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  1. If it was Soutter, Hearts would already have released their obligatory statement deriding the offer as miserly!
  2. Funny enough, I think that Gerrard would see a move to Newcastle as a deterrent to eventually taking over at Anfield. Say that he becomes manager of Newcastle, and Ashley and Co do their usual shafting of the manager act, and Newcastle are relegated. That would damage his opportunity of being appointed at Liverpool. If he stays and does well in Scotland (i.e. we win the league), he can take credit for 'turning the ship around'. Ryan Kent was a nobody who had not performed well whilst on loan at other clubs. He came to us, did well and now he is rated as a 12m player by Liverpool. So being in S
  3. 4 - 3 - 2 -1 McGregor Tav - Goldson - Katic - Barisic Jack - Davis - Kamara Arfield - Murphy Morelos Don't know enough about Aribo to bring him over Jack at this moment in time. For me, Jack (playing in the defence midfield three) allows Tav to get forward to great effect. If you take him out of that position, I am not sure that Kamara has the discipline to cover for those forward runs. The other toss ups are Ojo/Arfield, Murphy/ Jones and Barisic/Flanagan. Still hopeful that we can get to see the bandaged warrior from Osijek in a Rangers strip at some poin
  4. Remember that Murty was recently with Norwich and no doubt still has good contacts down there. They would have told him all about the current player and had it been good, Murty and Allen would have tried to sign him. The fact that they didn't suggests to me that he is not the player who left us to go to Everton.
  5. Those responses are truly pathetic. SR is Bain without a tan, merely doing what he is told to do by the board, without any real input. On all of the companies where I have sat on the board, we largely provided governance and guidance to the executive management team who were provided with the necessary authority to ensure a successful business. If they failed, then the appropriate action was taken. What is SR's mandate? What are his roles and responsibilities? How is he measured? What triggers his bonus? Generally the number of seats on a board that you are allocated is aligned with your
  6. His name has never been in the frame for the manager's job before, has it? Wonder if he is saying the right thing now for a reason?
  7. For the most part, I am in agreement with your ratings. I felt that any one of Holt, Wes or Danny Wilson could have been MOTM. McCrorie was probably better than a 6, and Barjonas was possibly a 5, but it is a hell of a match to get thrown into. Tend to agree with Pete that Candeias had a nightmare last night and 4 is generous. I just feel that we almost need to change the structure to get the best out of him but I am not sure he is that good that it warrants the change. Inconsistency does come with the position (unless you are Brian Laudrup) and he had been one of our most creative players unt
  8. C1872 should have a seat on the board, before any other investors. As the second largest shareholder, they should be demanding this.
  9. After setting reasonable standards in both of the Aberdeen matches, this was a real let down. This may have been our worst performance of the season, but one of the few positives was that we managed to get the elusive 3 in a row, and collected a further 3 points. Wes - 5. I thought he was poor for the first goal, but he is much more comfortable as a shot stopper than collecting crosses. Nearly conceded a last minute equaliser when he collided with Wilson. Tavernier - 5. Cross for the winner was the highlight of the game for him. Unusually quiet as an attacking force. Alves - 6. Should b
  10. Barry Scott was one of the lenders who helped pay off Ashley's £5m. He is based in Hong Kong.
  11. What do you think of Erik ten Hag, Pete? Seems to be highly rated, worked with Pep at Bayern Munich and appears to have done a good job at Utrecht?
  12. Well, Palace went from Allardyce football which is very direct and set piece orientated, to attempting to play possession football under de Boer - with the same set of players. When I heard of de Boer's appointment and the subsequent lack of investment in the playing staff, I felt it was a stick on that he would fail there. However, it was more a failure of the owners rather than the manager.
  13. My concern with Frank de Boer, is that he would be in a similar position to when he joined Crystal Palace in the sense that those players are used to playing in a certain way. Are they comfortable, or able, to play possession based football? His advantages are that Holland would probably have a similar league set up in that Ajax and PSV are the dominant teams, with Feyenoord being an occasional disrupter. He has played for Rangers, knows what the club is about and was a world class player, so would instantly command respect. Lots of positives, but as I say, the existing group of players would
  14. I have said for a long time that 3 - 5 - 2 is the only formation that can work for the current set of players. We have been abysmal down the left hand side since returning to the Premier and yet we have continually attempted for Wallace (now John) to overlap the inverted left midfielder (always a right footed player, first McKay now Windass) who's natural inclination is always to cut in on his stronger right foot. It is no wonder that we are both predictable and easy to defend against. (I nearly fell off my chair when Windass put in the left footed cross - certainly took Hamilton by surprise
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