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  1. The sectarian song might not have been sung if he hadn't responded to the first song, the fact he didn't mention it in the initial interview leads me to believe he wasn't as offended as he made out.
  2. In a health and safety sense, a manager not being aware of a criminal physical assault on one of his employees is himself guilty of an offence.
  3. I avoided hearing the result and watched the full match delayed after 10pm on Premier sports. As they have exclusive tv rights they did the quick stand up interview after the match with Clarke and he was totally scathing of the refereeing but made absolutely no mention of the sectarian chanting. Having avoided the internet all night to avoid the score I then went online and was amazed to see clips of the sit down interview and the comments about the chanting. I reckon between interviews he has realised that his totally OTT comments about the ref would see him up on a charge and thought it might be better to deflect the attention away from himself in the sit down presser. I have looked for the full interview and can't find it anywhere so I'm not sure who raised the question of the chanting. Considering how upset he is by it I find it very strange he made no mention of it in the initial interview. Apparently 'Stevie Clarke, you're a wanker' was sung first and he responded with a wave and a thumbs up, he did state in the interview he was okay with that type of abuse but managers responding to opposition fans are usually opening themselves up to further abuse.
  4. If their midden does not meet competition rules regarding being able to accommodate 20% visiting fans we should be demanding they move the fixture to a neutral venue. The sheep avoided relegation a number of years ago because Falkirk's stadium did not meet competition rules regarding stadium capacity.
  5. 1.5M loss for a better chance of 55, no Brainer.
  6. For the first time in my life I hope they go through, balances out the 2 games a week .
  7. Visiting difficult away venues so near the start of the season means there is more risk of visiting these same venues 3 times in a season as has happened previously. It makes a total mockery of our " league" setup when certain teams visit difficult away venues more than their rivals do.
  8. When Murty got a draw there I remember feeling disappointed so I'm looking for 3 points.
  9. Not good enough, his comments went well beyond decency and the punishment should be well beyond a half hearted enforced apology.
  10. Their tainted titles should go down in history along with our many war time titles. We would have been the first to 9IAR if ours had been included.
  11. The trademarks were given as security for the 5M loan from SD, and returned to us when we repaid it. IIRC.
  12. Jason Holt, watch him make a difference in the next few games
  13. The thread was heading the same way as the Seb one.
  14. It would be fucking karma if we asked them for any unsold tickets.
  15. This is a claim for naming rights and advertising within Ibrox and does not include the retail deal i believe.
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