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  1. Well that's the urgency of getting the board sorted, do they realize we are a football club and it needs immediate sorting?
  2. No relationships need to be rebuilt, they wanted us dead and buried, like a sick man in need they refused the medicine or even a helping hand while they tried to rob us. When we are back at the top and taking our place in Europe we can maybe talk to them.....on our terms
  3. Why is the op buying that rag the Herald? the paper that backs republicans and accepts timmy adverts, wouldn't wipe my arse with it.
  4. Are there any honest millionaires out there? forby the 3 Bears and Sarver they're all crooked or at it
  5. Sick of this shit, just because some deluded nappy rippers run an avert, they fuel the fire. The legal judgement and governing bodies say they are wrong but these rhags just add to the tension, of course they'll just love it if there's blood on the streets, saves them from having to go and look for a story
  6. I don't believe Mr Cameron gives a toss, so we won't get justice or transparency from him. When it comes to HMRC they are untouchable they'll keep denying any leaks until it's provable and any proof vanished long ago Still. well done D'art
  7. Yep...........I trust no one m8, King, Kennedy or Ashley. I only care about Rangers and want them back where they belong, If it takes thieves and vagabonds, so be it.
  8. Maybe not you but there's a large section of the support that was unhappy with him, happy to see him go, can't be denied.
  9. But didn't we want rid of Wallace? I'm confused
  10. 3% interest compared to 0% perhaps? I think that's in the shareholders best interest
  11. Disgraceful statement by King, ruin the club for his own interests? a big no from me I don't care who runs the club as long as I have a club to support
  12. Aw C'mon m8 Whyte ruined us end off, I've no idea what the present incumbents are up to and I don't believe anyone really does but at least we still have a club to support.
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