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  1. I’ve lost the place with the offside law but the old rule was that you were onside if you were behind the ball when the ball was played.
  2. I seem to have heard that quite a lot in bygone days. Are you my old Games Master, perchance?
  3. Is Root the greatest? Too soon to tell. But, provisionally, subject to adjustment after a king pair in the first test against the Springboks, possibly yes, mibbees. Otherwise I agree with all of the opinions in the articles, not that I’m easily persuaded or anything. The true answer is that there isn’t a GBoAT. Is the greatest opener greater than the greatest number 3 or the greatest middle order? Graveney wins the concours d’elegance. Boycott doesn’t but look at Boycott’s averages against WI and Australia. OK, it’s Compton. Or more likely May. I’ll come back when I’ve made up my minds.
  4. “Scientists are experimenting with larva fat to replace butter” I don’t wish to know that. Kindly leave the board.
  5. Seems like it. Both managers booked in the first half and sent off in the last minute. Pair of nutters.
  6. Springboks 23 - All Blacks 35. Brilliant match. Either side could have won it.
  7. Not quite Premier League but next season, who knows? Nearing half time and Sunderland lead Beale Park rangers 2-0. Scorers, Stewart and not good enough Simms.
  8. Hope the sentence is increased.
  9. According to bbc last week a “fabulous” United “sank” AZ. There must be terrific underwater recovery systems in the Netherlands. Haven’t looked at bbc today. Private grief and all that.
  10. Scott7


    If I’ve had it, I didn’t know about it but just thinking about it, I can feel it coming on.
  11. I’ve seen a fair few of these one- offs, right enough.
  12. A price worth paying.
  13. Jimmy Millar went back to his trade and played right half that night as if he hadn’t spent years at centre forward. What a night.
  14. Truss was an absolute idiot to say it. The example set by Sturgeon is not a good one to follow.
  15. She’s been comparatively quiet about it. I wonder why? It’s the usual rabid angry mob which has made the most fuss.
  16. What’s your truth in the Syrian chemical attacks?
  17. Glasgow Rangers Player by Player. This indispensable aide memoire reminds me JF scored 145 goals in 164 games 1963/1967. Four of these were in the second half of a league cup final against Morton 1963. Someone on this board once remarked that for a time in the sixties every photograph of a Rangers goal had JF in it with his arms raised meaning if he hadn’t banged it in himself, he was there to mak siccar.
  18. By the very knowledgeable poster, Mo_txTruBlu on FF: ”Rangers opened the 1959-60 season with the Millar Brand pairing as a No.9 and No.10 for the first time. Jimmy Millar a Wing Half/Inside Forward, who had made only 9 appearances in the previous season, had been forced to play Centre Forward in place of the injured Max Murray in an end of season Friendly a few months earlier and scored all 4 second half goals in a 4-0 win. Despite Max Murray being our top goalscorer in each of the previous three seasons (99 Goals in 123 Games) this prompted Scot Symon to start the 59-60 season with Millar as his Center Forward, and Ralph Brand at Inside Left. Rangers thrashed Hibs 6-1 at Easter Rd, with Ralph Brand scoring 4 goals, and Millar netting one on his first official stint as Rangers Centre Forward. The headline on that Saturday's Evening Times front page was "A 'BRAND' NEW FITBA' SEASON". The promise of this MB partnership looked good, but they only got the first four games under their belt, before Symon opted to bring back Sammy Baird at Inside Left. Surprisingly, Brand, who had scored a very impressive 29 Goals in 35 Games over the past 12 months, would only get 11 more starts that season, whilst the more experienced Sammy Baird was preferred in 38 games, with a return of 15 goals, as Rangers marched all the way to the Semi Finals of the European Cup, and collected the Scottish Cup. Jimmy Millar ended the season as top scorer with 40 Goals in 52 Games. Other players who impressed that season, was the versatile forward Davy Wilson who scored 22 Goals/50 Games, and that wonderful Inside Right (8), Ian McMillan who weighed in with 20 goals. Alex Scott on the right wing chipped in with 19 goals. The next four seasons, 1960-64 would see the Millar Brand partnership combine to score 254 Goals between the pair.”
  19. On the “not good enough” list.
  20. Simms scored two for Sunderland. Stewart got the third. Simms played like Morelos. Defenders were afraid of him.
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