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  1. No reward for excellent football. Best I’ve seen for long enough. They played with their brains. I said men v boys but it was the men who were struggling for the last twenty minutes. Mebude MOTM.
  2. Hit the bar. caley luck returns. A shot just over. Their ‘keeper’s made a lot of saves.
  3. caley “goal” disallowed for offside. Their fabled luck has deserted them for the moment.
  4. inverness down to ten. Second yellow for simulation. Still 1-1. The boys running rings round them at times.
  5. HT 1-1. Equaliser a deflection. Typical jammy caley. Lads playing good football in terrible conditions which will take a lot out of them.
  6. You should know as well as I do that caley fans don’t go to games. Neither of them.
  7. Some good matches this week. Wolves 1-2 Leicester Southampton 2-1 Burnley Norwich 0-4 Liverpool Villa 1-2 ‘Spurs Gunners 2-0 Mags (Set the Time Machine 60+ years back for that one) Chelsea 0-2 United And in the Championship, Baggies 3-2 Forest.
  8. You were right about loan back, though.
  9. The time for Allardyce was when Rangers were in League 2. A bit of iron and a bit of determination instead of McCoist’s happy clappy stuff.
  10. Not only should they all sing from the same hymn sheet but they should all believe the words of the hymns - more or less. I’m just concerned that an unelected person such as Cummings or Campbell in a different rôle in the past, have too much influence.
  11. No views, really. Gilmour doesn’t play for Rangers. Chelsea are not a club I favour despite some excellent football over the last ten years. Scotland international football has no appeal.
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