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  1. Fulham aren't the most attractive proposition just now so I doubt Mark would want to give up his project here so early for them
  2. He's dropped off a bit the last few weeks but the high standards he set so early on probably contributes to that
  3. As it should be, certain circumstances in European football are the only arena we should be considering playing defensively.
  4. Won't be judging him but this definitely isn't the kind of thing a Rangers player should be getting involved in, at the very least he needs to be more careful
  5. That comment sounded well out of a judge's remit in such a case, any case in fact. I'm not a law expert but I thought they were only meant to deal in facts rather than speculation?
  6. Anonymity shows that they're scared of their own fans more than anything, who probably wouldn't care if it hurt them financially as is the hatred towards us.
  7. I'm sure changing history for no reason will certainly help the Scottish game recover
  8. This is a rebuilding process by Mark and his people after inheriting the worst footballing set up there's ever been at Rangers, there is obviously still work to be done because there's no way you'd have a finished article in this short space of time. I trust the people we have that will be making these decisions so let's continue the progress of this season then deal with next summer.
  9. Warburton has shown up McCoist even more if anything
  10. Another turncoat rat who will be the one who loses out in the end. Wish him the worst luck in the world.
  11. Wonderful stuff and will be delighted to be a part of it
  12. As intended McCall has come in and steadied the ship, if we still had McCoist or McDowell I'm not sure we'd even be in the play-offs. That was because the standard was set so low though, getting what what we have out of the championship shouldn't be considered an impossible achievement (if we even do get through these three ties). I like some of what McCall's done but there's plenty I've disliked such as continuing the blind loyalty to McCulloch, there's too many doubts for me to see him being the one long term. I've actually praised his job at Motherwell plenty of times but that doesn't compare to the track record of the likes of Robinson and Warburton, if we can get manager like that we can't turn them down based on giving McCall the gig on some kind of sentiment.
  13. McCall's been an improvement but McCoist didn't exactly set the bar high. Giving someone time for the sake of it hasn't helped us before so we have to learn a lesson, if a clearly better manager is in our reach we have to take the opportunity.
  14. The timing of the leak is more the media's doing, you can't really stop these things coming out these days. I'm sure Stuart is motivated enough to help progress his managerial career even if it lies elsewhere.
  15. Aye, and in the very long journey of half an hour!
  16. Would also hope we're looking at replacement players whether the current ones get us up or not
  17. Asked about Robinson’s Ibrox link, McCall said: ‘It would be interesting to hear where those reports came from. It’s funny. Karl has done a terrific job but, two years ago when I was offered the Sheffield United job, apparently there were reports then that Karl had been linked with it, too." That?
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