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  1. Sands looked mystified by what was going on around him. Thought he was one of our better players in the first half but the subs nullified his input. Poor by Gio tonight. Some of our players need to take a good look at themselves tonight.
  2. Hagi needs to do better with the ball. He has had a couple of opportunities to play a killer pass and scuffed them. Definitely Wright needs to press the ball further up the park.
  3. I hate Clancy. To be honest Brown is refereeing the game.
  4. I am delighted with this signing. He has a lot to offer us and is Scottish. Can't wait to see him play for us.
  5. I would agree with you there but all the players have their weaknesses.
  6. I will watch out for that from now on. Funny how we pick up on some things but not others.
  7. I think his defending has been much better under Gio. Players in front of him under SG were not doing their job and Barasic was often left entirely on his own on the left side of the park as they moved inside. I couldn't understand why this wasn't identified and fixed.
  8. I hope Barasic stays. He is back in really good form and is looking relaxed and confident. He is a really important player for us just now. He is worth way more that £10m and there are others I would be happier to go than him.
  9. Aribo for me too. Outstanding. What an exciting player he is on that form. Sakala did really well on his first start.
  10. I am really concerned about Davis and Kamara in midfield.
  11. Aribo for me. His goal was sublime and he was involved in so much more.
  12. Tough is maybe the wrong word. Perhaps frustrating would be more accurate. We are not making the most of the really good situations we find ourselves in. I meant the same as you, it wasn't all plain sailing. I'm not going to go into specifics. Did enough of that last week.
  13. What a great night it was. I applauded that comment.
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