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  1. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 they’re despised in England. No chance
  2. SNP won’t touch the Celtc BC child abuse with a barge pole. Potentially too many lost votes West Central Scotland. Disappointing to see opposition parties not taking up the challenge
  3. As I see it, unless the arbitration panel comes to a unanimous agreement then it goes back to court.
  4. Nothing will bring them down as long as they’re seen as the ‘good guys’ giving away freebies (free prescriptions, bus travel, uni places etc) and Westminster allows them to run at a colossal deficit each year (£13bn latest GERS figures) The only way so can see this change is for Westminster to force FFA ( Full fiscal autonomy) on Holyrood where Scotland will only be able to spend what it raises. It would get no money from Westminster. There would be spending cuts & tax rises galore. People & businesses would leave. Maybe then the gullible electorate would wake up & realise the benefits of the U.K.
  5. The question no one seems prepared to ask is whether these face masks actually achieve anything. The WHO stated previously that the only people who should wear a mask are 1) those who have the virus 2) those treating people who have got the virus Something’s changed obviously
  6. Hastie was one of too many squad players signed last summer who made little or no impact
  7. So what does happen if the SPFL lose ? Cant pay compensation and the reconstruction lifeboat has gone. The reality is no one thought about the implications of calling the season early.
  8. Can’t they get a mask that covers her whole face? 😀
  9. Hearts & Partick Thistle(between them) are looking for compensation of £10m but they know they have no chance of getting it because the SPFL don’t have that amount of money or anything like it. So if the court case goes ahead & the SPFL loses, the likely only way in which they’d drop their claim allowing them to avoid relegation would be to have the leagues declared null & void (assuming reconstruction is now a dead duck) Sit back, grab a beer & watch the implosion 😁
  10. The letter sent out today by the SPFL shows things are getting desperate. If court action goes in favour of hertz & partick thistle it’s difficult to see how the SPFL could survive. I would like to think the SFA are planning for such a scenario.
  11. If he’s as good a lawyer as he is a referee Hearts and Partick Thistle have nothing to worry about 😃
  12. It’s an interesting article. Clubs need to realise Scottish football is on its deathbed because of the actions of its administrators and those controlling them. It can only get derisory TV deals and businesses don’t want to sponsor a product seen by many as corrupt. Those clubs who chose not to support Rangers independent SPFL investigation now have to live with the fact they’ve passed up what might be the last chance to save Scottish football Unless liewell and his cohorts are removed then Scottish football is finished...
  13. Totally & utterly unacceptable. No accountability whatsoever. This is a powergrab by Liewell to try & prevent the SPFL sinking
  14. I think it should be remembered McGregor never really established himself at Rangers until he was 24/25.
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