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  1. They’ve got seamless trade already.
  2. Free electric toothbrushes is a great idea. Just what the bairnies need to clean the rims on the wheels of their new free bikes.
  3. Neither pedagogue nor youth but the imperious looking bloke in the middle of the top picture.
  4. That Portuguese writer chap was a good judge.
  5. FF reported the death of Jimmy Millar Number 9 this morning. Six pages later and about twenty minutes ago the OP is confirmed as mistaken. Some small relief.
  6. Black ribbons hanging outside the Cabar Feidh pub in Elgin. Never seen that before.
  7. Herself will be gone with the wind by this time next year. If not with the wind, with some other entity. My informant is reliable. My informant’s informant is reliable. Here’s where it could crumble. He got it from a middle + ranking SNP guy who got it from top level party. Will she jump or will she be pushed or even pushed to jump? Who comes next? Genuine lack of talent in the public face of the SNP. Swinney as caretaker? The Cabinet Secretary for Bawbees? (her name escapes me at the moment) Not Yousaf, surely. Pompous windbaggery seems to be an essential quality, so that’s Robertson but he won’t appeal to the SNP demographic. Ony wee Glesca buddies oot there?
  8. I urge erudite posters on here never to let nbm away with the nonsense which is a large proportion of their output. Keep it simple when you write to them. Keep it factual. Above all keep it unemotional. Many a sound argument is obscured by outrage.
  9. Strange that on the same day, Benitez and Solskjaer should deploy the same tactic of your own centre backs marking and even tackling each other.
  10. You’ll be raging the ref, compo.
  11. Solskjaer responding with a terrific burst of speed to put himself several lengths back in front. 0-4 at Old Trafford.
  12. Scott7


    Waste of time and money. 30,000 delegates and staff according to some reports.
  13. Just inside his own half, Davis short side pass to somebody, somebody passes back to Davis in a worse position than when he made the initial pass, Davis, hurriedly back to Goldson on the wrong foot, defence in retreat. This isn’t going to end well.
  14. Chelsea’s last three goals including the o.g. and the penalty were offside.
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