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  1. The referee perfectly entitled to award a foul for a jersey pull
  2. Seen the highlights for first time since last night. Regards the penalty it’s given for when Bates initially had a hold of sakala’s jersey at the edge of the box not when he goes down when they both reach the 6 yard box. Just as I saw it from my seat in the SJ rear. Penalty all day long
  3. I think it would be a good option to play Sakala and get him to sit in the shoulder of the last defender. Knock long balls over the top to him. But we don’t play that way. Everything is slow tempo with balls side to side & backwards. we need to change our style of play. We are too predictable & easy to play against. Playing sakala upfront on Sunday (with Morelos) would force Motherwell to defend deeper.
  4. He made little or no impact last season but I do think he’s a better option than sakala
  5. So do we play Sakala for his pace? only option for pace we’ve got. And he looks miles short of what we need
  6. Their first goal tonight was embarrassing. When will stop this nonsense playing the ball around in our own penalty box. Were not good enough to do that.
  7. Stunned by this news. Knew he’d had a major operation about 6 months ago but thought he was recovering RIP Walter
  8. NBM (like FARE) are an agenda-driven organisation who target their selected individuals & organisations with the aim of causing maximum damage to them. However their lack of integrity is apparent when they disregard other individuals & organisations who are blatantly guilty of the same offences as their targeted ones. I’d suggest maybe these individuals & organisations are represented with NBM & FARE. To me they have no real genuine interest in achieving the aims they claim to support and are little more than a group of unaccountable pond life seeking to destroy their selected targets with the help of others in authority. Fascism in all but name. Unfortunately politicians & organisations such as football’s governing bodies are scared to challenge these partisan groups for fear of accusations which should be a big concern to all in a so-called free democracy.
  9. That sums it up for me. We really must put teams to bed.
  10. Gave the ball away needlessly & didn’t get close enough to the guy.
  11. I’d suggest more squad rotation than McGregor dropped. I see Jack Simpson back on subs bench 😱
  12. Re 2nd goal against Brondby see the benefits of having two strikers/forwards on the park?
  13. One wonders if anyone at the SPFL or SFA will accept responsibility for this costly defeat & resign their from their lucrative positions ? sadly I think we know the answer already
  14. Much better. Let’s hope we can take confidence from tonight into Sunday against St Midden who always seem to up their game against us
  15. Clarke’s had a better group of players to choose from than previous Scotland managers. I think that needs to be taken into account
  16. I doubt it very much if Gerrard will become the next Newcastle manager but I do think Newcastle will struggle to get a Gardiola type appointment
  17. Of course he has. Just hope our board have a successor in mind.
  18. Williamson’s gone. Maybe Yousaff too hopefully
  19. Or 97-98. We had vastly superior teams to Celtic in those 2 seasons. Doesn’t always guarantee anything though
  20. Disappointed not to get all 3 points but we simply cannot waste that number of good chances in a game. Also I do worry about the goalkeeper position. Maybe time is now catching up on McGregor. McLauchlin is out of contract at the end of season. Has he maybe said he’s leaving ? That only leaves McCrorie whom we’ve seen very little of
  21. Tom Devine is a vile, bitter old man who deeply despises Rangers football club and its supporters. And he thinks he can justify this hatred as an academic who thinks this makes him immune from any sort of accusation. His bigotry is acceptable, so he thinks. And his tactics are almost always the same: accuse the other side. The art of denial & deflection . Throughout my life(I’m in my mid fifties now) I’ve watched the likes of Devine and his ethnicity with much curiosity. I refer to them as ‘tartan Irish’ who claim to be Scots but antagonise their Irish ancestry to get a reaction which they often get. Then the accusations begin. Ive always believed these people want to turn Scotland into a ROI MK II, an anti-British state and now seem to have teamed up with our own homegrown SNP. But there are plenty who oppose it his & many within the Rangers support which seems to tip Devine and others over the edge periodically
  22. I also think Newcastle have previous in appointing former great players as manager and not working out for them. The best players in the world don’t want to go to the north east. They’d prefer to go to London or North West (Liverpool & Manchester)
  23. I’d suggest Ashley lost a quite a bit at Newcastle over his time there. The problem Newcastle will have, regardless if who owns them, is that the best players in the world don’t want to live in Geordieland
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