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  1. For God sake, I see trouble ahead.
  2. I really appreciate your many informative links ian but did you really have to include that pic on this page?
  3. Budge has obviously contacted mid table premiership teams who said absolutely no.
  4. We should send a courier round with a notice of legal proceedings if we don't get an independent enquiry at 9am, he could also deliver our application for a loan. Imagine we tied them up for months and they still had to loan every club their own monies.
  5. THIS. The bears who still want their away day can still go along with no tickets and support the team from outside, just imagine the impact if there were more fans outside than inside. Donate your ticket money to Rangers charities.
  6. I must be in the minority but I think it's a very good statement, very calculated and clear without being too bitter sounding. We have reiterated our stance and put our objections forward clearly and made the second demand for their removal. The first statement was was acted on with their internal investigation, this statement and SG comments show we are not letting this go. They cant now ignore us, they must be seen to react whether that's charging us or allowing further investigation, they cannot do nothing. I'm pretty certain we have the evidence to see this through or we would have let it
  7. Good read, well worth the barrage of adverts. They shot down our proposal saying it wasn't legal in company law, then insisted on a 5pm deadline despite their own rules stating 28 days to respond. This goes too deep to be incompetence. Corrupt to the core.
  8. SG seems to have went right downhill from yesterday according to our publicly funded broadcaster.
  9. If Hagi was deemed fit enough for 12 mins he should have been on at 60 mins instead of Ojo.
  10. Bt sport has the draw listed as beginning at 1pm, currently showing highlights from last season and player of the tournament.
  11. Loved Candeias and would have preferred to keep him. Cracking back heel in Europe and an even better one on broonie at the Arfield bounce up.
  12. Hopefully he can do what Docherty seems to have done and come back and play his way into the team.
  13. It's the only part of the stadium I've not been in, I've heard you can't see much of the rest of the crowd. I Was up the top of the noucamp with my 3 nephews, now that is really high. We were next to the away support, Barcelona brought on Larsson and a couple of Tim's a few rows down started cheering so me and the nephews booed him every time he touched it, they were beeling as some of the away support joined in. They had lifts and I had to carry one of the nephews to his seat as he wouldn't leave the lift.
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