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  1. Why has our home governing body said absolutely nothing to back us up here?
  2. Chuffed with the result after a poor start. Patterson was exposed in the first half and wasn't getting much protection from those in front of him and we were guilty of giving the ball away. That improved with the substitution and we looked a lot more comfortable with Arfield on the park and Aribo further forward. Patterson really came on to a game in the second half. What can we say about the keeper? One of the best saves you are ever likely to see. I think we definitely have a chance to go through to the last 8 but will need to be at our best.
  3. Let's not forget Aberdeen players got suspended sentences.
  4. 1 point. Who is all watching tomorrow? I am (unless they go 2 up).
  5. Ours kept freezing before kick off. Nearly wet myself.
  6. Beale and McAlistair didn't look very happy as the half progressed. Hopefully see more goals in the second half. We are certainly up for it.
  7. Brilliant football and fantastic goals. A joy to watch.
  8. Totally agree. I would also respectfully suggest we do not do the haters jobs for them.
  9. I am hyper, excited, delighted and full of anticipation. I am letting nothing get in the way of that. 4 points and this is 3 of them.
  10. My nerves are shredded. I am so glad it is 4 points to go. The champagne is on ice. Well done to the team tonight. We showed great resilience and have the mark of champions.
  11. It is really happening. We are going to do this. Champagne on ice.
  12. Could have something to do with the fact people are not booting him up and down the park with impunity.
  13. Kemar Roofe has been charged retrospectively for violent conduct.
  14. Over the moon with that result. Some great performances tonight.
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