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  1. I wouldn't have played Diallo again after his showing at the paedodome, he's looked more committed recently but still not justified being here.
  2. The question I want answered is why was Murray's offer to settle for a one off payment rejected when many clubs in England were accepted.
  3. Only if they know they have it, most are probably symptom less. It's pointless asking for proof of vaccination as you can still catch and spread it, if you're negative you can't spread it.
  4. Being positive spreads it so proving you're negative is more effective than proving you've been vaccinated
  5. If it's to curtail the spread of the virus surely a negative test would be more effective.
  6. Missed a trick with the larger one, a couple of pounds more would would have taken it to 169.00.
  7. When the story broke all sorts of lists were being posted and everyone was really anxious, that post stated none of them were correct and we would still have a strong squad regardless. I certainly slept a lot easier after reading it. If we didn't have such a strong squad we could have been fielding a B team tonight so they're definitely linked.
  8. Seems he was right that we still have a relatively strong squad.
  9. That guy on FF has a good reputation.
  10. For God sake, I see trouble ahead.
  11. I really appreciate your many informative links ian but did you really have to include that pic on this page?
  12. Budge has obviously contacted mid table premiership teams who said absolutely no.
  13. We should send a courier round with a notice of legal proceedings if we don't get an independent enquiry at 9am, he could also deliver our application for a loan. Imagine we tied them up for months and they still had to loan every club their own monies.
  14. THIS. The bears who still want their away day can still go along with no tickets and support the team from outside, just imagine the impact if there were more fans outside than inside. Donate your ticket money to Rangers charities.
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