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  1. Are Corbynists even contemplating compensation. Recovery of stolen property of the people?
  2. I’m not a rugby chap but, strangely, I’ll watch the international games and I want Scotland to win. In the SFA team I have no interest at all. That goes back to the exclusion of Gough and Robertson from the side. Going back to the rugby, are our fellows too wee? Other teams have monsters who can also rocket about the park and handle the ball. More porridge needed and fewer lettuces. And ditch the white socks. White socks are just wrong. Bill can answer for himself but I expect he’s not. He won’t be surprised, though.
  3. Sailing under a false name. Never mind. Both Ranger and Sea Ranger are in the Moray Firth. Shouldn’t be hard to lay a course to intercept.
  4. Damned few and they’re a’ deid.
  5. Tom English should be recalled from Japan. This is too big an opportunity, sorry news event, for McLaughlin to handle alone.
  6. He’s not a liar, just mistaken. Quite often some might say.
  7. By God, Sir! You’re right, Sir. Wily devils those Afrikaners.
  8. Scott7

    Not proven

    McCaskill did have some useful experience in this area.
  9. I do. She was PM. She was in power. Something had to be done. She was right to explore possibilities. She didn’t have photos taken. Corbyn was a back bencher with no influence. His pictures with terrorists show a grim and steely-eyed expression. Part of the gang, one might say. Did Corbyn not go on holiday to East Germany? Not the most popular of holiday destinations. Wonder who he met there.
  10. Scott7

    Not proven

    Stay with fifteen, majorities and corroboration, the last most of all.
  11. Scott7

    Not proven

    Prosecutors hate it. Defence lawyers like it. A second string to their bow. I agree with Bearger #2. One or the other makes sense.
  12. Something typically Scottish about that. Puir auld Scotland. Even the weather’s agin us. Pity it hadn’t been Typhoon Haggis against Ireland.
  13. If proven, I agree with you.
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