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  1. Nearly there.....going to be very emotional for all of us when it happens. We’ve been to hell and back. Now we’re almost champions again 🍾
  2. We need to up the tempo And it’s difficult to play out normal game on this dreadful surface
  3. Surely the assistant referee must have seen it was a penalty. Another howler of a performance from Beaton
  4. She’s damaged goods now. If the Hamilton report finds she’s broken the ministerial code & misled Holyrood she has no choice but to go. The time will come when her closest political allies stop defending her. That seems to be happening now. After this COPFS need investigated too
  5. Even Swinney seems to have abandoned her now. He handed over the legal advice. Sturgeon needs to go. Then we can start on COPFS and how this ended up in the high court after 20 police officers spent over a year interviewing hundreds of people & came up with nothing
  6. Very sad news today about the passing of Ian St John.
  7. And a rogue state. Democracy requires office bearers to accept their responsibilities and act accordingly. Otherwise we get the rogue state we’re seeing now at SNP Holyrood. Political interference where it shouldn’t be. Worrying times lie ahead
  8. I always think managers can be lucky through no efforts of their own. When Rodgers left and they appointed Lennon, Steven Gerrard must have thought there was a god up there after all.
  9. Unbelievable. Royal Antwerp are a decent side. Two evenly matched sides but over the two legs the difference between the two was Alfredo Morelos. Whatever the yahoos get for Eduarde in the summer we should be looking for at least £10m more for Morelos.
  10. Unfortunately it is very difficult to prove or disprove anything because Neely is dead.
  11. A great win after yet another bad start to a game. Win these next 2 games(Livingston away then St Boo at home) and we’re almost home & dry
  12. Most ridiculous penalty award of all time. Did they really look at that on VAR ?
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