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  1. Scott7

    Jo Brand

    I don’t think Corbyn or the Labour Party are anti-Jewish in the traditional sense of blaming Jews for usury and the murder of Christ. He and his party are, however, fanatically anti-Israel which easily becomes anti-Israeli and by association anti-Jewish. I wonder what Corbyn’s position would be if the US were sponsoring the return of Palestine to Arab Palestinians. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were fanatically pro-Israel, denouncing centuries of oppression, expressing solidarity with the victims of holocaust and proclaiming the right of Jews to inherit their promised land.
  2. Bake a biscuit for Compo.
  3. Is that an optimist’s statement of fact or a question of hope? S-4lB doesn’t have a record for spouting rubbish.
  4. Beyond me to give a concise summary but I think we got beat four- nil without a shot on target. One doesn’t want to criticise from a position of ignorance the quality of the advice being given. Perhaps the strategy, whatever it is, will be vindicated in the Court of Appeal or heaven forfend, the Supreme Court. I see we fielded three strikers against Ashley's two. Unfortunately it was a defence that was required. The London solicitors are Mills Reeve. I thought that was a horse.
  5. True. Alexei Alexeivitch ‘phoned me from Omsk and asked me to vote for out. So, always happy to please a comrade .....
  6. Scott7

    Jo Brand

    “Smear” is a word used by deniers to describe an inconvenient truth.
  7. No doubt they will emulate the men of yore by winning the last match in phenomenal style. “Lionesses” - “Scotland’s Heroes” Dear God.
  8. Scott7

    Jo Brand

    It’s not really the joke that’s the issue. It’s the hypocrisy of Miss Brand. Did Farage state the purpose of the gun? Was it to shoot recalcitrant remainers or to defend himself from angry thwarted leavers?
  9. Scott7

    Jo Brand

    In the old days no one would have bothered. Some might have laughed. One or two might have been upset but most would have let it pass by. Nowadays nutters are out of control and might think throwing acid is a good idea and given it a try. If anyone said something similar with lgbt folk as the target, imagine the screeching and would not Miss Brand be one of the lead screechers?
  10. I suppose a even small proportion of Rangers fans outnumbers anyone else especially as most tims are off to Dublin in the green or wherever.
  11. It seems she is going to plead what Americans call inadequate counsel or in Scots Law mah brief wis nae use.
  12. celtic are very pleased with their useful idiot, Petrie and their supporter, Mulraney. Fans of other Scottish clubs couldn’t care less nor could the clubs themselves except those in lower divisions who have zero influence. The followers of other clubs have an ingrained antipathy to Rangers in much the same way as English fans have towards Manchester United. Why not if you’ve been under the cosh for decades? The signing of English players like Butcher, Woods and (ahem) Sounness plus the apparent riches of Marlborough, then Murray, and the singing of Rule Britannia raised envy to hatred and that’s never going away. Scottish fandom and football press, in my guess, are predominantly Nationalist - Jimmy Hill an’ that. Hence they accept batterings from celtic because celtic ar’nae English like sevco, ken? The solution is to gain control of the SFA by some means beyond my competence to know. Either that or join the Carlisle and District League and work our way up from there. Where would Rangers be now if that had happened in 2012 with a competent manager? Anybody answering Admin2 is a tim.
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