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  1. In the very old days before they copied L'pool, Aberdeen's strip was red shirt, white shorts and red socks with white tops an' muckle great tacketty boots. Haven't seen the hibbees but dark green is fine. Saw the tims by accident on the News. Hoops looked a bit retro. Was Bobby Evans playing for them again?
  2. What a jessie set of blouses. Gimme the royal blue with white collar. No fancy add-ons.
  3. "Great I still have a Gola t-shirt from the eighties laying in a drawer" Never mind the shirt, are the eggs any good?
  4. The only top i want to wear Is the shirt old Tiger wore. Apt new words to a fine old tune.
  5. Hope the Beano's still on the go. Biffo's a Bear.
  6. "the big news from dundee today is the dandy comming to an end no more desperate dan." That's a real shocker, foggy, though there will still be a few desperate dans in cp this season. Korky (or somebody with a name like that) captained the Rangers.
  7. "I think Dingwall should be boycotted. " Not a great fan of Dingwall as a town but it is big bluenose territory.
  8. Could have done with this months ago, as others have said. The fact that the Tribunal hasn't managed to come out with a decision yet must show what a narrow case it is. The SPL cabal are obviously much more astute than the FTT.
  9. Most of this kind of stuff is rubbish but this one is helluva good. Scansion and rhythm near perfect. Well done, my good man.
  10. Don't miss Elgin. World Drams Capital.
  11. Seven breakaways by what I'm hearing.
  12. Never mind all that. How did the Broch play?
  13. ..... will they ask players to hand back their medals? Who's going to knock on Amorouso's door for his?
  14. Posted on the Elgin City Board: "Look out losers, The Howden End Loyal RSC will be back in town this season. Haven't been through there since Caley died in 1994, so theres 18 years of slaps to be dished out. WATP" Just what Rangers need to boost their image in the lower leagues.
  15. Let's hope the loonies - and there are a few - don't disgrace the Rangers name in the quiet wee towns especially the north-east where many are well disposed towards the Club. Be a shame to spoil that. As the OP says, an ideal opportunity to win friends and influence people. I never favoured the Millwall "no one likes us, we don't care" nonsense.
  16. Baillie wrote for the SP. Wasn't too good at that either. Played centre forward sometimes but he could never use his weight or height effectively. Unlike Jimmy Millar. Short in stature but leapt like a salmon, usually high above McNeil.
  17. Legend - I was happier when big Baillie was left out!
  18. Not the best of times to join up, Herr Berliner. No one could call you a glory hunter. We old geezers 1947/64 had it pretty easy apart from one freak event that I don't like to talk about.
  19. "Are we the oldest people on this site that can remember those days ?" Naw. I'm just a young lad. Ma faither tellt me aboot them. (Ahem) Johnnie Little - another unsung hero. And Willie Rae. Imagine being understudy to Sammy Cox, but he never let Rangers down.
  20. Billy Stevenson - how I wish we had kept him. One of the cornerstones of the Shankly Liverpool resurgence. And good old Willie T and George Niven. Undersung stalwarts.
  21. "that was against slaves" Naw. It was against Immortals, supposedly. But that cant be right because it was before Morton, McPhail and Meiklejohn were born.
  22. no12: "Hmm, I've never been to Borough Briggs. There's a first time for everything." About 70% City fans have Rangers as their "wee team" Peterhead something similar. Long journey to Elgin but worth twice the distance to get to the Drams Capital of the World.
  23. Scott7


    Started off on the lead horse in the posse and now he's trying to get us out of jail. Fair play to the man. He's starting to talk sense. Expect a return to normal, though, once the new Rangers get going.
  24. "From day 1 we should have went straight to Div 3 and start preparing for the season. " Correct. Why didn't all these smart business blokes see that liquidation was inevitable (King excepted) and that the rest of the SPL were never going to let a new Rangers back in?
  25. The Elgin City chairman is ready to receive Rangers into Div 3. He doesn't think the new Rangers or the fans should be punished for anything the old company did. He's not a Rangers supporter. NUFC born and bred. Ross County will definitely vote in favour. Not many people live in Ross-shire but of the football-minded population they are 90% Rangers except Alness which was polluted about fifty years ago.
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