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  1. All very well trying to sign Aribo but we really should be prioritising the CB & LB areas where we’re either short in numbers or need to review

    New Ibrox

    Don’t like the look of it but good attempt . Something needs to be done. Ibrox is now too small for Rangers
  3. Am I the only one who thinks something not quite right here? 19year old Turnbull earning less than £1k p.w at Motherwell turns down (allegedly) £20k p.w from the yahoos? Did they really offer a teenager who’s only played 32 league games £20k p.w? And when you read the report other clubs ‘monitoring’ the situation. Will Barnsley offer £20k p.w? Doubt it somehow. They fooled their supporters over Roberts last summer but got caught out over McGinn. I wonder if the Rangers board are watching & asking themselves questions. If not they should be.
  4. let’s deflect from the big story in Scottish football at the moment eh? Looks like Liewell’s minions still dutifully carrying out their tasks And another’s no-mark,pseudo-journo calling us a ‘new club’ I see.
  5. Will Petrie continue to wash Liewell’s car every Friday now he’s SFA president ?
  6. Can’t help thinking Ojo from Liverpool might be a better option for us than Kent
  7. I was at that game too. We were in a CL group with Ajax, Auxerre & Grasshoppers IIRC. Our only win was 2-1 against Grasshoppers. We lost every other game
  8. Ah let’s try a bit of deflection in the true Shellik way of doing things.... Useful idiots can always be called upon....
  9. Olsson ? Hasn’t played this year AFAIK. been injured since last year No thanks...
  10. What remains incredible about the Celtic Boys Club abuse scandal is that this story has been sitting there for years but no prominent journalists or media outlets seemed to want to investigate it fully.
  11. Not sure that’s quite correct. Torbett initially got convicted in 1998 & was sentenced to two years. His lawyer was Jock Brown ? Not sure Brown’s a QC to represent him in the high court? Reid arrived around 2008/2009. Don’t think his arrival anything to do with the abuse. He was to use his power & influence to go after us over EBT’s.Which he did.
  12. Harper MacLeod? low level paper gatherer? (Stop laughing at the back 😂) wee fat bespectacled chap who’s as wide as he is tall ? any more clues needed?
  13. As someone on RM pointed out they couldn’t have been doing this without informing the stock exchange first as they’re a plc & this could affect share price
  14. John Mason’s comments are absolutely disgraceful. If his party leader did her job properly instead of constantly pursuing indyref2 he’d have been sacked long ago not just for these comments but previous comments too. No one is asking him to join him in a vendetta by one half of the old firm against the other. But as a Glasgow MSP he has a responsibility for the victims of the abuse which took place within Celtic over almost three decades at various times. He has to use his position to ensure they get the justice to which they are entitled. My own view (and I suspect many others also) is that he is unwilling to fully commit himself to this in case it jeopardises the ‘catholic vote’ to which his party is heavily reliant
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