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  1. Were we not conceding far too easily before GvB replaced SG? Was he not correct in trying to do something about this?
  2. I don’t think Barker did himself any favours tonight. I’d be surprised if we saw him again. I think GvB wanted to see him in action for himself. I doubt he’d have been impressed. Bacuna set up two goals tonight but whether he can be the creative midfielder we’d like him to be Im not so sure. He needs to show he can offer us more against better opposition
  3. GvB said before the game he was giving fringe players a game & he did that. With so many changes from Tuesday night we were always going to take time to settle tonight. Just my view that maybe 1or 2 of those fringe players didn’t do themselves too many favours tonight.
  4. Big night for Itten & Sakala. Need to show the new Rangers manager they can get goals.
  5. If Morelos left we’d have a big problem unless Roofe was fit. Privately I don’t think GvB sees Sakala & Itten as what he wants
  6. I thought the conditions played a big part last night. They adapted better than we did. Not always easy to play our passing game with the overhead conditions we had last night
  7. Shouldn’t have been a penalty. Ferguson shoves Barasic before his header that hits Morelos hand
  8. We’ve been sluggish this first half. Hopefully raise our game second half. And raise our tempo a bit. Need to get Kent & Wright running at them a bit more often
  9. It’s fascinating isn’t it? In Scotland we’ve got individuals in the Scottish media & broadcasting fraternity who think they can say what they like, make all sorts of accusations and expect no recourse whatsoever. But in the big world out there beyond parochial Scotland unfortunately life just isnt quite like that. Weve already seen incompetent & useless COPFS fail miserably in their pursuit of D&P resulting in big payouts funded from the taxpayers. Now BBC PQ too may need to cough up big bucks because its Rangers hating programme makers made a programme about Rangers insinuating wrong doing and implicating individuals at Rangers or in their dealings with Rangers Should be good. Sit back and enjoy
  10. Like most yahoos he doesn’t understand the seriousness of it all. It’s not just about child abuse. It’s about whether certain clubs knowingly tried to cover it up
  11. Hope I’m wrong but I think Patterson will regret going there
  12. I couldn’t care less about whether the old firm being used or not. I prefer to have no association whatsoever with that vile club & its tarred history from the east end
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