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  1. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere: Link: Repair George Square Benches Accidently Damaged Rangers Football Club celebrated their World Record 55th League Championship yesterday! For a football club to have come through so much and emerge to again become the Kings of Scottish Football is a remarkable achievement. The Rangers Support have been with the club all the way and it was to be expected that there would be joyous celebrations to follow. During these celebrations, there appears to have been accidental damage to a small number of memorial benches in Geor
  2. I'd like to thank this spambot for inadvertently resurrecting such a great thread. It chronicles a significant step towards the very happy situation we now find ourselves in. Who would have ever thought Lennon would rip the morale out of Septic and leave them a shambles? (Answer: All of us!)
  3. On paper, tough draws for both the Ukrainian teams, which ought to help the UEFA ranking.
  4. I was under the impression that there's doubt as to whether the club was contacted at all. When the initial "told to contact oldco" story was published, the board commented to say the whole thing was news to them (IIRC). I suppose it may have occurred during the spiv regime years, in which case it's practically guaranteed to have been handled badly.
  5. His History of Scotland is a good wee read, but some of the turns of phrase he used left me with the impression that he was a nationalist. Maybe he is, but can see the SNP for what they are.
  6. I'm the same - nervous to a completely irrational degree before every league game. I shudder to think what I'd be like if it was close run!
  7. Also, Patteron et al, were acting on their own and against the instructions of the club whereas, in the Dubai case, Lennon's players were sitting in the bar and by a public pool as part of a club-organised excursion. They were acting with their club's permission.
  8. Whenever this incident is reported it's always phrased as "was told by lawyers", rather than "told by Rangers' lawyers". It's not clear if anyone acting on behalf of the club was actually contacted. The wording could just as easily be read to mean that the lawyer the complainant approached to represent him advised that the case wasn't worth pursuing.
  9. If we were to give Patterson the boot, I have no doubt hed go on to have an excellent career with some other club. He's 19. He can learn a lesson from this and use any second chance given to him to redeem himself. It's up to the player to show the right attitude, and the management team to judge him though.
  10. I can't find the part of the report he's refering to here either.
  11. If I remember correctly the victim's father was a police officer - if so it doesn't even seem plausible that the incident could have been kept from the police.
  12. I agree. We should get it sewn up ASAP. We can win it before the split and play Paterson, McLaughlin, Bassey, and whoever else could do with a run-out for the majority of the last 5 games.
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