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  1. Does Morelos miss the cup game?
  2. Probably because Alan Rough was dragged out to tell the SFA in one of the rags to add 2 games because Rangers objected. this is orchestrated and needs to be challenged.
  3. Guaranteed if it was the other way around, Rab, they would be doing it.
  4. Gerrard should use this to motivate the players to 3 victories.
  5. Superb goal by Defoe and finally a result at their midden.
  6. Why the hell has he dropped Katic? He's done nothing wrong in fact we've looked much more reliable with him in.
  7. I can't believe what I am reading here. This is not a one season job. I could criticise the manager too with some of his choices but seriously, he needs to be given time. It will be a rocky road but I expect some real highs along the way.
  8. I wouldn't blame Worrall, a young player on loan. When I think of great Rangers teams of the past they would have carried him and done the business.
  9. My recollection is that he played one game and had a mare and disappeared afterwards. The game is all about opinions and mine is that he hasn't been given a chance since his injury. I stand to be corrected.
  10. This has got completely out of hand. Sutton and English are the chief conspirators who are leading the baying hordes. The Daily Record and BBC have a lot to answer for. Celtic FC should know better. There were several incidents where their players could equally have had yellow cards. This is a sickening low for Scottish football. All because they lost a game of football.
  11. That was one of the sweetest ever victories against them. We had to leave with 5 minutes to go 😲 to make it to a wedding in Perthshire. By the time we got back to the car it was all over. Was in the company of good bluenoses last night but only now catching up with everything game related. I was hoping for a draw at best before the game and was totally blown away by the fighting spirit of the whole team. We proved ourselves yesterday and must have planted some doubts in their heads. Let's hope we can build on this and make some quality additions in January, especially creative midfielder and striker. Well done to the team and management and to us the fans. We really deserve that.
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