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  1. Was it a good idea for SNP-run GCC to allow these republican marches who showed support for an organisation banned in both N.I & R.O.I ? I might be wrong but I’m not aware of the OO being banned
  2. Written by Marcelo Mega. He’s hoping to implicate other Scottish clubs so as to make it look as if it was more than just his beloved yahoos
  3. Did we under-estimate livi? They’re about fourth best team in Scotland at the moment IMO. Better than hertz & hibz.
  4. Imperative we get the right person for the DoF position though.
  5. No but I doubt he’d have hired Pedro & we’d have wasted millions on Pena & the other Mexican whose name I cannot remember.
  6. Disappointed to hear that news. It was no coincidence we improved on & off the park after he arrived. He will be difficult to replace.
  7. religious schools should not be state-funded. If they want them they need to be funded by the churches & those who attend them
  8. I don’t understand these rules. Russian RB Fernandes is a Brazilian who took out Russian citizenship & now plays for the national team.
  9. Nothing we currently get from the EU we can’t get elsewhere....
  10. I’d predict any new government in an independent Scotland would collapse within 12-18 months. In order to maintain current public spending levels eye -watering tax increases would be necessary which would drive businesses & high earners away many to much lower-taxed rUK. And don’t forget the SNP’s recently published Growth Commission Report suggested austerity would be around for 10 years or so post independence. I never did understand the appeal of independence. Only appealed to the face-painters, flag-wavers and brigadooners. People who live & work in the real world would be worse off.
  11. The rumblings of discontent in SNP-run Scotland are well underway as we’ve seen these last few weekends....
  12. Scotland’s politics now mirrors that of Northern Ireland i.e. nationalists v unionists. And we can thank the SNP for that.
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