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  1. Lefties on Whitehall had posters emblazoned with the command “Defy the Tory Government”. That’s why I asked you if it would be ok for me to defy a government I didn’t want. I don’t think it would but you might be able to find a way.
  2. So the bloke’s only a health care assistant looking after ill folk. Anyway, the electors weren’t voting for a nurse. I don’t think they were necessarily voting Tory but they were sure thing voting for Brexit and BJ and against Corbyn. Supposing JC had won, would it have been ok for me to defy Corbyn rule?
  3. Take the money. They owe it.
  4. Is that a wee smirk on the ref’s face as he tucks the card back in his pocket?
  5. NZ in a position of peril in the final innings of the first Test. They need 330+ to win with five wickets left. Boucher has been appointed South Africa head coach for the England tour next month.
  6. It’s Thunberg who wants to do the triggering. She wants world leaders put against the wall.
  7. I’ll miss Skinner. Every parliament can afford a Skinner. Just one, mind.
  8. I didn’t phrase that too well. I should have written “if I were BJ”. I think many English previously in favour of the Union have become sick of the whining and posturing which has been the Salmond/Sturgeon strategy all along.
  9. Being just a simple country loon, I listened to various clever political folk on the radio to get a better understanding of the result. What they’re telling me is: The working class have no right to decide for themselves who to vote for. The PM will find it very difficult to secure further agreements with Brussels. Scotland and NI are leaving the UK . So, not yet a day in power and Johnson is facing disaster. I think that’s the gist of it. I doubt if the PM is at all worried about what Brussels may or may not agree to and if it were me, I’d not worry about Scotland and NI buzzing off. Sooner the better. Conservatives guaranteed seven election victories out of every ten.
  10. He won’t go. He and his ilk like living here. Can’t imagine any of them would flourish elsewhere.
  11. Piara Powar@PiaraPowar “Had enough. Going to bed now. Tomorrow I’ll think about leaving the country.” CHEERIO, CHEERIO, CHEERIO!
  12. No. Too ancient to emigrate. But I’ll be keeping British citizenship even if by so doing I’ll be missing the privileges with which new scotland would endow me. Would you be in the first wave of immigrants to come in?
  13. I got too nervous. I had to go and watch the Wolves. They were very good.
  14. Her parents might be very pleased with what she’s doing. They must decide for themselves of course but I don’t think I could have pulled this trick with my old father.
  15. Deep midwinter and I’m hitting form just like the Rangers used to do in the old days. Liverpool 4-0 Watford Burnley 2-1 Magpies Chelsea 3-0 B’mouth Leicester 3-0 Norwich Blades 2-1 Villa (Match of the Day) So’ton 2-1 Hammers United 2-0 Everton Wolves 2-1 Hotspurs Arsenal 2-1 City Palace 2-2 BHA (Borefest)
  16. Moray. Traditionally Conservative but usurped by the Ewing mafia for a while. I’d vote for the local guy on his own merit. His problem is a last minute intervention by UKIP which may cost 1,000 votes. SNP haven’t risked one of their nomenklatura so they must reckon it’s a loser.
  17. Yesterday, from the Tories, I got three leaflets, a letter from Ruth Davidson, an email and a telephone call all of this on top of several previous leaflets, emails and one ‘phone call. From the three other parties standing, I’ve had a total of four leaflets throughout the campaign. Mercifully the landscape has not been cluttered with lunatic posters. Usually the SNP go berserk with that sort of stuff. All in all it’s low key for which I’m grateful but I’ll still be glad when it’s over.
  18. celtic have many celebrity adherents. Tells you all you need to know about celebrities.
  19. Rheingold. A marvellous beast. At a time when I used to contribute to Turf Accountants’ welfare, he and his progeny helped to defray my costs a little bit.
  20. Conservative overall majority 20 - 29. SNP may not make quite as many gains as they said they would but there will be a fair sized clan of them hollering and whooping and drawing attention to themselves in a most embarrassing manner.
  21. Make your twenty five thirty five and I’d go along with it though I’d prefer forty five.
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