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  1. Only played golf five times in my life. As at most sports I was rubbish. As at most sports I enjoyed it immensely.
  2. Whatever the Bute House bissom tells them.
  3. Shattering news. No fireworks display in London at New Year. I don’t think I can go on.
  4. Everton 3-0 Baggies. (Going down, I’m afraid) Leeds 4-1 Fulham United 3-0 Palace Gunners 3-1 Hammers So’ton 0-2 ‘Spurs Mags 3-1 Brighton Chelsea 2-3 Liverpool Leicester 3-1 Burnley Villa 1-2 Blades Wolves 2-0 City
  5. This match has an ominous buffer-hitting feel to it.
  6. He’s got plenty money. Maybe he just wants a game.
  7. He’s saying it was a red card offence and implying that even if the referee did not judge it as such, he would nonetheless have sent Morelos off if the circumstances had been reversed. As asil and stewarty say, quite clever.
  8. Which idiot was that? I’m not familiar with the Clyde menagerie.
  9. The kneeling pantomime has to stop I noticed that a lot of the players in the Castleford v Hull RL cup-tie stood still, some of them black.
  10. Replacing Pochettino with Mourinho was a step backward. A concession that ‘Spurs would never win the league but would settle for staying in the top eight.
  11. City Chelsea United Liverpool Could be the Arsenal, though.
  12. We know that. Tell us the scores so we can terrify the bookies.
  13. Clancy is employed by Shepherd & Wedderburn, a large and once prestigious firm of solicitors. S&W are retained as solicitors to the SPFL. That hardly makes Clancy part of the SPFL “legal team” whatever that term means. There was a time when the likes of Clancy wouldn’t have got a job sticking stamps on letters at S&W. To be fair, neither would I. That was a gig for Dukes’ sons.
  14. Never listen to her. Licence, you say? Wossat then?
  15. Thomson? Beaton? In fairness to wee Collum, I think he would have sent the defender attacker off.
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