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  1. Disappointing night but I think you have to acknowledge the standard of opposition we faced. Way better than anything we’ll face for the rest of the season probably What disappointed me most was the way we gifted them the 2 goals. Losing possession too easily once again. But our home support need to realise too that playing in Europe is a totally different game from the SPFL. You need to keep possession even if it means going backwards more often than you’d like to. You can’t give away possession easily to top calibre sides or they’ll punish you. Patience is the key. On a more worrying note I do wonder if Steven Davis has got another full season in him. No one has got more admiration for Davis than myself but I genuinely wonder if this is a season too far for him but hopefully we’re now starting to see Lundstram emerge and show us the EPL player we thought we were getting. I thought he did well tonight
  2. I watched Olympique Lyon beat Strasbourg 3-1 on Sunday night. They were very impressive.
  3. Remainers constantly told us before the 2016 referendum that we had to stay in the EU to get access to its single market. But to me that was one of the main reasons to get out the EU. Being in the EU and the single market meant paying a hefty annual fee & unable to negotiate trade deals with other countries throughout the world. Now the U.K. can do its own trade deals without the consent of Brussels that will give it the freedom to do whatever is in its own best interests. And it won’t be long before others Euro nations want to do the same
  4. Glad we got there in the end. Better performance second half although a bad goal to lose.
  5. Too much giving the ball away needlessly in the final third. Kent needs to do more.
  6. BBC Scotland have no credibility and have not done so for years. That is the major issue here. They lack accountability & credibility
  7. Just as well she isn’t a Rangers supporter or Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins would arrest her
  8. Sectarianism in SNP Scotland can be split into GOOD SECTARIANISM and BAD SECTARIANISM. GOOD SECTARIANISM is anti-British, anti-Protestant songs and whatever else from the jolly craicsters in the East End. It seldom results in prosecution. BAD SECTARIANISM is anything to do with the Rangers support for which there might be a remotest chance of prosecution. In other words the legal system is corrupt. Every time I see Asst Chief Constable Bernard Higgins I see a police officer with an agenda. Selective policing if ever I saw it. Then there’s the mhedia. Selective reporting by pseudo journos and pseudo pundits with an agenda like Higgins. Pick and choose what to report & what to ignore. But the excellent work by H&H has exposed this pond life for what they are…. themselves BIGOTS who thought they could mask this by accusing others but their past caught up with them in the end For that we owe H&H eternal gratitude and let it be a warning to the remaining Rangers-hating pondlife out there
  9. Is it a fake account?
  10. Much bigger stories than this in Scottish football this week but the SMSM won’t touch them. Where/when will it all end for separate entity FC and their BC?
  11. I’ve just been looking at a Facebook article which features an Indy march with a TORY SCUM OUT banner Whats the difference between that and the famine song? Both wrong in my opinion but one will end in prosecution and one won’t
  12. The SNP fascist state of Scotland.
  13. He doesn’t know the difference between race and ethnicity
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