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  1. You won’t get it online unless you’re a subscriber. I got ten issues for £6. You can skip your way through the year on their short term offers. It’s subscriptions they want rather than your cash. Lefties and Remainers write in it too as well as normal folk so its a good bargain. You get a paper copy in the post and access to back numbers. The Article is “By Royal Disappointment” written by Jan Moir. The main thrust is the contrast between the conduct of HM and that of the young generation of princes etc particularly Mr & Mrs Harry but the grand old Duke of York gets a barrel as well. Sorry about the delayed reply but I’ve been greasing the axles on the tumbril.
  2. Depends which SNP gets in. Angus Robertson was promising a battalion for Afghanistan and another for South Sudan. 26th can tell us the number of troops required to keep two battalions in the field presumably on a six month rotation. I suspect, however, the anti military wing of the Party will be the successful one.
  3. This time I get it right 100%. Villa 1-2 Everton Norwich 1-3 Chelsea Brighton 2-0 So’ton United 4-0 Palace Sheff Utd 1-2 Leicester Watford 2-3 Hammers Liverpool 2-3 Arsenal Bournemouth 0-3 City ‘Spurs 3-1 Newcastle Wolves 0-0 Burnley I put Wolves to draw only because their Italian Job will have taken a lot of energy.
  4. That put the mockers on him.
  5. If you’ve got a spare bawbee buy the Spectator this week,BG. Some stuff in it you will like. I tried to post a link but it didn’t work and the articles are too long to copy and paste.
  6. Hedge your bets like accountants normally do. Use old Scots “practicks”.
  7. Warner on course for a hundred?
  8. Yank spelling. Probably ok at the Polytechnic where he works all the same.
  9. The prof can’t spell “practising”. Let’s hope he’s better at sums.
  10. High and low baws comin’ in frae the wings?
  11. That’s very true but those poor folk are not usually going about ranting at others and generally looking strange.
  12. Charlton, West Brom or Leeds could be top of the league tonight. Huddersfield on their way to League 1?
  13. I’d put my name down for that. Day before too.
  14. One Irish grandparent. Are the other three Scots? I assume mother and father are Scots. The qualification rules are nonsense. ROI team wouldn’t have performed as well as they have done for twenty plus years without all their Englishmen
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