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  1. We went down the Clyde Valley to the garden centres to avoid what we thought was the inevitable, keeping the radio off. We were in having a coffee when a guy walked in and said "that's it Glasgow Rangers are champions". I dived up hands in the air, shouting, to everyone's amusement. The champagne had been in the fridge for a few weeks and was duly scoffed. We will never forget it.
  2. I also had a letter and when I went to compare both articles I realised I had only saved a link which took me to the updated 18th May one. When I read the updated one it was obvious the most extreme language had been removed. I find it incredible the editor allowed it in the first place.
  3. It is such a pity Brian Wilson is no longer involved in politics. He is so often the voice of reason.
  4. Tremendous article. No matter how difficult the challenge we need to get the message across to those who still don't get it or care that Rangers is a changed institution. Don't wear the shirt if you don't agree. We also need to get across the positive message about all the club has done to effect change and all the good it does in the wider community. It is sad that none of the good is recognised.
  5. I have written to the editor of the Edinburgh Evening News about the Helen Martin article. It is the most astonishing article I've ever read. Looks like it has been written by a child and politically very naïve but the vile content is quite breathtaking. Hatred of fake Rangers fans must be curbed - Helen Martin | Edinburgh News (scotsman.com)
  6. Congratulations Gunslinger. Hope you have a fabulous day.
  7. I understood the spontaneous getting together when we won the league. I don't see the need for it tomorrow when we can't even get in to see it. We will be watching it at home with family and I wish others would do the same. They want to beat us with a big stick so don't hand them the stick.
  8. For future reference, I can have a VPN through my Internet Security. Can someone explain how it works. I am not Tech savvy like some of you guys so no insults please. Will I have to pay extra for it?
  9. Music to my ears. Congratulations Steven Gerrard. Onwards and upwards.
  10. On the whole enjoyed that today with a few scary moments. I felt we never got out of third gear. Another good Sunday night celebrating ahead. Thanks to Rangers for so much to celebrate this year. I said before the game that Roofe owed us a good performance and he certainly delivered.
  11. Why has our home governing body said absolutely nothing to back us up here?
  12. Chuffed with the result after a poor start. Patterson was exposed in the first half and wasn't getting much protection from those in front of him and we were guilty of giving the ball away. That improved with the substitution and we looked a lot more comfortable with Arfield on the park and Aribo further forward. Patterson really came on to a game in the second half. What can we say about the keeper? One of the best saves you are ever likely to see. I think we definitely have a chance to go through to the last 8 but will need to be at our best.
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