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  1. It was a disgrace that James Cook allowed this shocking diatribe without correction. Especially the part that no other club in Scotland has a problem with their fans that this is purely a Rangers problem. I await Rangers FC's response. The silence is deafening so the haters will keep beating the same old drum.
  2. John, I am not Christine. You have the correct sex but wrong person 😀 I think you are right about hoping for a rush to vaccinate etc but I'm not sure they will withdraw it. Everything they touch is a shambles so this will just be one more that they and the media will ignore.
  3. What difference is a piece of paper going to make? Double vaccinated people are catching it too. It makes little sense to me at all. Aside that I am fundamentally opposed to them in principle. I also disagree with giving this dictatorial, controlling government any more power over me or anyone else.
  4. Update on my 3 match package. I got an standard email this morning saying they would deal with my query and several irrelevant links to try but they are extremely busy and will deal with it when they can. You can't call the ticket office, it is closed. I decided to go back on the website and there was the whole package plus the Livi Cup game so all good.
  5. I certainly will if that proves to be the case.
  6. The OBFA all over again.
  7. I went in to buy the package and the Slavia Prague game was not in my basket so I couldn't purchase the package. This happened to me before when they sold my seat before the deadline and I had to sit elsewhere. I was fuming about that but am hoping it is a mistake and it can be added by them when they receive my message.
  8. This won't stop until they beat us. I would say we need to consider fighting fire with fire.
  9. I agree with the point you make about identity. I won't say any more on what is an immensely complex issue.
  10. I think it is illiberal and goes against my fundamental beliefs in a democratic society. People have the right not to be vaccinated. Coercion doesn't cut the mustard. BTW I am double jagged and awaiting a booster which I will also take.
  11. Agree completely. It is a piss take. This anti Irish nonsense needs addressed. They are either Irish or Scottish, not both. We are not talking here about people who are first or second generation immigrants. All of that aside, I wish they would just stop singing stuff to the offended. I am sick of them feeding Dornan, Yousef, Haggerty et alia. It just adds to the myth that we are full of hate while they remain the good guys.
  12. There is a difference between something that offends and something that is designed to cause hatred, the latter covered by law, the former quite rightly not.
  13. About a quarter of all cases are in vaccinated people so what is the point of a piece of paper that says you are vaccinated? The vast majority of cases are in the under 40's (their voting cohort) so they are attempting to control the pandemic through hospitality and large events. It will fail. The schools are rife with it so more areas will be added to the requirements, all to do with pleasure and enjoyment. Before we know it swing parks will be shut.
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