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  1. Strong line up that! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Guess that's modern football these days. No soul. You'd reckon players would be hanging on his every word. He's got the trophies to back it all up. I take the Inter point. The Palace fiasco not so much. You can't determine a managers fate after 4 games. Would you you take him?
  3. FdB would be a great appointment in my opinion. Guy has had a great career as a player and a good career as a coach. Ajax hadn't won the league in something like 7 years and he went on to win 4 titles in a row. Inter wasn't a success but that's an incredibly tough job and had he done well there then we wouldn't get a look in. The Palace job counts for nothing, the nuts world of being a manager in the daft league. 4 games then sacked. It's a joke. The problem might be he'd want to overhaul the squad and I'm not sure we can afford that again. He also has a particular style of football he likes to play. I think our current squad is only 3/4 players away from being back where we belong but whether or not the core of the current squad would suit FdB's system I'm not so sure. I think he'd be a good appointment and he'd get my vote over Clarke, Ross and Murty.
  4. It's almost like the players pinned everything on that Celtic game and in turn it took everything out of them. A good manager knows how to raise his team after a defeat like that but with a manager learning as he goes at this level we were happy to go back to being surrender monkeys. Love that phrase! And with our our manager learning on the job, I'm not expecting him to make a change at all to our system and tbf it has been working away from home. Perhaps it is at Ibrox that we should look to change the shape. I'd like to see Dorrans come in for Goss. Goss is quite clearly a player but he's a lot to learn and there's a reason he's went from Man utd youth to QPR reserves to us. Maybe he's worth a punt in the summer, I'd suggest it's not the end of the world if he goes back down south based on what we've seen. Dorrans was starting to hit some good form and he is probably one of our better players so we need to get him some game time before the semi. Up top I think we'll go back to wee Alfie. Hopefully another break for him revitalises him and he can get back among the goals. I actually think the international break came at a good time for us with some players returning to training and time to re charge, put those two defeats behind us and go again. Im expecting a win on Sat, but it'll be a battle and the attitude that was shown against Kilmarnock is nowhere to be seen. We need to win these two games going into the semi. I'm gonna go for 3-1 Rangers and Morelos to be among the goals
  5. We should’ve won yesterday. That’s 6 years since we’ve beaten them in 90 minutes and that record in itself needs to end soon. Murty learning on the job cost us today, he was too naive at 2-2 and them down to ten men. They’ll be waking up today thinking how on earth did they win that! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Not even a debate for me. Morelos starts. He offers so much more and every defender in the SPL won’t enjoy an afternoon of him tormenting them. He looked like he just couldn’t be bothered today but still got into a few good positions Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. It's come too soon for Wallace. It'll be Halliday for the next couple of weeks I'd imagine with the yahoo game so close. John was linking well with Murphy as well. A lot made in the media about Celtic injuries but we've had no luck all season!
  8. Thought we were magnificent. Really unlucky that we scored our second goal in the dying minutes because had it came earlier that would’ve been a cricket score! For the first time in years we have momentum and are going into every game expecting to win. And when you consider that 4 of that starting line-up have been with the squad for a month it’s starting to look pretty optimistic. A special mention for Morelos today, I know a few other players are rightly taking the plaudits but wee Alfie is massive to the current formation. Defenders don’t know whether to go or stay and his runs create space. Link up excellent. And both Centre half’s new they were in a game. That Hearts team have been excellent recently but that really was men against boys Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thought we were excellent tonight all over the park. You could make an argument for 3 or 4 players being man of the match but for me Tav was excellent. Get that boy a new contract. He’s improving defensively as well. All the new boys played well and the team looks a lot more balanced having a natural left winger in the side. Considering they haven’t played a lot of football this season they all stepped up. I thought the sheep were terrible. But that was down to every one of our players doing their job. Last ten mins we were shaky but that was down to Holt moving forward and Halliday playing a position he can’t really play. Need to follow that up and try go on a good run to put pressure on the bheasts Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I’d rather Docherty than Hyndman. Docherty has played an incredible number of top flight games for his age. The boy will only get better. I’d take Hyndman If it was a permanent deal but we don’t need him and he was only ok last year but should improve with age and regular game time. Hindsight is a funny thing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. We’ve now go two guys up front who defenders will hate playing against. I mind he was on transport bus at an airport once and him and some of the Hibs boys were on it. Their patter was cringe and they came across as daft wee boys but I guess that’s to be expected as they are young. Hopefully he’ll grow up in a Rangers jersey. I’ve been delighted with what we’ve done this window if we get the guys linked. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Dembele is a stone overweight. If they get 18 million for them they’ll have done well. Murty should be telling the press after games the wee man scores in that he’s 30 million pound striker. Same with McCrorie! I can’t wait to see what a wee 3 week break does for Morelos having played a full calendar year. This last month he has looked knackered towards the end of games. I also hope he keeps bagging the goals in as I have him top scorer at 25/1
  13. Naisy is moving back up here and wants to come to us for no fee and low wages. His alternate is Killie. I'd take him back in a heartbeat if it's low wages. No brainer
  14. January. Both Aberdeen and Hearts want a few in Jan instead of leaving for free in the summer
  15. I have very little optimism for Sat with the amount of injuries we have and our topsy turvy form. They've not been great lately but will be well up for this. I worry how easily teams can bully us and guys like Holt and Barjonas aren't strong enough and will fall out the game. We absolutely cannot concede and early goal and for me the only formation we can play is 5-4-1. We need to start stopping crosses, both our fullbacks aren't having the best seasons in that regard. Bruno, Wilson and either Bates or Cardoso (Murty just doesn't seem to rate him) need to keep their concentration levels for 90 mins high. We cannot start Hodson, the guy just doesn't have quality. In midfield our most important player will be McCrorie. He looked as if the knock he took the other night affected him the rest of the game so hopefully he's shaken that off. He will need to be strong and composed on the ball which is crazy given how inexperienced he is. He has the ability to stand up and be counted. I'd maybe go with Nico instead of Barjonas just because I don't think we can get away with Holt and Barjonas but again it's a big ask for either for different reasons. I'd give Windass a free role in behind Morelos but also dropping back to help the midfield out. Get him switching flanks. That's putting a lot of eggs in an often unreliable basket but he also has the ability to cause them problems. We'll need to move the ball fast when we can. We'll need to hope they have a bad day and that we have no passengers. We'll need the referee to be strong and fair but from starting this reply to now I've changed my mind. We are gonna win 3-1
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