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  1. Scott7

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    I wasn’t comparing ability, though. You don’t have to be a skilful footballer to do the basics and never give up. Harry Davis and Bobby Shearer couldn't do slide rule passes or nutmegs but their mental sleeves were rolled up before they ran out of the tunnel and they kept at it for ninety minutes.
  2. Scott7

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    There’s a lack of bloody-mindedness about the team. Richard Gough, John Brown, Stuart McCall all had a stubborn determination not to be beaten.
  3. Scott7

    Rugby League

    RL is brilliant. Miles better than RU. Less beautiful than football when football’s played at it’s best which isn’t often unfortunately.
  4. Scott7


    Not many big names left. Either Chelsea or United plus City and Wolves. i know Wolves aren’t big again yet but at least they’ got pedigree.
  5. Scott7

    Allan McGregor's two game ban stands

    Can you not get a second red for a separate offence? Was there not an English game a few years ago when a player got a red card and two more for additional offences as he walked off? Violent conduct for the first red followed by foul language to the ref then foul language to the fourth official If so, there’s no reason Brown should not be given an antecedent red for the offence committed before the second yellow.
  6. Scott7

    Labour plans tax theft

    I’m not opposed to immigrant labour if can’t be bothered to do the work ourselves.
  7. Scott7

    Brexit - the big vote

    Airlines have gone bust before. Including one with a name very similar to this one.
  8. Scott7

    Brexit - the big vote

    Mein Mein Gott. Josef Pünter stuffed again.
  9. Ca’ canny with that too, my lad.
  10. Well, you may say so but I’m not persuaded. Instead, refer us to a respectable publication.
  11. Scoff what you like, but not in huge quantities. Go easy on the drink. Do not smoke. Walk or cycle as much as you can. Get a couple of personal traners. Not the lycra clad dancing baboons but a dog and a horse. Don’t own the horse yourself. Cost a fortune. Help with somebody else’s. Abjure funny substances. Follow that advice and the Punter guy will be fine. Oh and stop angsting about plots and conspiracies and geezers turning a pound where they can.
  12. Scott7

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Defoe’s a finisher. The best Rangers have had for ages. But somebody else has to clear the way (Morelos) or create the chance (Morelos) Asking a lot of Alfie. That’s why the team needs a lock picker. I can’t think who that might be.
  13. Scott7

    DK offer fails

    DK offer fails ..... DK has won a long battle .....
  14. Scott7


    And at the final whistle.

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