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  1. Simms? Hasn’t he got 2 years left on his Everton contract?
  2. Not always easy to move players on who are still under contract
  3. Don’t think I can remember a season quite like this one started disastrously going out the CLQs to Malmö, stuttering league form and then losing a LCSF to hibz after SG departs. New manager comes in and league form improves then falls away again as we go from strength to strength in the EL and reach the final. We lose the league but win the SC. Busy summer ahead for GvB as there will undoubtedly be quite a few players leaving & others coming in
  4. Hopefully our DoF is doing his job & monitoring the Billy Gilmour situation. He’s out of contract next summer & isn’t going to cut it at Chelsea so needs to move on. With Steven Davis likely to be leaving we should at least be looking at a loan deal for the time being anyway
  5. I’m not an expert on modern football by any means but playing without a recognised striker isn’t something I can understand.
  6. FWIW I genuinely believe we’d have won last night had Morelos been fit.
  7. What concerns me is we lost two similar goals like that to the yahoos in the two games at Parkhead i.e a long cross ball in from the RB area
  8. Bringing on Sakala instead of Roofe was a mistake which cost us the game. We needed more threat uo front. Frankfurt subbed both their CB’s.
  9. We need to dominate the middle of the park a bit more
  10. Let’s hope Wright can keep the ball & not give it away needlessly as he does too often for my liking
  11. Just think Ramsey could give us that wee bit something special but as you say his work rate when we’re not in possession isn’t great
  12. I’m trying to WFH atm but it’s no use. Can’t concentrate on anything. Just hope we don’t miss Morelos tomorrow night. This team do concede goals so he’d get opportunities his way. And, controversially maybe, I’d start with Ramsey. I just think we have to hope his quality could be the difference on the night if he’s fit. And McGregor’s indifferent form is in the past for rest of this season
  13. They’re allowed to be bigots.We’re not. welcome to Scotland 2022
  14. A fairly comfortable win & it was good to see the youngsters getting a run-out although not too convinced wide left suited Lowry. He seems a more central MF player to me p.s Dundee Utd keeper impressed me again. Does anyone know if we’re trying to sign him if Greegsy retires? If he does retire that only leaves McLauchlin & young McCrorie who, for whatever reason, doesn’t seem to me to have a future at Rangers
  15. Just back in and still lost for words. A night we didn’t want to end. well done to everyone tonight, manager, coaching staff, players and the support. Lets go on and win it…..
  16. We need an out and out striker to win this…☹️
  17. Sakala could have had a hat-trick. scored, hit the post and should have scored with the header from the corner
  18. For their goal the cross should never have reached the back post.
  19. And remember…… when shooting today, all shots to Joe Hart’s left hand side 🤠
  20. Wright loses possession too easily too often
  21. Fearing the worst today. The league has gone. Genuinely think too many minds will be on next Thursday night
  22. We’ve bigger fish to fry atm than the yahoos 🤠
  23. My thoughts exactly. The Leipzig player is offside & in the goalkeeper’s line of vision
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