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  1. Press Statement ~ Independent Commission The Independent Commission chaired by Rt Hon Lord Nimmo Smith, sitting with Nicholas Stewart QC and Charles Flint QC, to determine issues concerning EBT payments and arrangements at RFC 2012 PLC (in liquidation) (formerly The Rangers Football Club Plc) (â??Oldcoâ?) and Rangers Football Club, heard evidence and submissions at a hearing on 29, 30 & 31 January 2013. Parties before the commission were: The Scottish Premier League Limited, represented by Mr. Rod McKenzie of Harper MacLeod; and Oldco, represented by Mr. James Mure QC, instructed
  2. SUNDAY, 27 JANUARY 2013 14:30 Club Statement WRITTEN BY RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB FOLLOWING an article in today's Sunday Mail the club has issued the following statement: Rangers have always had a close and respectful relationship with this country’s services personnel and associated charities. That will continue. No one from any of the Forces has been in contact with us other than to thank us for our support and help. Indeed, it was pointed out that our Remembrance event proved to be the single largest memorial event in Scotland in the year in question. The Remembrance part of the af
  3. http://rangers.co.uk...ld-expand-ibrox CHARLES GREEN has revealed he has discussed the idea of expanding the capacity of Ibrox Stadium with manager Ally McCoist. At present, the 51,082 seats inside the ground are serving supporters well, with a number of games there close to selling out completely this season. Demand to see Rangers in action is high despite the club’s move from the SPL to the Third Division over the summer as fans continue to give phenomenal backing to the team. Green expects that hunger to increase as the Light Blues move through the leagues and hopefully take their pl
  4. Great article by Chris Graham. Copied from RM Next week will see the resumption of the SPL tribunal into so called â??double contractsâ? at Rangers. I say double contracts but I believe the terminology now used is â??side lettersâ?, or indeed whatever terminology gives the greatest likelihood of a negative result for Rangers. Whatever the terminology, the tribunal has already been hugely undermined by the result of the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) which found that Rangers had conducted their EBT scheme correctly with only a handful of administrative errors. Those errors have been clung to
  5. Not a chance any proposal put forward by Rangers will be giving credibility by the bitter bastards that lurk in the corridors of Hampden, even if its the best proposal out there.
  6. I know we are much better than them, I don't need any attendance figures to prove that ... You only need to look at their games on the tv on Sunday nights to see they are full of shite. ( 46k lol ) Celtic are corrupt to their rotten core.
  7. Piper at Ibrox yesterday playing 'Flowers of the forest' in tribute to the fans who never returned
  8. "Football alone could not contain the Rangers story. The events and consequences of Rangers Football Club plc falling into administration reached into law, accountancy, media, even politics. The impact was on an institution of Scottish life, but it was best understood by how it affected individuals, how priorities and perspectives altered. Some issues even now remain unresolved. It began on Valentine's Day, when Craig Whyte stood on the steps outside the main entrance of Ibrox and read out a statement revealing that he had called in administrators. The moment was resonant, but als
  9. Its a group of supporters meeting up to walk to the match. Why should they need permission, they will all still be traveling to Hampden regardless, as will thousands of others . Away fans meet up and walk to the match in groups in just about every country in the world where football is played.
  10. It's only a few days until the end of 2012 and it's been a momentous year in the history of Rangers FC. The past 12 months tells the story of a club taken to the edge of the cliff, pushed over, then pulled back to safety. As you probably know, the first six months saw the holding company enter administration and liquidation, which resulted in the football club becoming rudderless in the perfect storm of weakness and rival opportunism. There were long days in the summer when the fans didn't know if the football club would survive as it seemed possible the Scottish Football Association would
  11. Union bears statement We regret to announce that tomorrow's planned march to Hampden Stadium has been cancelled due to threats of arrest emanating from Strathclyde Police. We've been advised late this afternoon that if we go ahead with the planned 15 minute walk to the ground then anyone suspected of organising the march will be arrested and charged. In light of recent intimidation, harassment, brutality and a number of trivial charges coming from the aforementioned force we've made the decision not to put our members and fellow fans in the position where they may be easily arreste
  12. 153 players listed , could you even pick a decent starting 11 from that list ? shows how poor a standard the SPL really is IMO
  13. copied this from RM According to the Heart & Hand podcast's Twitter we have sold 31,000 tickets for the QP game on Saturday. Their source was the ticket office .
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