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  1. Nail not only struck on head but driven home in one whack. Fan ownership might be ok but not for any club at a higher level than Shrewsbury Town. Don’t tell me Real. I doubt if Manolo fae Madrid has much say in their governance.
  2. Not for many years but I used to listen to radio commentary a lot. Paul Mitchell is a hibby, I think, maybe Hearts but his commentary was always good. Described the play. Didn’t work himself up to a frenzy of excitement.
  3. That may be the problem. A lot of the things they’re stopping for aren’t clear and obvious. If they were, it wouldn’t take so long to decide.
  4. I’ m baffult. And guttit I can’t get the answer. Maybe I’ve given myself a wee clue there.
  5. I’m sure he does. The delays are an irritation but if you’re stopping for some events, why not all of them?
  6. How about “sporting integrity” as a relevant factor? The decision should favour the home club as promoters of the event if the postponement is requested for logistical reasons. A club’s training programme is not a reason to “favour the home club”.
  7. Whatever happened to the Protestants?
  8. There were NHS staff worked off their feet. There were NHS staff who were doing even less than normal. Do they all get the bribe? What about the wee girls working the checkouts at Asda? No furlough and exposed to danger of infection daily.
  9. Bit odd. Riot with one hand take photos with the other.
  10. What a useless bunch of cretins. What a waste of resources to police them safely. Polis shouldn’t have to be worrying about the safety of fools.
  11. I don’t know the details but Local Authorities used to pay for fostering. Adopting parents pay their own way. I don’t object to paying for children to be properly fed but I object to feckless parents paying for expensive TV and ‘phone packages, smoking, drinking and wasting cash in nail bars and the like then coming to the Government and charity to provide for their offspring.
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