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  1. Tonight it really hit home how much I’m missing attending our games. if only I could have been there tonight to see us qualify for the EL last 32. Hopefully normality will resume soon...
  2. Took a long time for us to get going tonight but job done. And what happens if Rangers and Benfica finish group on equal points ? Rangers top the group because over 2 games played between them(5-5 aggregate) Rangers on away goals?
  3. As I understand things, C1872 will need to raise £13m over a 3 year period to buy DK’s shareholding. Will they be able to raise that amount of money?
  4. A four day week and a free pet unicorn for everyone in the SNP’s iScotland 🤠🤠🤠
  5. They probably will lose it. They have a track record of doing so at Celtic park when it suits them. people throwing barriers at police vans? two officers injured? we have a club whose extremist support is totally out of control. And an unwillingness from authorities to do something about it
  6. Good all round professional performance today. Job well done. Only concern for me is Itten. Still to show why we shelled out £3m for him.
  7. The support & adulation for the GB looks to have come back to bite them big style. Unbelievable scenes at the San giro tonight
  8. Disappointed not to win tonight but I’m sure we all realise playing a class side like Benfica is a massive step up from the SPFL. We can be proud of another great EL run as we’re again within touching distance of the knock out stages. just a pity we’re not there to enjoy it...
  9. Did they actually get legal advice ?
  10. The SG have been requested to hand over the legal advice they got to the enquiry. Wonder when the penny will drop & opposition parties realise the SG never got any legal advice. 🤠
  11. An excellent afternoon’s work.A team which has got better playing together and full of confidence. However let’s keep our feet on the ground. Long way to go yet. Just hope we can steer clear of injuries & the virus and our squad can stay intact after the January transfer window
  12. Regards Ferrier, SNP MP’s & MSP’s don’t get off the gravy train unless they have to. That includes Nicola ‘4 houses’ Sturgeon (including the mansion in Portugal)
  13. Do figures include player acquisitions in the summer?
  14. I’m sure we’d have at least broke even if we had spectators in as normal especially the EL qualifiers & group stages. However we didn’t & that needs to be considered
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