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  1. Careful. @Rousseauhas the power of the ban.
  2. La commedia e finita (for today, anyway) In due course this will provide a measure of the gullibility of the Scottish electorate. I fear the worst. As for the committee only Fraser (Con) Baillie (Lab) and to a lesser extent, Cole-Hamilton show an ability to conduct an enquiry. The others, especially Mitchell (Con) should learn that if you pose several questions in one rambling speech, it gives the witness the chance to answer only the easy one and let the rest go. It’s a small point but what has the letter g in the present participle done to be cancelled by
  3. The flanneled fools return to the wicket, 4am tomorrow. I think I’ll join them after lunch
  4. The First Minister of the Scottish Parliament has just said: “Ma heid wuz spinnin”. Dear Lord..
  5. By all means but you lose it for implied criticism of the referee/VAR.
  6. This is excruciating. Long rambling sentences. Numerous subjects, objects, conjunctions and uncountable adverbs but no answers. Perhaps her evidence should be given by semaphore. I’m sure her arm waving has more meanings than her speech. But then I’m conscious that y’know, so, for me, I’m aware that I don’t know. Baillie and Fraser do well enough but this needs a judicial enquiry, preferably with a judge and counsel from another jurisdiction.
  7. Watching the SP Committee at the moment it look as if both Sturgeon and tame member Watt have been to the barber recently. Could be wrong. Could be wigs.
  8. Fair enough. But you lose them for saying Wolves wouldn’t.
  9. I don’t see Anelka in Rashford but you’re right about management. Ferguson would have got another 30% out of him 90% of the time. US isn’t a proper soccer nation yet. Croatia v Germany is a better comparison. Croats’ first team competes and wins. Maybe the second team. I can’t be sure but I speculate Germany’ thirds would have it easier. (Why have I suddenly thought of Croatia v Pakistan at cricket?) Reserve leagues should be brought back, I agree. I doubt if there’s a public appetite for B internationals now. They flourished at a time when people had much fewer enterta
  10. I watched some of the Lord Advocate’s evidence. The gist of it - I’m the man who is responsible but I put the jobs out to a bunch of really good guys (his Deputes) and I haven’t really done anything myself so don’t know much and what I do know I can’t talk about but I’m responsible right enough. He was howpin’ a lot at the water glass. A bad sign according to m’learned cross examining friends.
  11. City 3-0 Wolves Burnley 1-2 Leicester Blades 1-1 Villa Palace 0-2 United Fulham Lilies 1-2 Tottenham Lilies Baggies 0-1 Everton Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea
  12. Interesting topic. Strength in depth for England but not so much in the strikers. What’s Ings doing in that list? Calvin-Lewis is young. Rashford is inconsistent. Sterling’s a scoring winger which leaves Kane as the only out and out, bang it in the net striker. One more than Scotland has, I suppose. There are only eleven for each team on the park at one time so there’s no reason why the first eleven from a small country should not be able to compete with the first eleven from a larger country. In my teenage years Scotland had a comfortable lead in head to head victories. I couldn
  13. Liverpool hero centre forward has died. I never saw him play for Liverpool but I saw him often for Motherwell and Scotland with distinction. Small for a centre forward but sturdy enough and a scorer of goals. His Motherwell forward line, all diminutive, was a splendid unit. Reid, Quinn, St John, Hunter, Weir. Goals against Rangers always distress me but on one occasion, Fir Park, 1960, St John’s winner brought some compensation, 37/6 as FGS in the ‘bus sweep. That’s just under £45.00 in modern money. Lived like a lord for a fortnight.
  14. That’s the way of the world nowadays, I’m afraid.
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