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  1. Since your not on RM Chris, can you tell me who was the person responsible for Club1872 reply today on Sunday Mail story?
  2. I don't post often on here but read a lot of debates etc... I just want to say big thanks to Frankie for his gersnet Twitter account where he has fought our corner so valiantly and a credit to this forum :tu:
  3. I agree mate, if Alan hadn't canvassed the way he did, he would probably got lot more votes IMO, stand up for what YOU believe in, not attacking fellow candidates, it was your downfall Alan
  4. 14k ! and Goughie gets most with 2009! update going with my figures 15505 voted!
  5. that much getting branded about its unreal
  6. I'm sure that will be reflected in the vote
  7. Good to hear, we will await your concerns of certain candidates when we have to vote for a Board when the merger comes about.........if we merge!
  8. I don't disagree on your main thrust here, being a member of RF allows for us to question candidates, I also believe that non members can have an opinion, what I don't get is non members castigating some candidates as an agenda to sway others votes when as the saying goes "Those is glass houses"
  9. @Buster, do u have same concerns for anyone on the RST Board?
  10. He seems to have a lot to say on RF candidates on here, RM and wherever, if he is not a member, I don't see what it has to do with him who we vote for
  11. Very good Blog on this Subject: The following is the work of @iang_1972 where he wants to ask some questions about what is going on! RangersFirst Board member voting. As you know RangersFirst was set up for fans by fans as a means to facilitate Fan ownership in Rangers Football club. Independent of who controls the boardroom at any point in time. To stand by and protect the club when an owner who does not have the best interest of the club at heart arrives and to NEVER AGAIN go through what Rangers has since 2011. I was there from the beginning and championed RangersFirst whenever and wherever I could in my small way. I have bought in to the independence of RangersFirst from whoever owns the club until we have enough of a shareholding to BE the owners. Because of this there will always be push back of one sort or another from within the boardroom, however well intentioned it seems. In my opinion RangersFirst should ALWAYS be independent. On the day voting opened I started to see comments on social media about things not being all right within RangersFirst so I tried to find out what was going on. Keeping the information private until after the voting has finished is not an option. What I heard initially was surrounding the “Merger” talks and that there was a plan to divert 47.5% of RangersFirst revenue directly to the club, now I have heard and repeatedly been told about the “Asset Lock” but what if that asset is IP and offers no return to RangersFirst members? This is an important point because it instantly dilutes the ability of RF to buy shares and increase their percentage in the club or to take part in a rights issue to protect their investment from being diluted. RangersFirsts aim at the beginning was to achieve 5% shareholding in the PLC and an ideal end point was 25% + 1 Share. We have not even reached 5% yet so in my opinion any talk of a merger that will dilute our ability to achieve this or divert us away from it should be frowned upon if not out right rejected. At least until we have met our core aim. * Since drafting this I read an article regarding RangersFirst and the votes where a question was posed that I think is pertinent to address here. “What are you first and foremost a supporter of the club or a supporter of said group?” For me this is the wrong question, we are being asked to back a proposal for THIS and ALL future boards and owners of the Club. It is easy to get confused when discussing Rangers, especially when being a fan was such a big part of the conversation while resting control of the boardroom. We should always remember the distinction between Club and its owner, RangerFirst was created to protect the Club not whoever owns it! This proposed merger is being promoted and facilitated by the current board, I support a football club not a boardroom. As discussions have progressed the proposed merger has become a major talking point of members and non-members with candidates opinions on any merger being a hot topic. Another tweet went out about a split within RangersFirst and about a company being set up by those involved. There is an alleged concern, particularly given the merger talks, that there is/was a conflict of interest between a RangersFirst board member who was assisting the board at Ibrox. A couple of members of the “Working Parties” involved felt strongly enough about this that they went as far as creating a company in case their worst fears came about. Since then the two “Working Party” members have decided to stand for the board and hope to fight from within to retain RangersFirst as an independent group/Organisation. They feel that they have legitimate reasons to be concern and as two fans who have been involved since the very first meeting to discuss RF, and even before. I have no reason to think that they do not have the best interest of the club, RangersFirst and its member at heart. I ask the RangersFirst members to be aware that this is YOUR vote and if you have questions please ask RangersFirst or the candidates themselves. Do not listen to those who have consistently opposed the creation and existence of RangersFirst. Before you vote for a new board please consider why you joined RangersFirst and ask the question of those you think would do best, Do you recognise the need for RangersFirst to be completely independent of the board for it to act in the best interest of the club and fans. Ian I sought approval from those I discussed this with prior to writing.
  12. What's Plan B if RF members say No?
  13. Can you give me the break down of how many reps for each group?
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