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  1. There is something in this that is always overlooked..............England doesn’t want Scottish independence. If Scotland became independent & its economy crashed (of which there would be a very strong chance in my opinion) there would be a large exodus of its population looking for work. And where would the vast majority of these people go do u think ? I’d say rUK and mostly overcrowded England which needs more mass immigration like a hole in the head
  2. No doubt the Tesco checkout lady was a fully paid lying NAT
  3. Compared to MOTD Sportscene is absolute garbage but is always a must watch after we beat Celtic.
  4. I watched Sportscene on BBC at 11.30. Post match analysis minimal. Didn’t even discuss or show the third & fourth Rangers goals
  5. He did well in his first OF game. Hopefully will take confidence from today because I do worry we’ll lose Helander in the summer.
  6. Both Calum McGregor’s yellow cards were correct. What is Kennedy talking about?
  7. Great performance. Great result. All about getting us ready for next season now. Players will come in, players will go out. However I’ve every confidence in our DoF & manager to improve us again next season when we’ll have CLQ’s to look forward to. Took time to get us where we are today and our opponents today will soon realise that rebuilding a club structure and a team takes time & isn’t a given. Heres to the champions & to the new season ahead... 🍾 🍾
  8. Need to be careful second half we keep 11 players on the park. Might be tempted to bring on Bassey for Simpson.Walsh booked him for very little in my opinion. And we should be able to build on our lead.
  9. Not see enough of Simpson to be honest. His contract was running out at Bournemouth so he signed for us but if he couldn’t get a game for Bournemouth he’s got even less chance of getting a game at Rangers as long as Helander’s here
  10. Think we’d like to remain unbeaten in the league for the season but I do share ur view that our work is done.
  11. Many other companies would do likewise. Why have your HQ or base in iScotland where ur biggest market is rUK(mostly England)
  12. Surely NotProven is no longer needed since double jeopardy got binned?
  13. The problem with sectarianism in Scotland is that it’s always someone else or the other side. Never the accuser who is often masking their own prejudices. After over half a century on this planet I came to the conclusion long ago that anti-bigots are themselves bigots, anti-fascists are themselves fascist and so on. And Scotland is infested with plenty of these individuals, especially in its media. Pondlife who make all sorts allegations but won’t debate openly when challenged. And whose mask inevitably slips when it’s Rangers and think they can spew their bile and hatred without f
  14. Last Sunday against St Johnstone proved we still struggle at times against teams who put eleven men behind the ball The Celtic game will be different
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