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  1. I was desperate for that today. Very well done to the team They had to beat 12 men to get there. Quite the worst refereeing performance I've seen in an old firm game. Apart from the red card he got every major call wrong and missed so many things in Celtic's favour. Aribo was fouled twice in the box and Julien should have gone for the last man challenge on Morelos. Outrageous to give that the other way. It is no coincidence that every wrong decision favoured Celtic.
  2. I am having a go and I am entitled to my opinion. He is slow to react with subs and has his favourites. I am delighted he is being given a new contract but he has things to learn.
  3. Glad we've made it through but the manager must do better with his subs. The game was crying out for a substitution that didn't come and the one he made was the wrong sub. He has his favourites and it is costing us.
  4. Game crying out for a substitution. Kamara putting us in trouble too often.
  5. If Katic had been on for the whole game he would have been guaranteed to score from some of those corners.
  6. What an animal! I didn't see the game due to other half being in hospital. Total incompetence from Beaton.
  7. Happy enough with the draw. We should have every chance of beating Young Boys at home.
  8. Can anyone me what the manager sees in Helander?
  9. He might. He's fallen out with the SNP.
  10. What a scunner. They were there for the taking. That defense is woeful, simply cannot defend.
  11. Jack for me. He is such an important player for us. I struggled to select one. Thought Barasic had his best game for us, Helander was really impressive, Davis showed the younger guys how to win the ball and Alfredo ran them ragged.
  12. Our expectations were high and we were served dross. Management and players let us down today.
  13. That was as tense a game as I remember but the atmosphere at the end was something else. Hats off to Katic, Jack and Davis. They carried us to the line and Alfie took us over. I remember Souness talking about getting the spine of the team right and that was what won him the title in 87. If we can keep these players and keep them fit they can do it.
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