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  1. Fine by me. As long as we don't pretend McCoist's inability will be magically cured if the Easdales leave. A dud is a dud.
  2. Monday's debacle had nothing to do with the board, except it highlighted the folly of their over-generous indulgence of Ally's embarrassing incompetence. It would suit some on here for the board to be the recipients of fans' ire, which should be aimed straight at the laughably poor manager.
  3. The documentary poof that fan group leaders, instead of acting in the interests of their members, were in fact acting as cheerleaders for an ex-director who fancied another shot at running the club. The identity of the Tweeter who revealed the story is surely of secondary relevance to the story itself, no?
  4. You're proving my point. You'd sooner discredit the guy who revealed the true story than comment on the incident itself.
  5. Nice amendment, Frankie. It's always good to stay on topic, I find. What was that about deleting social media accounts? Was that aimed at SOS? Not sure what your point is.
  6. Am I? Pray tell, with whom do I hold a grudge and what is my fantasy? Do I imagine I'm a member of VB, is that it? Did I? In what way? You have made some pretty wild allegations on here about me, none of which make any sense. Are you confusing me with someone else?
  7. Nonsense. If irrefutable video evidence emerged of Dave King handing UOF leaders a suitcase full of cash, you would blame Bill McMurdo for blogging about it. The reason people mention the UOF's "alignment" with would-be new owners is because the respective parties are fully and intrexicably aligned.
  8. I'm at home working on top-secret plans to smuggle the directors into the stadium past hordes of furious fans at the AGM.
  9. So there is no boycott but every week we see the evidence of several thousand brave lions whose mantra is "not a penny more". Have I got it now?
  10. Oh, there's a fix all right but to identify it will require a clarity of vision which has proved way beyond the capabilities of the current "players". The fan board is a nice idea and I respect some participants but I'm not sure how readily it will be embraced. We'll see.
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