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  1. trueblue 64

    [FT] Ufa 1 - 1 Rangers (Ejaria 9)

    1.5M loss for a better chance of 55, no Brainer.
  2. trueblue 64

    [FT] Ufa 1 - 1 Rangers (Ejaria 9)

    For the first time in my life I hope they go through, balances out the 2 games a week .
  3. trueblue 64

    Scandal of our Opening Fixtures

    Visiting difficult away venues so near the start of the season means there is more risk of visiting these same venues 3 times in a season as has happened previously. It makes a total mockery of our " league" setup when certain teams visit difficult away venues more than their rivals do.
  4. trueblue 64

    Would we be delighted with a draw next Sunday?

    When Murty got a draw there I remember feeling disappointed so I'm looking for 3 points.
  5. Not good enough, his comments went well beyond decency and the punishment should be well beyond a half hearted enforced apology.
  6. trueblue 64

    10 in a row?

    Their tainted titles should go down in history along with our many war time titles. We would have been the first to 9IAR if ours had been included.
  7. The trademarks were given as security for the 5M loan from SD, and returned to us when we repaid it. IIRC.
  8. trueblue 64

    Unsung Heroes

    Jason Holt, watch him make a difference in the next few games
  9. trueblue 64

    Waghorn Ahead of Schedule

    The thread was heading the same way as the Seb one.
  10. It would be fucking karma if we asked them for any unsold tickets.
  11. trueblue 64

    Rangers V Green,Ashley etc

    This is a claim for naming rights and advertising within Ibrox and does not include the retail deal i believe.
  12. Haven't they heard... it's all about the famous
  13. trueblue 64

    Niko Surprise

    Some shot on the wee man, get him signed. Great stuff from Niko and the club
  14. trueblue 64

    Will the real Keith Jackson please stand up?

    The last paragraph sums it up nicely. The truth is, the mischief-making ramblings of Scottish sports writers may end up a bigger incentive for Warburton to go back south than any other factor and that offers a better explanation for their motive than faux concern for Rangers supporters. Not to mention placating their football club printing partners who do have some genuine negative headlines to deal with. That's the real story here...
  15. trueblue 64

    Will the real Keith Jackson please stand up?

    The last paragraph sums it up nicely.

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