. At least Graham Campbell had the courage to confirm that in his supporting statement. However, I'm certainly not voting for anyone who's already preparing their exit route in case they don't get their way.
  7. Given that 97% of RF members voted to explore the possibility of creating a single supporters body, it seems odd to me that so many candidates are against the idea. Is this focus on independence driven by principle or personality clashes?
  8. It's someone who isn't an official director of a company (and therefore lacks legitimate authority), but nevertheless exerts considerable influence over how the actual directors run the company. Without casting any aspersions on the two gents in this case, the description shadow director usually carries negative connotations, as in most cases if you are in control of a company, you should have no reason to hide the fact.
  9. Pete, Rangers First is itself a splinter group, set up by people who wanted to do things their way...
  10. You might want rank amateurs running an organisation which is generating circa £100k in donations per month, sitting on £400k of fans' cash and £600k of shares in RIFC, but personally, I'd like to see trustworthy fans with experience of corporate / charity governance and some financial nous being elected. They can always ask the "ordinary" memBears what they think before making decisions. Frankly, the current RF Board have done a pretty decent job IMO, and I hope those seeking re-election retain their posts.
  11. We are expected to believe that Llambias, who claims to have fallen out with Ashley, subsequently received the blessing of MASH to be one of their reps on the Rangers' board. A carefully constructed argument to try and create degrees of separation between MA and the holding co which he owns a majority stake in and which bears his name. Aye right.
  12. After his shot come pass-back against Falkirk, I'm not sure he'd make my top 50 in Scotland.
  13. Bluedell has already covered my feelings about last night very eloquently, so I'll merely add that it was a pleasure to share a table with a third Rangers legend, Dave Smith. Thanks again for organising the event BH - the best yet.
  14. Worse than I thought, if there were no other issues involved.
  15. I could never figure why McCoist would play the much less talented Aird regularly, but was prepared to let McKay go on loan for long spells. I assumed he had attitude or off-field issues. Glad to see the lad turn things around.
  16. I believe they were singing about where the authorities could stick their cameras. If true, it's utterly scandalous that they were arrested.
  17. That's pretty selfish BH, we should put the Club first! [emoji6]
  18. The Union of Rangers Supporters.
  19. There must have been acres of newsprint and terabytes of online traffic about journalists reporting something which, lest we forget, actually DID happen (large scale singing of TBB). It's a radical alternative, but why don't we simply stop handing a big stick to those who are only too happy to beat us with it? If we want to sing songs to that tune, as many other clubs do, then we need to replace the "offending" phrases and move on. It's the 21st century FFS; why are we signing about being up to our knees in anyone's blood at a football match anyway? At best it's mindless self indulgence.
  20. Great friendly service at the temporary shop at Ibrox Primary today. Good to see the Bears getting behind direct action (much busier than the official store).
  21. I thought the groups were proposing to operate under a single umbrella organisation, but would continue to exist as separate entities - a bit like the EU! Obviously, I'll defer to your inside knowledge though PLG.
  22. BH is arranging a late change of guest speaker for the Gersnet dinner. I understand it's now Derren Brown! [emoji16]
  23. It'll all be academic once the Rangers fan groups are operating in perfect unison, each with their own specific areas of responsibility...[emoji6]
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