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  1. Scott7

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Very good, 26th. Pity any PQ peckers looking in won’t understand a word.
  2. Scott7

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    Not really. You’ll recall that Orwell’s pigs introduced systems and methods and made the farm profitable before corruption set in. Can’t see a Corbyn government doing that.
  3. Scott7

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    JR-M is a Tory Corbyn. Entertaining in his own way but you’d never let him drive the ‘bus. I’m all in favour of horny-handed sons of toil in government. They’ve actually done something in their lives unlke students of politics and party hacks. Your earlier reference to French street protest shows that Miltant still survives. Ah, the good old days, eh? Waging the class war, denouncing capitalist bosses, confronting the fascist police, selling the SW, asserting the rights of the people. The trouble is, the people are too grown up to waste their time all that. Are you really advocating street violence? More exciting than the ballot box right enough.
  4. Shankland signing for Swansea according to FF.
  5. Scott7

    Jose Mourinho Sacked

    Who will become Rogers’ assistant at Old Trafford? Giggs, Ancelotti, Zidane, the chap in charge of Croatia? It won’t happen but I’d go for Manuel Pellegrini.
  6. Scott7

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    Having voted for a Labour candidate when Callaghan and Kinnock were party leaders, the answer is yes. The likes of Corbyn and Skinner are valuable members of Parliament for ideas, checks and balances but they are not competent to govern. A bit like Mrs May you could say in that last regard.
  7. Scott7

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    The young Corbyn took time to study the systems and methods of East Germany. He thought Cuba was pretty good. He’s pals with the blokes who have ruined Venezuela. Hamas and the IRA are organisations he has endorsed. Beyond the politics of sloganeering what makes anyone think Corbyn could lead a government? He would want to vote against himself in his first week in office. The world depends on makers and doers. Yappers, bleaters and dreamers are sometimes interesting but mostly tedious. I quite like Denis Skinner by the way.
  8. Scott7

    Portrait Exhibition

    In my business life one of my top colleagues was a woman. She was a fierce battler for equality. Never in a million years would she have wanted an entry in a photo book.
  9. Even better, Willie Thornton, Lawrie Reilly and Willie Bauld.
  10. Scott7

    The Premier League

    I hope you’re right, more in a pro-Wolves than an anti-Liverpool way. I’d fancy them more at Anfield than Molineux.
  11. Scott7

    Portrait Exhibition

    No greens, please buster, if you don’t mind.
  12. Scott7

    Portrait Exhibition

    Ah, the vanity of Eve. They can’t help themselves, can they? Can’t see many blokes putting themselves up for that although you never know nowadays. Blokes aren’t what they used to be.
  13. Scott7


    That lady should be ashamed. It is wrong to impose a sausage roll diet on anyone. The people have the right to ignore sausage rolls.
  14. Scott7


    Hearts in a challenging fourth position in the League. A good season for the maroons. The trouble for them is that they used to be top and their current goal difference is -1.
  15. Scott7

    Brexit Shame

    I don’t think so. No dealers are too busy excoriating the government to bother about Johnny Foreigner. Here’s an extreme comparison: the European Commission and the politburo of the Soviet Union. I did say “extreme”.

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