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  1. I really enjoyed that podcast. The lads deftly covered the whole decade with honesty and inevitably opened old wounds along the way. However, today was a day of healing and as Dave King said earlier in his interview with Jim Traynor that decade is behind us, we are no longer playing catchup we are top of the pile. We are champions, not looking backwards but instead we are defending our position. To quote a great of yesteryear... "We welcome the chase".
  2. I reckon you'd enjoy this one...
  3. Probably not. It was a passionate interview though... https://talksport.com/football/must-listen-ray-wilkins-reveals-he-wants-rangers-return-passionate-talksport-interview
  4. Confirmed. https://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/2017/august/rob-kiernan-signs/
  5. I understand the reservations that many people have expressed but after the last 5 years I love DK's hubris. So what if he is wrong? Given all that we have endured during the so called "Banter Years" I think his deadpan trolling is hilarious.
  6. Not sure if this should be in here but congratulations to Steven Davis on his MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/queens-birthday-honours-for-rory-best-steve-davis-jonathan-rea-and-gloria-hunniford-35834728.html
  7. Besides the discredited opinions of the usual wallopers, on what grounds could this have been denied? As GS has said good news.
  8. To be fair we have some great craft beers in Belfast nowadays
  9. I heard a piece on BBC Radio Ulster about this earlier this evening. They seemed to think it would be the top two teams from the Welsh League and the Irish League which means the NI teams will be Crusaders and Linfield...
  10. Agreed. I just noticed Ian has posted this in the transfer thread, perhaps admin should delete this one...
  11. [tweet]734505572956000256[/tweet] Interesting tweet this evening ...
  12. Let me add my seasonal good wishes to everyone on Gersnet even though Mrs. MeAndMyWeePalJoe and I have pissed off to Gran Canaria over Christmas we are thinking of you all.
  13. Sky Sports News HQ ‏@SkySportsNewsHQ 6m6 minutes ago BREAKING: Sky Sources: Rangers make third bid for Hibernian midfielder Scott Allan. #SSNHQ
  14. In fact Dave King specifically used him as an example of what he didn't want, I'm paraphrasing but he said something like, we don't want someone who simply comes in and manages the players like a Dick Advocaat for instance...
  15. I don't think it's possible for the majority of the support to be with you on anything as your permanently contrarian stance means you would choose the opposite of the majority. A permanent juxtaposition. Heigh-Ho it takes all kinds...
  16. Possibly but I imagine that any NDA would be with the company which the new board could waive...
  17. DK made clear during one of his press conferences around the time of the EGM that any new NOMAD would require 3 to 4 weeks to complete due diligence on the company rather than the individuals involved, and this could only begin after the new board was formed. I'd imagine this due diligence is still ongoing.
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