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  1. I think it's Emma Hayes, the Chelsea women's team manager. She's been in the studio in the last few days anyway.
  2. I wonder if this would have a positive impact on our qualification requirements. If it came to pass.
  3. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/1913812/rangers-manager-australia-ange-postecoglou-yokohama/ TBH, I think he looks okay - certainly good enough to get the better of most of the SPFL. On the other hand, there's nothing about his track record to suggest he'd make an impact in Europe, and he's not a name with the pulling power to attract top players (unless they're from Australia or J-League). I wasn't especially worried about Howe, and I don't feel that different about Postecoglou. They're taking a gamble but then, so did we with Gerrard.
  4. Here's a graph by Bert Kassies ( https://kassiesa.net/uefa/graphs/ ) that shows the "Rangers effect" (or lack of) on Scotland's ranking).
  5. St Johnstone will get two bites at the cherry this year. If they bomb out of the Europa straight away they get into the Conference play off. If they make it to the Europa play off but lose, they go straight into a Conference group. Regarding the coefficient: I can't help thinking Hibs would make a better fist of qualification than St Johnstone (and it would be handy to have them dsitracted and fatigued by European group football), so it would have been better if they'd won the cup / got the better spot. On the other hand, Hibs are cunts. Maybe the Conference will be of a low enough
  6. ... but not the slightest bit surprising.
  7. Can there be a clearer example of hate speech than declaring hatred towards an entire country? If there's such a thing as anti-Irish racism, is anti-British racism also a thing? Britannophobia maybe? This sort of thing is constant and relentless from SNP officials on social media. It may not always be an outright declaration of hatred, but any opportunity is taken to portray the UK as inherently, irredeemably evil; only the negative events in UK history are mentioned and those are to be exaggerated and shown in the harshest possible light. These are bitter, hateful indi
  8. .... but Spurs save their blushes!
  9. Chelsea are perilously close to blowing this.
  10. He also did a great version of "Sloop John B".
  11. Firstly, thank goodness no one was hurt. That would have been several steps down the road to insanity too far. Secondly, should any evidence linking this to the green brigade come to light, let's hope the new justice minister has a safer pair of hands than the last one.
  12. From the Heald: Brian Wilson: SNP hammered hospitality but guaranteed George Square chaos IT may be unfashionable to point out but football can create really joyous occasions. Take last Saturday’s FA Cup Final at Wembley with 21,500 people in the stadium, an intimation that normality is again conceivable. There was an emotional quality to the singing of Abide With Me, dedicated to victims of the pandemic. “When other helpers fail and comforts flee; Help of the helpless, oh, abide with me”. Old words with special meaning as people came together after so long, in thi
  13. Any of the fans that engaged in public disorder should face the consequences. But I don't remember Yousaf being so keen to press that message home in 2019 when his team secured the treble. I was unfortunate enough to have been out for a meal with my Mrs that evening - Timmy fans banging on the restaurant window, pissing on the pavement, hollering their IRA "folk songs", scrapping in the street - it was fuckiing rotten. There's plenty of evidence on YouTube of what took place that day - but, drunk and disorderly behaviour, public urination, sectarian singing, piles of li
  14. I have absolutely no doubt that if septic had won this year, the Scottish government would have bent over backwards to "facilitate the fans in a safe celebration of their team's glorious sporting achievement." Fans in the stadium, and probably a jumbo screen and stewarding at Glasgow Green.
  15. Throw the book at Rangers, turn a blind eye to Celtic (or, failing that, Hibs will do). Make sure the harshness of your condemnation for any transgression is proportional to the number of Union flags on display. Pretend to be concerned about bigotry when really you're just defending your chosen side, playing goodies and baddies, and politicizing the issue rather than tackling it. It's a dangerous thing the Scottish government are doing. If you're partizan and outspoken on the subject of sectarianism (like Haggerty, 3 names) you're part of the problem. If you're partizan, outsp
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