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  1. Christmas. The end of a year. The start of a new year. Time to pause in a quiet moment and reflect. So, here goes. The greatest carol of all time. Slade, eat your heart out.
  2. The current fixtures list is scrapped. The rhandom computer is churning out a new list of conventional fixtures for eleven clubs. Every one of the eleven has to write to the twelfth to ask when it can play. And for how long.
  3. The Supreme Court decided on liability to pay. Still leaves the assessment of the sum actually due open to argument.
  4. Mrs 7 was trawling a local website searching for specific neighbourhood covid data. She read a happy post from some woman praising Sturgeon “for telling us what to do”. Thankfully, there was a counter post pointing out that Hitler and Stalin did that too. No doubt the point was lost because I doubt if the original poster would know who they were. Three old folk whom I know truly believe “Nicola is looking after them”. Depressing, because although they themselves would never claim to have attained a high educational standard I always thought they had plenty of common sense. SNP propaganda is stunningly successful.
  5. He certainly is. We don’t have to like them, though. Decent opening bat until Lillee and Thomson put the frighteners on him. Occasionally amusing but lightweight in commentary. Memorable for giving the wind direction at Old Trafford as “coming from Bill’s mother’s”. The Bill in question is not, of course, the Bill of this parish, who, to my mind, has finished what Lillee and Thomson started.
  6. Young folk can’t sing. They can only do a yapping chant. They don’t understand some tunes are meant to be slow. I blame all the jackhammer music they listen to.
  7. Another epic, thanks. What a team the Hibs put onto the park. Well done, the Famous, to beat them.
  8. At 4-0 I think I’m the only non-faller left in the field. My problem is the draw. Divine intervention required.
  9. I disagree. England can improvise a collapse anytime, anywhere, any conditions.
  10. Forecasting a postponement is probably the safe option. Villa 2-0 Burnley Leeds 2-2 Arsenal Wolves 1-3 Chelsea Magpies 0-4 City
  11. I suppose Foakes is still injured. Foakes (like his near kinsman Woakes) is good for a few runs in the lower order. Buttler though, might produce a match winning innings. It may happen one day in a Test Match. Always play your best gloveman, say T. E. Bailey and Truman F. S. Who am I to disagree?
  12. Would the Lord Advocate have to consent? If so, no chance. She is one of the FM’s pals.
  13. That’s for Timothy to decide, isn’t it? Where does his advantage lie? Probably a postponement giving him a chance to narrow the gap and help towards fixture congestion.
  14. Midweek matches take forecasters by surprise. If I had remembered I’d have gone for a massive home victory for City and a solid away win for the Villa. Can I maintain such good form? BHA 1-1 Wolves Burnley 1-0 Watford Palace 1-1 So’ton Arsenal 2-1 Hammers Leicester 2-1 ‘Spurs Chelsea 3-0 Everton Liverpool 5-0 Newcastle
  15. I fear Ryan Jack’s career may be over. Great disappointment for the player.
  16. There speaks the Accountant. No romance. (He’s right though)
  17. I knew a woman who started as office girl in a bookie’s straight from school, no qualifications, sweeping the fag ends off the floor. In five years she was office manager and ran the accounts for the chain of eight shops. I knew a good few CAs who didn’t have her ability with practical finance. She had no Gaelic, though.
  18. No, you’re wrong. Forbes worked for a whole two years with Barclays Bank as a trainee accountant. So brilliantly good, she didn’t have to bother completing the course. What more do you need to become an expert in finance and the economy? And she speaks fluent Gaelic. So everything is all right.
  19. Unexpectedly on the move this afternoon, my only access to a score was by sportsound and even that intermittently. Thank God because I couldn’t have tholed ninety minutes. It was angry. Very, very angry. An angry Paul Mitchell was commentator with an angry John Robertson and some other angry bloke. Rangers were 0-2 up when I joined and they weren’t much interested in describing the play. Instead I quickly learned from Mitchell that Rangers had lost their first away match of the season at Tannadice, relevant to today’s proceedings I know not how. Next, the intriguing statistic that up to today, Hearts hadn’t conceded a first half goal at home all season, a record only matched by celtic. At that point I had to attend to other matters so I don’t know what further gems of non-information were ofered I next joined at halftime into an excited debate among the commentary team about whether Rangers’ first goal was offside or if there had been some other infringement. The matter was settled more in sorrow than in anger by Richard Gordon in the studio telling them that pictures revealed the goal was legal. Suddenly, like Dracula rising from his coffin, an even angrier Tom Gibberish intervened to say that Rangers had been very good for about four minutes but before and after, Hearts had been the better team. Somebody must have drawn up the studio blinds because that angry creature vanished as suddenly as he had appeared but he’d thrown a comfort bone to the commentary chaps who picked it up and started gnawing at it confident that Hearts would get the next goal and it would be a different game. Luckily, I had to tune out for the rest of the programme. Force majeure aside, I would have switched off anyway. It’s many years old since I listened to that programme. Mitchell used to be not too bad. How @26th of footcopes with this sort of stuff, I do not know. Must be down to good Covenanting stock and the rigours of the Parachute Regiment. Double armour that I do not possess.
  20. They are indeed. Not just memories of the heroes but of players with other teams as well. What a fine inside forward Archie Robertson was. Clyde - yes, Clyde - could field three internationalists, Robertson, Harry Haddock and Tommy Ring.
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