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  1. You are a moderator - yes? Then Moderate my account off this forum because you are a blinkered fucking arsehole! I have seen lots of comments on here about 'educated' , 'mature' forum. Fuck sake - read this post from a moderator. I wont be missed but its mutual.
  2. When you have someone close to you who is gay these kind of statements become quite raw. Can't even imagine how they feel.
  3. I wish society had moved on - it hasn't - not even close. Try watching this http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08z2jpc/gareth-thomas-v-homophobia-hate-in-the-beautiful-game?suggid=b08z2jpc My own experiences recently with my family proved that too. We like to believe everything is OK - is it fuck!
  4. I get where you are coming from and I agree we should all be allowed to air our views and not have 'support minorities' forced down our throats. But the vast majority of us aren't picked out for often savage unfair treatment. I was fairly 'blind' until a close family member 'came out' recently (never in a million years would you have guessed) and you realise that it's actually very very tough trying to move on from that in a tough working class environment. Your life turns upside down. I mistakenly thought we lived in a new world that accepted gays - we are miles from that sadly!
  5. Try watching this mate - ask yourself where you fit it? If you do watch it ask yourself if you would take up 'Alfie's' challenge to meet in the pub at the end. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08z2jpc/gareth-thomas-v-homophobia-hate-in-the-beautiful-game?suggid=b08z2jpc
  6. Sorry but I feel like I'm back at primary school with comments like this. That's why I'm happy we have signed up and at least tried to move into the 21st century.
  7. Mexican green, white and red tricolours on display on Thurs outside the ground, as well as green and red Portugal flags
  8. When I was a wee boy I always remember how disappointed I was to see my wee granny turn up with a bright green jumper on. I couldn't hold back and I asked her why. She pulled me aside, winked at me and said "it's a green stem that grows the beautiful orange lily son" . Class
  9. Has anyone got theirs through the post yet? I ordered some for family members on Sunday night but nothing through in the post yet. One of the family works near Ibrox, so what would happen if they turned up today for example at the ticket office? Would they print tickets for them even if the originals were in mid post? I just cant get through to the TO at all.
  10. I think its the perfect example, right on a plate, how our relationship stands. (1) They are basically insignificant irrelevancies to us. If we bring out an all red strip, and its tidy, we would love it. No question and not even a single thought about them. (2) they bring out a blue top (not even royal blue)..................
  11. Went to Illinois University so I'm assuming he is a Yank? Could Alastair Johnston be having an influence in latest proceedings maybe?
  12. The web site says the general sale opens on Sunday.
  13. I was thinking that very same thing last night.
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