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  1. I think they do but it's on the back burner, due to the mess the government is in.
  2. Whilst I understand that they pump millions into game. Having to explain to my 7yr old what 32 red is/means I s not great. Also seeing teenagers knocking around with them on is not a great sight! Although it would never happen, it would be great if we be could of had the "team talk" or"biowave" sponsor as a choice.
  3. really nice looking top but like the others, the sponsorship puts me off. There's just something about having a gambling company plastered over a football top that not right. On a side note, do we know when the sponsorship deal ends?
  4. The training gear looks like its been released. jeezo , how much is that stuff. £38 for a pair of shorts!! its been a few years since i actually bought stuff (due to kids, dogs and sports direct) but damn thats expensive!
  5. Stewart is trying so hard to ingrain himself with the Celtic fans, that's it's now become quite embarrassing. He literally cannot bring himself to say anything that might be seen as neutral, let alone positive about Rangers in fear he might damage his standing with them. I think he knows this is his only shot of a career in journalism now. He knows that the rest of Scotland see him as a bit of a joke and fud now.
  6. Bummer! I've just turned him into a world class wingback on football manager 17..!
  7. Cheers, The doom and gloom of possible players leaving (oover the last coupkle of pages) was taking the shine off of things!
  8. Look folks, Were talking about dinosaurs here. Leckie and the printed media. Print media relies on advertising these days to survive. The only way people like Leckie and co can keep themselves a float is to write a sensational piece of drivel, which (hopefully) may get the people to pick up a copy when they pick up their £3 pound meal deal for the day. So see it for what it is … A journalist & newspaper trying to keep themselves relevant by hanging onto the coat tails of the feel good factor that is Rangers.
  9. Gough David Robertson Walters Goram Laudrup
  10. Whats the deal with Grezda ? prior to him signing he was supposed to be quite an impressive player. now we shipping him out. was he any good at all?
  11. ..Or maybe hes worried about the cloggers of the spl kicking lumps out of our players, and trying to have quite a few back ups just in case,
  12. This is the fella that had a trial with us when he was "between clubs" . He certainly likes to hold a grudge!
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