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  1. I wouldn't expect any action until he's found guilty, but given he's pleading guilty I would expect St Mirren to sack him and the SFA to take action. Other thing, at the risk of also sounding paranoid, but nowhere does it say 'ex Celtic player'. Compare and contrast to anything former Rangers players do.
  2. As in, his second and third given he's accused of attacking two?
  3. But then by all accounts they were mute yesterday. Is someone pulling their strings and why?
  4. http://sport.stv.tv/football/clubs/st-mirren/257663-st-mirren-boss-paul-mcgowan-will-be-disciplined-over-police-officer-attack/ Surely he'll serve time for this? Can't believe it's not headline news given some of the stories on our players which have made it.
  5. I know the Board have done nothing to instill confidence, but at the same time I find it hard to believe that so many can either have been duped or be in this to do us over. Ok, they're all businessmen and want to make money - but the way you make money is by being successful on and off the pitch. That means SPFL top league, Europe / Champions League, etc. I still fail to see what they gain by f*cking us over at this stage. Like everyone, none of it makes sense to me. I could understand if it was Green and the usual names, but how do they get Somers, Wallace, etc? Also, people who have left have been so vague with any accusations and don't seem to present hard evidence - Walter, Traynor, M Murray, etc.
  6. I know I'm in the minority and will probably take abuse for this, but '...join the YCV with a rifle and a pistol in my hand'. Do people really think lyrics like this are appropriate to sing? We are Rangers, we should stick to songs celebrating our club and it's history.
  7. What I don't get, is Walter seems to be saying there's too much infighting and the board's getting hee haw done - but get behind the board and support the, in throwing even more ingredients into the pot. But the pots got ingredients which taste rotten. It needs to be emptied and started again from scratch. I just don't get Walter's logic.
  8. Super's shown he's not got it unfortunately, but the longer he stays the harder it will be to part. He has made some decent signings this year and it should be enough to win the league comfortably, but results like today show his weakness.
  9. bigy

    Who ?

    Craig Brown
  10. http://www.computerweekly.com/news/2240187488/Rangers-FC-get-Wi-Fi-from-Huawei Rangers FC get Wi-Fi from Huawei Jennifer Scott Glasgow Rangers Football Club is rolling out a new Wi-Fi network to enable fans and visitors to get online during matches. It is investing a seven figure sum into the deployment, choosing technology from Chinese firm Huawei to take the strain from local mobile networks and bring a higher quality connection. The project will begin in August at the Ibrox stadium but it will be a slow roll-out, perhaps even block by block in the stands, due to the season starting soon and other logistical factors. However, a spokesman from Huawei said the work should be completed early next year, bringing connectivity to more than 50,000 of the clubs supporters, covering the stands, approaches, concourse, restaurants and corporate areas. The club will deploy hundreds of access points - Huawei's AP6510DN for outdoors and AP7110DN for indoors - alongside ethernet connectivity based on S7700 edge and S5700 core Ethernet switches and wide area network (WAN) routers. Craig Mather, CEO of Rangers, said: "Rangers Football Club is rightly proud of its tremendous fanbase, which has stood by the club through thick and thin and we aim to provide our supporters with a world-class Wi-Fi service to enhance their match-day experience. â??More and more people are using smart devices as a primary means of communication and we look forward to revolutionising the way Rangers fans can engage with the club before, during and after the match.â? As well as general internet access, supporters will also get access to exclusive competitions, merchandise, talks with the team and management, and details on future events. â??The high data capacity that Wi-Fi delivers will allow Rangers fans to use social networks to share their experiences, as well as allowing the club to enhance its â??digital dialogueâ?? with its supporters,â? said Victor Zhang, CEO of Huawei UK. â??We are very proud to have been chosen to deliver a new channel of communication between Rangers and its supporters.â?
  11. Does anyone know if the Sky and ESPN/BT contracts just rolled over to the new league, or have these to be renegotiated? What about highlights packages? Haven't seen this written about anywhere, and don't imagine the new league will get a very good deal for another two years.
  12. But negotiating what Frankie? We have absolutely no say because of the new voting structures until at least.2 years, and any redesign will be forced through next year by the top division clubs regardless of what we or anyone else thinks. The only thing we can do is help ourselves and the rest will fall into place. Get a good youth programme, get a good business model, and get a team on the pitch which can challenge for the league in two years time. In those two years I hope the rest of Scottish football continues to stumble, and that Celtic in particular get put out of Europe early. That way there's less of a gap for us to bridge and we can push on quicker. The sooner we're back at the top the sooner we can bring stability to the rest.
  13. I think in time maybe, but now isn't the time. We're still being milked for our TV money and getting hardly anything for it, we're still in the 3rd tier because SPL clubs pandered to extreme elements of their support, and we're still owed millions of pounds. We shouldn't have anything to do with any SPL club for a good while yet.
  14. I hope further complaints have now been made.
  15. I seen on twitter Daryl Broadfoot interacting with Chris and saying he'd be happy to discuss a number of inaccuracies in the piece. Anyone know what these supposed inaccuracies are?
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