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  1. I thought the original judgement was harsh at the time, but having read the both it and the appeal, not so sure about that. Deliberately withholding £13m tax & PAYE to use to pay players is not a minor offence - as the panel said, the only thing worse would be match fixing. In law, the argument that it was the actions of an individual not the corporate entity doesn't hold water (there was a case involving Tesco which set the president on that). As for the sanctions, the panel were empowered to make up a new sanction if they felt that none of the existing ones were suitable. Personally, I don't think a ban from the Scottish Cup for 1 season would be sufficient deterrent for other clubs (let's face it many clubs would expect to go out in round 1 anyway). Instead of blaming everyone else for the mess we're in, let's face facts, our Club has been run in the most shockingly poor way. Taking massive risks on a tax avoidance scheme, the owner responsible for that then selling the club to a dodgy character whom everyone in the know said we should avoid, the new guy sets a budget that required Champions League football to avoid a £10m loss, he then dishes out contracts we couldn't afford and then the Club fraudulently withholds tax to pay for it. If that's not enough then we should remember that people withing the club have been falsifying invoices using Clipart for God's sake. I know it's hard to take, and I love Rangers as much as the rest of you, but i think some people need to look at the massive wrongdoing and accept that if any other club had done that, we'd expect them to be hammered. Let's take some responsibility for the mess we're in rather than just blame everyone else. Anyone seriously thinking about marching on Hampden on Saturday, needs to stop and think about the facts rather than the emotion, before they make a nightmare situation even worse.
  2. The OP was critical of TBK: "Do TBK really believe that they should be allowed to purchase RFC for an initial investment of £2M, plus add-ons?" I thought the OP was a well articulated summary of what i've read elsewhere. You may disagree, but if so, point out the flawed logic or incorrect facts, don't just start slinging insults.
  3. We should be under no illusions, if Green's bid is backed by venture capitalists, they will be very demanding re the financial performance of the business, as they will expect to exit in 3-5 years via a sale. They will also expect a good return based on the level of risk they're taking on. This will be a business transaction - no links to the club, no emotion, no sentiment. Will they care or be able to do anything about protecting our history? I don't know, but if they do it will only be for financial reasons.
  4. Quite true. And if that's the case then I'd probably take a different view, but based on current proposals, I think it does our interests no harm at all to let the SPL know that we'd have very little to lose from choosing Div 3. I think that's what Ally was doing with that statement quite deliberately.
  5. Costs reduced by more than income falls = profit. We wouldn't retain any of the current big earners as you wouldn't need to to win Div 3 or 2.
  6. IF we're liquidated: No Euro income in the SPL for 3 years 75% prize money forfeit in the SPL 20+ points deduction in the SPL + Playing kids so mid table at best Novelty factor in SFL would hold fans' interest Kids in 1st team under less pressure Build up retained profit for 3 years in SFL Celtic faced with a 11/1 voting scenario with us in Div 3 We are seen to be paying our dues. No favours. It's my preferred option for a newco for the above reasons.
  7. So, assuming that Celtic fans are at least as likely as the average for the survey as a whole never to attend another SPL game if newco Gers are allowed straight back in, then that means c3,500 off their home gates straight away. Bring it on Bhoys.
  8. 1st post on here, so hello all. I'm happy to say yes to both questions. Here's why: Yes, the Club and the legal entity (The Rangers Football Club plc) are one and the same, but for me, Rangers are so much more, it's the people, the feeling of going to the ground, the crest, the values (tarnished though they are right now) etc. As long as a new co had Rangers in their name, I couldn't imagine NOT supporting them. As for losing trophies, that's even easier. If we hadn't won those competitions in the first place, would you have stopped supporting the Gers at the time? If the answer is no, then I can't see why you would stop just because someone alters the record books after the event.
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