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  1. There's no asterisk too large for that lot.
  2. Back when the pipedream involved Portugal, Netherlands and Belgium it was at least exciting. But playing against teams from Ireland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden? Torpedo away!
  3. True. I grew up 10 minutes from Ardrossan, and can verify that naecunt fae Ayrshire swears.
  4. If no voter fraud had happened during last week's election then it would be the first time ever. But it's quite a jump from there to proving that there was a co-ordinaated plot to steal the election. BTW, could you provide a link please?
  5. No, it hasn't. But given that, so far, Trump hasn't produced any tangible evidence, and that he's also spent that last 5 years either promoting, or refusing to condemn all manner of other whacky conspiracy theories (birther, QAnon) I'm inclined to believe it will be. But, you never know.
  6. Maybe Hilary Clinton's actions did diminish America. You could certainly make that argument. Are you prepared to say the same about Trump? Do you disagree with what I said above: That doesn't just apply to the current allegations of election fraud, it's a feature of his entire tenure. Trump makes statements which fail a fact check with astonishing regularity. A well-informed electorate is critical for democracy to work well, and any political leader who so deliberately and frequently spreads disinformation is clearly a barrier to that.
  7. If Trump does produce evidence of a plot to rig the election then, yes, I'll change my opinion on his actions. But given his track record for making claims that have no basis in fact, I'll wait until I see some real evidence. AP FACT CHECK: Trump fabricates election corruption Just to clarify (although I think I said so in my previous posts) I'm not arguing that Biden will be a good President, or that Hilary Clinton would have been, or that either of them are of impeccable character. In my opinion, though, Trump's promotion of and reliance on neg
  8. Yeah, if they keep that liability of a vanity-signing defender on the bench they might well claw some of the deficit back.
  9. Apologies Bill. You're right, I should have highlighted the text within its context rather than cutting it out. I didn't mean to dismiss your points about there being worse options as presidential candidates who might possibly have lost in 2016 and, from a Republican perspective, Trump may have served a valuable purpose (in the short term at least) by keeping Clinton out of the Whitehouse. But the point I was trying to highlight is that (correct me if I'm wrong) we both believe that Trump has not been a good president. I'm sure there must be (and must have been in 2016) candidates
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