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  1. I disagree with @alexscottislegend about many things, though I’d cheerfully stand with him at the match and he is not a liar. If somebody says something based on mistaken understanding or misinterpretation that is not a lie. A lie is a wilful statement of fact, knowing that fact is wrong or the repetition of another’s lie again in the knowledge that it is untrue. I don’t think asil has done that.
  2. I like the red and black banded number featured above. I could seeBobby Shearer kitted out in that. No club has a monopoly of that style of shirt. Queens Park wear it stylishly. Partick wore/wear it. Kilmarnock and Dundee United used to wear it. Accies still do as do countless rugby teams. And Forres Mechanics. Maybe not such a good idea after all.
  3. I’m hyper fussy about football strips and athletic outfits in general so needless to say I don’t like the away strip. I refer to critical comments above from honourable members with all of which I concur. The colour is a sort of purple-black which I suppose makes it sort of navy but you can’t really tell because of the shiny finish. Bad though it is, compared with ‘Spurs’ new away toddler’s Soft Play Area t-shirt, it’s almost dowdy.
  4. A vile anti-Spaniard action. Braiden and his ilk are not Policy Advisers. They are Policy Makers under the direction of the Party inner praesidium, rubber-stamped by the Party executive and endorsed by the bleating membership.
  5. Why not? A small number of hereditary Peers, a large number of political pensioners and a few appointees because of achievement in their own field ,which doesn’t mean they’re good at anything else, isn’t representative. Parliament needs to be reformed. I don’t know how to do it. I might start by disqualifying Arts and Social Sciences graduate until they’ve done a real job for five years. Where’s Oliver Cromwell when you need him? Keep Her Majesty, of course.
  6. It looks a bit weird. I’d abolish the Chamber of Peers.
  7. We were all to be swept away, if I remember rightly but here we are still outpacing and outflanking the bolsheviks, as usual.
  8. Corstorphine, eh? Almost posh, Gonzo. North Sighthill, they used to call it in the Braids.
  9. Ref Clancy awarded Proud Preston a dubious penalty when Sean Maguire was brought down. Even their own are turning against them. Did they not know it was an important spalpeens’ birthday.
  10. Lord Seven of Heaven.
  11. I’m umpire. I shouldn’t really have a weapon. I’ll bring my violin case, just in case.
  12. I’ll umpire this. Rapier for you, old bean, pistol for asil.
  13. My brother-in-law was promoted from Glasgow to a bigwig post in Edinburgh. Linlithgow was as far east as my sister would move. Not a bad town, I thought.
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