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  1. Attlee, Wilson, Brown - Corbyn doesn’t have a fraction of the ability of any one of these. Callaghan - Corbyn doesn’t have his practicality. Blair - well, Corbyn’s not Blair, so that’s something to be said for him. McConnell? Better leader for Labour than Corbyn. And Long-Bailey. (That’s a name for an Australian opening batsman. “Long-Bailey, 173 not out.”)
  2. May is industrious and has a command of detail. Her natural place in any organisation is number three. She should not be number two in case anything happens to the top guy because whatever her merits are, leadership is not one of them. The list of aspirants is unexciting. Every one of them is better than Corbyn, though.
  3. McGregor. Without him the chasers would have been much closer.
  4. I don’t like “old firm” either but if it annoys pqcsc I might use it again.
  5. Each number is a minute in a game when a particular event has occurred but what the event is, I haven’t a clue.
  6. I was thinking along these lines ‘til I saw the 70.
  7. Agree. And for these youngsters or whatever XI goes out there’s a match to be won. I won’t crucify SG if Rangers lose today. I did that when he broke the concentration of the defence by sending on a substitute at that fateful Motherwell corner in the 90th +++ minute. I’d put in a smiley face but I trust fellow posters to recognise a bit of hyperbole.
  8. Wrong. Every single match is a contest to be won. This nothing to play for nonsense goes back decades derived from the journo pack who are only interested in trophy winning. The original glory hunters.
  9. Brilliant at times by City. Watford exposed as average. Surprised they finished as high up the league as they did. Maybe EPL isn’t so great outside the top five.
  10. Nearly 3,000 notes and not one decent dram.
  11. Flanagan did not appeal. This procedure was an appeal by celtic against the failure of the referee to show a red card.
  12. Relax everybody. The vigilant Dornan has sprung into action. Contacting Lawwell, eh. That’ll larn him.
  13. Well done and well said.
  14. At the foot of the BBC sport page (the main one, not PQ) there’s an option to pick the team. I got ten Rangers into mine plus McGregor of the Hibs. He only gets in because for some reason there’s no option for Ryan Jack and I couldn’t pick Worrall. Get to it chaps. I wish I’d picked Worrall.
  15. 0-0. Sunderland through to Wembley most likely to play Charlton.
  16. Meanwhile two big fish are floundering in the League playoffs, Sunderland and Portsmouth. Pompey are 0-1 but playing at home so should win by enough. Both finished behind Luton Town and Barnsley. If they can’t do better than those two it suggests neither is ready for promotion.
  17. Pathetic. Corporate management gibberish.
  18. Despite Abraham and Grealish, Villa are dull. Derby are mote creative and dare I say it, have momentum. Villa have greater potential than any others in the league, even the Sheffields, but successive owners and management can’t tap into it.
  19. I want to win so I would be picking my best forward, Defoe. On the other hand Defoe has done what he was brought in to do and deserves an early rest so it’s Alfie to prove he is the second best with the prospect of being the best.
  20. Villa are the bigger giant by quite a bit. They are also sleepier by quite a bit. Derby aren’t out of it yet. Leeds have had some bad home results.
  21. I have a feeling about Derby. Leeds can be flakey at Elland Road. 7/2 would tempt me if I were a gambling man.
  22. speirs won’t read anything on this board to justify what he says. On some others the discussion is less about just compensation for victims than it is about crippling celtic’s transfer budget. However, his admonition of Rangers supporters would be better as a footnote to an excoriating condemnation of the separate entity like no other.
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