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  1. If home games are free to season ticket holders presumably you would need to pay for the virtual season ticket to watch away games. I won't be buying anything from them. We've just renewed our season tickets and joined the Member's scheme. What if you are a SKY Sports customer? Do you still need to pay to watch the SPFL?
  2. I am so excited about this signing. He has the potential to be a huge player for us. He's skillful, quick, can score goals too and has the heart of a lion.
  3. Didn't get beyond the first paragraph. Some people have too much time on their hands.
  4. I may be naïve but we are talking fans here. We have no hesitation in renewing with the knowledge that we may never see a ball kicked. Others will have lost their jobs or their partners due to this and will be financially impacted to the point where they are desperate to renew but financially can't. It's not about yachts, it is about hard choices like feeding your family or paying for a ticket that you may never be able to use.
  5. We are definitely renewing. I think the club should be doing something for people who can't afford to renew their tickets due to the virus although there is nothing in the process about that. How much does the Members Scheme cost?
  6. I honestly believe if we had been in pole position at this juncture the league would have been voided.
  7. Let's see them lie their way out of this one. It is all there, in the open.
  8. Michael Stewart, Tom English and Now Ewan Murray questioning what is going on. Is the corrupt cabal about to come to an end?
  9. Excellent. These are very serious allegations. They must be sure of their ground. It is a pity none of the mentioned clubs put their name to it too.
  10. This morning I felt like giving up on football. Right now I need some sort of sign from the board that they are not going to take this lying down. RFC should be proposing new rules that only allows 1 representative associated with any club on the board of the SFA and SPFL or in any decision making position such as compliance officer and that includes supporters of clubs as well as employees or associated businesses. Rules on conflict of interest need to be much more robust.
  11. Why is this not on the Club Website or Twitter account? I don't like reading stuff like that on the Daily Record or hearing it on SSB.
  12. I genuinely don't believe they can relegate Hearts any more than crown Celtic winners on the matches still to be played. This is unprecedented circumstance and is unlikely ever to be repeated and there should be no winners or losers. I should have added as fans we did not pay for our season tickets to have to accept being shafted by the authorities. I would hope the club would be making their and our feelings known. We should not be rolling over and handing them a title without winning it.
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