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  1. Not sure this is as clear cut as we might think. Cancelling games for no real reason will incur the wrath of SKY
  2. The yahoos don’t want to play us behind closed doors at the San Giro. Yet Hibs & Aberdeen(& others) have already played us behind closed doors at home. What makes the yahoos game different?
  3. Scraping the barrel for guests by looks of things 😂 Then he looked underneath the barrel & found haggerty 🤣
  4. He’d a bad game that day although watching the first St Johnstone goal I’m not too sure what Goldson’s doing & Katie gets dragged across. But not too many others. Defenders must never get bullied the way Helander did at hibs first yesterday
  5. Still don’t understand why the Rangers goal at the end is disallowed. Where’s the foul to hibs?
  6. I’d guess he already has spent the proceeds. Needs to sell now
  7. One thing I would say about their second goal is Katic would never get beaten the way Helander did. Just saying....
  8. What exactly was wrong with the Rangers goal right at the end ? And Boyle was offside when the initial ball was played thro’ b4 he crossed for Hibs 2nd
  9. They’re not as good as feyenoord whom we played last season. As long as our esteemed manager gets his team selection & tactics right we should win
  10. Call me a cynic but surely when they increased tests the number of covid cases was bound to increase?
  11. I’m guessing but I’d think Daniel Johnson is our no1 target at the moment. I see he was left out today by Preston.
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