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  1. What disappointed me most last night was fringe players who made little or no impact. They really need to ‘step up’ when they get their chance.
  2. I think we have to be realistic that Barasic won’t be with us next season. We should have already started looking for his replacement
  3. I think the Rangers board are looking at various options to increase the Ibrox capacity. And no doubt with one eye on the SFA nonsense about buying Hampden
  4. Unfortunately Ibrox is now too small for Rangers. Adding capacity is imperative as I don’t think building a new stadium is feasible
  5. When did Rangers last go to Celtic Park & win when the LB set up the 2 goals? Wonder how Arsenal feel spending that money on Tierney when Rangers had a better LB 😂😂
  6. International class ? His performances have been better than that don’t you think? 😁 After attending the YoungBoys game last month I read a match report describe Barasic as a class above everyone else on the pitch. He was. Sadly though I can’t see him being with us next season.
  7. I’d say he’s quite a bit more than ‘a very good signing ‘. 😁
  8. It’s horses for courses in my opinion. Against ‘park the bus’ teams I think we should try & use two strikers. If,however, we are going to use only one striker then Morelos is by far the best option
  9. Morelos can play the lone striker role. Defoe isn’t anywhere near as effective in that role. He’s more suited to a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 where he’s got a target man beside him
  10. The EU exports significantly more to the U.K. than the U.K. exports to the EU. I genuinely will watch these trade talks throughout 2020 with much interest.
  11. The inevitable collapse or semi-collapse of the EU should be a concern for us. We do too much trade with Europe not to be concerned My own view is that there now are too many countries in it, is too difficult to control & is unsustainable long term. Of the 28 countries in it only about 6 or 7 are net contributors. The Euro was a horrendous mistake when it allowed countries to join who shouldn’t have been allowed to join
  12. Who’d bet against the yahoos signing MacClean ? Imagine him against Barasic ?😂😂 Like a Robin Reliant against a Ferrari ? 😂😂
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