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  1. I wish they would ditch the lycra. Only looks good on someone without an inch of fat on them.
  2. Scottish football is going nowhere with these people in charge. In any other business they would have been jettisoned years ago.
  3. 6th August, my birthday, home to Killie. Meh.
  4. Watched it last night. Absolutely brilliant.
  5. I am disappointed Balogun is going. He did well for us when called upon.
  6. I hope we get Kent, Aribo and Morelos signed up. I don't know what happened to Aribo in the second half of the season but I think he deserves a new contract. I would be happy with an attacking midfielder with goals in them, right sided winger and a striker who consistently scores goals. Add in the young guys and I don't think we are far off from being a very good team.
  7. No question for me. Has to be Tav.
  8. I disagree with him. This is a competitive match and should be played as such. Otherwise the competition is a joke. It is enough the Russians are banned.
  9. We will need to consider renewing next year for sure unless something major changes about rising energy prices.
  10. Sorry things didn't work out well AR or for us.
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