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  1. Looks to me we’re seeing who goes out the door first before bringing in new faces
  2. McGregor conceded too many goals last season that he should have saved.
  3. Are the SFA happy to have the incompetent SPFL run the professional leagues in Scotland? if they are then maybe there lies the answer to some of the points Maxwell raises in the article
  4. Closely followed by Angus B MacNeil
  5. People are just making things up now 😂 last week it was Botheim, this week it’s Colak. Who’s next?
  6. My guess is, GcB wants to send McCrorie out on loan to assess him for himself. Either that or he’s trying to offload him & on lookout for another keeper but has signed McGregor as back up
  7. What is often overlooked is whether England wants Scotland to become independent. If Scotland became independent and it went badly wrong there would inevitably be emigration. where do you think many of these emigrating Scot’s would go? England is already overcrowded.
  8. Also the ethnic Russians in the Donbas region have been getting murdered by Ukrainians for the past few years. So the Russians went in. Im no expert but I expect to see the Donbas region being absorbed into Russia. Like Crimea was
  9. Robby McCrorie has had a few loan spells. Can only presume he hasn’t sufficiently impressed in these loan spells to convince the Rangers management he’s good enough to be first choice at Rangers
  10. The situation we are in at the moment is we have several players entering the final year of their contracts. These players can be split into 2 groups. The first group consists of players we may wish to keep longer term & try to get them to extend their contracts. The likes of Aribo, Kent & Morelos are in this group. The second group consists of players whom we may not wish to extend their contracts for whatever reason such as constantly being injured. The likes of Helander & Ryan Jack are in this group. These players simply do not play enough games & we may wish to move them on if possible. Until this situation becomes clearer I don’t see us making many moves in the transfer market
  11. He’s 22, only played about 80 games in the Norwegian eliteserien & isn’t a full internationalist yet
  12. We need to be looking at forwards. Itten has gone and that only leaves Morelos and the too often-injured Roofe. (Sakala to me more of a wide player) Can’t say I’ve seen Botheim play but seems well worth considering. I’d doubt he’s ready for the EPL so we should be well placed
  13. Like many western ‘democracies’ we have an antiquated electoral system where governments can be elected with well below half of the vote but get a significantly higher percentage of elected politicians
  14. There will never be a good Scotland team that doesn’t have a strong Rangers representation. And that ain’t happening anytime soon
  15. 211-148 two by-elections coming up. Both Tory seats. If both are lost the pressure will mount on Boris
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