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  1. The bbc want that? I’ll make sure I hop about on mine, then. Unfortunately nobody lives near enough to see.
  2. Compared to the Jarrow marchers yesterday’s coiffed and made up and expensively dressed poseurs were indeed a rabble.
  3. Dissolve them both and promote the Clach.
  4. Scottish Conservatives are pretty docile apart from the Professor bloke and I think he might be English.
  5. Well worth reading if you close your mind to the ghost’s journalese. The events and anecdotes are interesting. Millar, Brand and Wilson used to stay after training to work out moves which explains their prodigious scoring feats. The three of them had a private physio. They even paid for him to go up to Aberdeen so they could get their usual pre-match massage.
  6. No. If they’re inclined to travel, it’ll be down the road to Ibrox. The north Highlands are good Rangers territory, I’ll say that much for them. Apart from Alness.
  7. A very good idea. Could it happen? Doubt if County would want it unless they played in Dingwall and I can’t see caley going there. They could play in tartan shirts. I think an Inverness welfare/school team did that long ago. Hilton?
  8. Apart from Ian Murray, MP, no one is bothered. I alerted the local Conservatives but they seem placid about it so far. I wonder what the Chief Mammy thinks.
  9. Scott7

    Crocked XI

    And a heavy price tag.
  10. Scott7

    Crocked XI

    Snelders the sub ‘keeper. Iain Macdonald outside left.
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