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  1. How many Lord Provests have been non-RC ? Then there’s GCC recruitment ...
  2. How long before the Killie Guardiola gets mentioned ?
  3. GCC’s history is there for all to see. Not much to debate I wouldn’t think.
  4. Why are we trying to sign so many SPL players? 🙁
  5. Sadly this is the yahoo-infested, SNP-run state we now live in. No one seriously believes they accidentally lost evidence of the 2 hanging effigies. It was deliberate.
  6. myself & my 16yo son are ST holders in the SJ rear. At what age does he start paying the full whack? Anyone know?
  7. He has been better last few games but shouldn’t we be looking at younger players?
  8. Don’t understand this signing at all(if it’s true). Never Rangers class.
  9. When are ST renewals out? Anyone know? I’ve had nothing yet
  10. Don’t think we’ll see anything like the numbers of players coming in this summer like we’ve seen over the past three summers (2016,17, & 18) Perhaps only four or five depending on how many can be moved out.
  11. Hopefully not true. Klose is 31 next month. We should be looking at younger players whom we can develop & sell on.
  12. I was at the game & thought he did well. Excellent in the air which I always like to see in a CB
  13. Not sure Hastie is ready to join a big club like Rangers. Perhaps in a year or two maybe
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