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  1. It is really happening. We are going to do this. Champagne on ice.
  2. Could have something to do with the fact people are not booting him up and down the park with impunity.
  3. Kemar Roofe has been charged retrospectively for violent conduct.
  4. Over the moon with that result. Some great performances tonight.
  5. Thanks for the offer of help, Frankie. It went through fine today so all good.
  6. I have tried to do that. I've emailed them so will wait for their response.
  7. I've just tried to login and it isn't recognising my details. Looking at Twitter I am not alone.
  8. Thanks for that. I enjoyed that wee trip down memory lane. I was at the game but couldn't remember the finer details
  9. The Tims are trying to prevent Gerrard getting it.
  10. If I remember correctly the management team heard something and so did members of the press.
  11. So, Rangers players and staff are liars?
  12. We had a shit 2019 due to illness and thought 2020 couldn't be any worse. How wrong we were. That today just makes everything seem so much better. Time to savour it. I honestly don't think this team will fold and throw it away. It is ours to win.
  13. Terrific result from us. Did the business. Absolutely delighted. I blocked Sutton on Twitter and feel much better for it. He really is a miserable git.
  14. Enjoyed the match today. The team kept the tempo up and there was some really entertaining stuff on display. I have to mention Clancy though. He was totally abysmal and his bias is there for all to see. Referees could cost us this season.
  15. We won't be going until there is a vaccine. We bought our season tickets in the full knowledge that we may not attend a match.
  16. Please someone in the know tell me that Rangers will not be contributing to this.
  17. If home games are free to season ticket holders presumably you would need to pay for the virtual season ticket to watch away games. I won't be buying anything from them. We've just renewed our season tickets and joined the Member's scheme. What if you are a SKY Sports customer? Do you still need to pay to watch the SPFL?
  18. I am so excited about this signing. He has the potential to be a huge player for us. He's skillful, quick, can score goals too and has the heart of a lion.
  19. Didn't get beyond the first paragraph. Some people have too much time on their hands.
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