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  1. Many would say that is evidence of corruption. Evidence is of course open to rebuttal. Over to you ms Compliance Officer.
  2. Thomson claims her generation has failed the next. Actually, it was my generation that failed hers. We allowed them to forget that work comes before thought and to develop a notion that posturing about in the streets is fine. Now the generation following hers is even further from reality. Depressing.
  3. Scott7

    The A to Z

    Fearsome strike pair.
  4. I should have done this first, Gribz, then you could have seen where not to go. City 3-1 ‘Spurs Bournemouth 3-0 Fulham Town 0-1 Watford Hammers 3-1 Brendanblues Wolves 1-1 Brighton Newcastle 1-2 So’ton Everton 2-1 United Arsenal 2-1 Palace Cardiff 1-3 Liverpool Chelsea 2-2 Burnley
  5. Scott7

    The A to Z

    Imaginative effort there. I was anticipating Zak Rudden. My own thought was Row Z. Used for target practice.
  6. Scott7

    The A to Z

    Y Young. Geordie.
  7. Scott7

    The A to Z

    K. The one, the only Kichenbrand.
  8. Scott7

    The A to Z

    D. Davie: Wilson, Cooper, McPherson, Robertson - take your pick.
  9. Best match in years. Both sides deserved to win for different reasons. Disappointed that City lost. Pleased that ‘Spurs won. Need to get my head seen to.
  10. Smug middle to upper-middle class folk and a few latter day hippies shambling about stopping the working class getting to their jobs. One of them feeding his face with a plastic fork from a plastic plate - ah well, nice day for a picnic.
  11. Only 34% voting for Brexit.
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