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  1. would be worth having a look at the sections in the champions league you could dig out a nice little accumulator
  2. dinkydoo I shall divorce her first thing in the morning;)
  3. Iwill tell you why i asked this question last week my wife and i bought two new away kits one for a seven year old and the other his brother wee half pint 19 months in the sports direct shop at Braehead now my wife was a buyer with marks and spencer for over thirty years and says she knows quality from lesser garments and her verdict was that the nike and adidas was well in front of puma in terms of quality,
  4. It will be a nice little earner for the rugby board probably get about £75000 for each game by way of rent .
  5. I would like to ask fellow fans their feelings on the quality of football kits from Puma as opposed to the kits from Nike and Adidas , me i think the Puma kit is pretty dire and how long are we tied to this company .
  6. just play football son leave the talking to the end of the season .
  7. Them from the east have their men in positions of power now watch them turn the screw .
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