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  1. The training gear looks like its been released. jeezo , how much is that stuff. £38 for a pair of shorts!! its been a few years since i actually bought stuff (due to kids, dogs and sports direct) but damn thats expensive!
  2. Stewart is trying so hard to ingrain himself with the Celtic fans, that's it's now become quite embarrassing. He literally cannot bring himself to say anything that might be seen as neutral, let alone positive about Rangers in fear he might damage his standing with them. I think he knows this is his only shot of a career in journalism now. He knows that the rest of Scotland see him as a bit of a joke and fud now.
  3. Bummer! I've just turned him into a world class wingback on football manager 17..!
  4. Cheers, The doom and gloom of possible players leaving (oover the last coupkle of pages) was taking the shine off of things!
  5. Look folks, Were talking about dinosaurs here. Leckie and the printed media. Print media relies on advertising these days to survive. The only way people like Leckie and co can keep themselves a float is to write a sensational piece of drivel, which (hopefully) may get the people to pick up a copy when they pick up their £3 pound meal deal for the day. So see it for what it is … A journalist & newspaper trying to keep themselves relevant by hanging onto the coat tails of the feel good factor that is Rangers.
  6. Gough David Robertson Walters Goram Laudrup
  7. Whats the deal with Grezda ? prior to him signing he was supposed to be quite an impressive player. now we shipping him out. was he any good at all?
  8. ..Or maybe hes worried about the cloggers of the spl kicking lumps out of our players, and trying to have quite a few back ups just in case,
  9. This is the fella that had a trial with us when he was "between clubs" . He certainly likes to hold a grudge!
  10. So why is Lafferty surplus to requirements? I thought he was supposed to offer us a different (big tall punter) dimension in attack?
  11. Maybe at that moment he’d reached saturation point and was sick and tired of having to listen to it. After all its 2019, not 1979, 89, 99. Those days are gone. I've got no interest in what other clubs say and do, but us, we should know better.
  12. English is a clown. He stuck that on twitter to generate click bait.
  13. Well maybe we should look try and reach out to other supporter associations, at least then we can say we tried and no one was interested, its got to be better than the perpetual cycle of complaining that we do now. Also i wouldnt just stop at spfl, i would engage all the teams in the divisions below, after all didnt we make a few friends on the way up?
  14. I dunno if its corrupt, but its certainly lazy, self-centred and likes to follow the path of least resistance. If enough teams got to gether and said lefts sort out the ref problem, we coud. if we wanted a bigger league (say 16-18) to allow for space to develope passing football with scottish players, we could. if we wanted to sort out the sfa, we could. all of these things needs us to work together(all teams & fans).
  15. I think they're to thick to be racist! They get paid to talk tripe and thats what they do!
  16. People shouldn’t be surprised or frankly give him the attention he needs for his wage packet. Sutton is just a different version of Hopkins or a piers Morgan. They’ve all been failed/sacked from their original profession only to take the path of least resistance by beings shouty. No attempt to prove their peers wrong by trying to have another go in their chosen profession. No attempt at redemption.
  17. plus he made a career of falling down and conning the ref at the slightes touch from an opposition player.
  18. Sutton probably gets paid by how much "traffic" he can generate for his company.
  19. probably on football manager, where they've played Linlithgow 18 times in a row in pre-season firendlies!
  20. lets face it, the referees have been rotten for a number of years. If managers want it sorted they need to do it as a collective force. not stay quiet when it works in their advanatage and then moan about it when it goes against them.
  21. Have to agree with this. This has happened through the ages. The only difference now is there's someone with a hand held phone/camera to record it.
  22. Is it not more the way they left though? .., it wasnt a natural "its time to move on and seek a new challenge" it was either, we need the money go (fire sale) or come start life in div 3.
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