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  1. Very good result for Arsenal to beat Leicester away.
  2. Stop being bemused and perplexed and start beelin’.
  3. I’ve never heard of an Elgin RSC. The big RSC in Morayshire is Burghead Loyal. I don’t know who runs it now or if they are registered with the Association.
  4. This exotic gourmet Uruguayan delicacy is processed in the UK at Fochabers. Fray Bentos? Na, na mannie. Frae Fochabers.
  5. Go on 26th. Listen to it just the once. You know you want to. Never let it be said you’re not ready for the fray.
  6. Only played golf five times in my life. As at most sports I was rubbish. As at most sports I enjoyed it immensely.
  7. Whatever the Bute House bissom tells them.
  8. Shattering news. No fireworks display in London at New Year. I don’t think I can go on.
  9. Everton 3-0 Baggies. (Going down, I’m afraid) Leeds 4-1 Fulham United 3-0 Palace Gunners 3-1 Hammers So’ton 0-2 ‘Spurs Mags 3-1 Brighton Chelsea 2-3 Liverpool Leicester 3-1 Burnley Villa 1-2 Blades Wolves 2-0 City
  10. This match has an ominous buffer-hitting feel to it.
  11. He’s got plenty money. Maybe he just wants a game.
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