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  1. Quite simply he got stiffed. In his eyes he saw a chance to make some easy money, what he didn't take into consideration is the resolve of the fans. He doesn't like that and probably wants make us pay one way or another!
  2. normally when they say "a source close to" that means they are just making it up!
  3. Dragosani

    Dave King

    A good day to bury bad news?
  4. I'll be voting Labour! not that it matters, as I live in the south east of England!
  5. I was just thinking how everything is quiet these days! a far cry from the last few years when you'd wake up with dread as to what you would find was happening with our club. Hopefully King will get his approval and we can get on with it. i'm looking forward to a summer of transfer rumours like the good old days
  6. it all felt a wee bit tame. i was kind of hoping there would be a bit more depth. Newcastle & Rangers got a bit of a mention but there didnt seem to be much said closing businesses and buying them back minus the their debt. or sending lorrys up to clear out warehouse and not bother giving the staff notice they were being sacked!
  7. doesn't give an option for that! Sega probably looked at the Scottish set up and its politics and went "bugger that"!
  8. Yeah it'll be fine. When I play football manager, I always win the Scottish cup (this season). I then get told I will not be allowed into Europe because of the accounts rule. however the season after (when I win the treble of course). I am allowed into Europe So there you have it! if football manger says you can then you can
  9. It was probably the Benny Hill Theme Tune, that was playing in the back ground, that put him off!
  10. I think anyone who came in as manager for us at this stage in the game were on to a hiding for nothing. McCall/Rangers have said that some of them if they want to earn new contracts and continue playing for us need to step up to the plate,. They have once again failed to do this. We then get another empty sound bite (mcculloch/boyd) saying we know we’re pish but we can improve. As each game is played and the count down to the end of season gathers pace, we know that’s not true! I don’t know what’s wrong with us. Is it too much money, to the point that the hunger has gone? Is it personalities clashing that stops them playing with any fluidity? Is it a mental thing.. have they lost that desire that made them professionals to beging with? Certainly the fitness levels are shocking. The Ally McCoist plan that seen us rise through two divisions, seemed to be let the other team run themselves into the ground, and we’ll take them in the later part of the game. No doubt other teams cottoned on to our plan but we should of still had enough about us to see them off. For me, McCall has arrived too late(quite happy to be proved wrong) in the day. If he’s there for the new season then he should be given time. He’s worked on a very tight budget before and has achieved results. For the McCulloch thing, I wonder why he keeps getting a game when we can all see he’s not up to it. Does he galvanise and marshal the troops that well, that to drop him would mean even poorer performances, who knows!
  11. wasn't that more down to motherwell as whole continuously slashing the budget to the point McCall couldn't do anything to stop the rot?
  12. Well if King is wanting to change how things are run e.g. Director of Football, followed by a head coach and McCall is willing to work in that scenario, then why not? (assuming he does a good job).
  13. Dragosani


    You know, he should release a book, with all these blogs.. naturally it should be in fiction section, possibly under Humour!
  14. They cant!! That's logical thinking and they don't do that!
  15. You beat me to the punch line! i'm starting to believe that this mob read a lady-bird book on the art of trying to pull a fast one! its pretty ludicrous for them not to thinks we cant see through them!
  16. Aye, come back when your 31 or 32.. we'll be interested then!
  17. Dragosani


    Plus if he said that the sfa would have him!
  18. That could be true in the long term of things, however in the short term, this team need to buck up their ideas. I get sick of the likes of McCulloch and co saying "we haven't played our best, we owe the fans, we owe the manager etc. Maybe it needs someone like Gattuso with his passion & his work rate to whip this mob into some sort of shape and get things moving again!
  19. I think Konterman's line summed up perfectly! “It is a nice try but no chance. It is in the heart of the people and that won’t change".
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