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  1. We’ll all miss you while your banned. I expect only the very young ones will be around to see you back.
  2. On BBC TV News (not BBC Scotland) at about 6.45 pm the Sports presenter conceded that first place in the sports slot must go to Rangers in Seville, though he didn’t sound as though that was a good idea. He introduced one Jane Dougall in Seville to describe events there which she did stony faced. Reference was made to success in Barcelona and failure in Manchester. The presenter duly gave her the chance to comment on the trouble in Manchester. Dougall said: ”I was there. I was witness to two hundred and fifty thousand Rangers fans who rioted, it’s fair to say, in the city centre” What? She counted them? And they all rioted? One of my boys was there and he didn’t riot nor anything like it. BBC will be getting a letter in the morning. Meanwhile perhaps @26th of footcould tell me if Dougall has previous?
  3. Singing and percussion lessons required. And slimming pills.
  4. McGregor; Jardine, McKinnon, Cuellar, Caldow; Greig (Capt) Smith (D) Baxter; Johnstone, Stein, Brand. Subs: Ritchie, Davis (H), Ferguson (B), McMillan, Wilson.
  5. . Or, in true Castilian, Seess-pennss, r’offeeshell pro-gremm. Allowing for exchange rates and inflation, 400 seess-pennsses
  6. Very good, lad but paraphrasing F. S. Trueman, ‘t were wasted on the like of us.
  7. I would have lifted the bloke in the first vid just for dressing like Bonnie Rob Roy or whoever. The baldie guy was doing all right ‘til he lost his head.. If he hadn’t started scrapping he’d have been out in the morning.
  8. Pep engineered the win he wanted. Does he have sorcery lined up to procure the draw or maybe home win he needs tonght? Or tomorrow night, even
  9. Ding dong. Arsenal 2-1 City Leicester 4-1 Norwich Watford 1-3 Hotspur Palace 1-2 Hammers Brentford 1-0 Villa Everton 2-0 BHA Leeds 1-2 Burnley So’ton 2-1 Magpies Chelsea 2-2 Liverpool United 3-1 Wolves
  10. Nope. You’re right. I didn’t read the op properly.
  11. Nobody paid £M1 until 1979, Trevor Francis to Forest. Greig wasn’t unknown in England and Gemmell was still famous for his Euro cup final goal. Hennessy is a bit odd. Mike England, Alan Durban even Gary Sprake would have been better. I don’t think CBFM was bothered about circulation figures in Scotland or Wales. Readers weren’t so touchy back then.
  12. His first game for Rangers was at right back when George Young was out injured. I had to check the stats for this. Capped 29 times for Scotland at left back and 11 times at right back.
  13. Admin, there’s a guy on here been defacing illustrious names. Ban him. Oh, wait. It was Admin that did it. Here’s the team. The defence is the easy bit, so strong that I don’t have to worry about defensive midfielders so Nobby Styles and Lee McCulloch have to sit this one out. I can run wild with attacking players but still have to omit superstars. Zoff; Caldow, Baresi, Maldini, Facchetti; Messi, Cruyff, Gento; di Stefano, Puskas, Pele.
  14. Who’s gonna be second? Liverpool or Chelsea? (Both my early season tips as champions) Or the thoroughbreds coming up on the rails?
  15. I’m just surprised he picked Ralston ahead of my granny.
  16. Last games of the year. I wonder if I’ll get one right. Palace 2-0 Norwich So’ton 1-3 Hotspur Watford 0-2 Hammers Leeds 1-0 Villa Leicester 2-1 Liverpool Chelsea 3-0 BHA Brentford 1-3 City Toffees 2-0 Mags United 3-0 Burnley
  17. I was quite successful last week with a postponed forecast. More adventurous this week with: Hammers 3-1 So’ton 'Spurs 3-1 Palace Norwich 0-3 Arsenal City 3-1 Leicester Villa 0-2 Chelsea BHA 2-0 Bees Magpies 0-3 United
  18. Scott7

    John Little

    They do. I expect Uilleam ran in three tries at Millerston, converted them and took over as emergency hooker for the last ten minutes when the first pick drowned and won the strike against the head in three consecutive scrums.
  19. F621036B-AF1C-4AC4-90A0-050FDADB79BA.pdf One of Her Majesty’s Canadian Submarines. The surface vessel might be Paddy Buckley, Aberdeen.
  20. Unfortunately, to a loyal goon, that purported answer probably sounds like very sound economics. And she had a go at the Tories too. What more do you need?
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