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  1. Still no news on how a guy without the UEFA pro licence is the new Shellik manager?
  2. For whatever reason, it’s always seemed to me, the prosecution didn’t seem to have enough evidence
  3. Rangers are now run by Rangers men in the boardroom. I’m happy with that. If Club1872 can’t contribute to that that’s their problem.
  4. Just think with Zungu not working out as hoped & with Jack and Arfield’s injuries last season we’re a bit light in numbers in MF
  5. As I said earlier, it was to allow the debt to build up to allow HMRC to block a CVA
  6. Of course it was a stitch up. With political influence too I might add
  7. HMRC were allowing Whyte to build up unpaid tax debt to a level that they could veto a CVA. They could have called an administration much earlier but didn’t. Hopefully we’re now going to see who and why was behind this decision
  8. She’s lovin’ every minute of this pandemic. Getting allowed to portray herself as a leader who is in control of the situation. The reality is she isn’t. Compared to other similar sized nations Scotland has been a shambles
  9. If that’s true I wouldn’t be surprised if they return with an increased bid. No big surprise clubs looking at Aribo after his impressive EL performances last season
  10. The Scottish justice system has been flawed for some time now. There are many failed prosecutions & questionable prosecutions.
  11. Murray was a serial borrower whom the banks seemed to trust for whatever reason. He had a business empire built on sand
  12. I don’t think they were wrong to pursue anyone they thought was involved in wrongdoing during the administration. Nothing to do with politics
  13. Still no real BBC PQ coverage of the fire bombing of Lawwell’s house? tut tut what’s going on here? A piece of bad news they can’t bury?
  14. I wasn’t meaning in terms of blaming anyone. I thought Lawwell’s home being firebombed would have been a far bigger story. Apparently not.
  15. We live in an extraordinary wee country. In a week when the house of the chief executive of one of its biggest football clubs gets fire-bombed, the focus is on so-called sectarianism & songs.
  16. Any normal political party would have binned Yousaf by now
  17. Wouldn’t build my hopes up if I were you... Polis Alba 👮‍♀️
  18. Maybe Brendan Rodgers got off lightly when he got out. Only house broken into. ‘More than a club’ as they say. Wonder how the polis Alba ‘investigation’ is progressing . And no word from Humza yet ?
  19. Hope all goes well on the day bud & to a long and happy marriage
  20. Perhaps not surprising that the people trying to have a go at Rangers today were all silent 5 years ago to the day almost when Rangers players got attacked at the end of the SC final by hibz supporters who jumped barriers to invade the pitch & cause mayhem. Exuberance it was called by someone who, unbelievably, is SFA president today. And that evening the FM tweeted how happy her hibz-supporting husband was. We live in a dangerous little country. We really do.
  21. I’m more nervous today than I’ve been for a while before a Rangers game due to the possibility of going unbeaten in the league for a season & getting over 100 points for the first time ever 🤠
  22. I genuinely wonder if the standard in this league is sufficient
  23. Course they didn’t. Or even the best bidder. Remember the 4 parties at the beginning after administration? The blue knights, Ng, Bill Miller and the one who caused blind panic to Whyte’s chosen administrators D&P, Brian Kennedy the businessman with the proven track record who should have owned Rangers there and then. But his bid got chucked out for being too low. Very suspicious. Who advised him I wonder ? Quite how Bill Miller the US truck guy who(as I understood) had never been outside the USA in his life got preferred bidder status was laughable. But as we know Miller wit
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