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  1. https://www.drugs.com/condition/asperger-syndrome.html
  2. I wouldn't say so. The majority of that team have put in exceptional performances in European competition in front of a full stadium in past seasons.
  3. I imagine he 3rd best team in Czechia are going to be pretty decent. Probably as likely to get a result against Timmy as Hibs at least. Ideally they'll get dumped into the Conference and end up having to play glamourless midweek group fixtures against gritty teams from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.
  4. TBF, that flips quite easily. According to some he was honest as the day is long, until he started saying things they didn't want to hear.
  5. No doubt there will be widespread condemnation of the Scotland team's reckless encouragement of this gathering from the Scottish government, media etc. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-57667163 Nearly 2,000 Covid cases in Scotland have been linked to people watching Euro 2020 football matches. Public Health Scotland said two thirds of the 1,991 cases were people who travelled to London for Scotland's game with England on 18 June. This included 397 fans who were inside Wembley for the match. A relatively small number of cases reported attending the Fanzone in Glasgow, or Scotland's two home matches at Hampden. Scotland was only allocated 2,600 tickets for the match at Wembley because of Covid restrictions. But tens of thousands of fans are believed to have travelled to London despite warnings not to do so unless they had a ticket. Many gathered together in large groups in central London ahead of the game, with those in Leicester Square being moved on by police shortly after half-time. Public Health Scotland said it had tagged positive Covid cases if they attended either a Euro 2020 organised event, such as a match at Hampden or Wembley Stadium or the Fanzone at Glasgow Green. People who tested positive after attending an informal gathering, such as a pub or a house party to watch a match, were also tagged. It said that 1,294 of the 1,991 total cases had reported travelling to London, including 397 who were actually at the match. Only 55 of those who tested positive reported being at the Fanzone on Glasgow Green, while 38 had been at Scotland's match with Croatia at Hampden, and 37 at the team's opening fixture against the Czech Republic. About 90% of the cases were male, with three quarters of the total - 1,470 cases - being aged between 20 and 39.
  6. Excellent. Now Dornan will be able to issue a full apology for stating otherwise.
  7. I think it's Emma Hayes, the Chelsea women's team manager. She's been in the studio in the last few days anyway.
  8. I wonder if this would have a positive impact on our qualification requirements. If it came to pass.
  9. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/1913812/rangers-manager-australia-ange-postecoglou-yokohama/ TBH, I think he looks okay - certainly good enough to get the better of most of the SPFL. On the other hand, there's nothing about his track record to suggest he'd make an impact in Europe, and he's not a name with the pulling power to attract top players (unless they're from Australia or J-League). I wasn't especially worried about Howe, and I don't feel that different about Postecoglou. They're taking a gamble but then, so did we with Gerrard.
  10. Here's a graph by Bert Kassies ( https://kassiesa.net/uefa/graphs/ ) that shows the "Rangers effect" (or lack of) on Scotland's ranking).
  11. St Johnstone will get two bites at the cherry this year. If they bomb out of the Europa straight away they get into the Conference play off. If they make it to the Europa play off but lose, they go straight into a Conference group. Regarding the coefficient: I can't help thinking Hibs would make a better fist of qualification than St Johnstone (and it would be handy to have them dsitracted and fatigued by European group football), so it would have been better if they'd won the cup / got the better spot. On the other hand, Hibs are cunts. Maybe the Conference will be of a low enough quality that the Scottish teams will do okay. I doubt any "big" team that ends up in the Conference League (Roma, Villarreal) will take it that seriously so they'll probably play their second string.
  12. ... but not the slightest bit surprising.
  13. Can there be a clearer example of hate speech than declaring hatred towards an entire country? If there's such a thing as anti-Irish racism, is anti-British racism also a thing? Britannophobia maybe? This sort of thing is constant and relentless from SNP officials on social media. It may not always be an outright declaration of hatred, but any opportunity is taken to portray the UK as inherently, irredeemably evil; only the negative events in UK history are mentioned and those are to be exaggerated and shown in the harshest possible light. These are bitter, hateful individuals and I can't see any possible purpose to their skewed social media soapboxing other than to incite hatred in others.
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