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  1. What about Gio with KT assisting? And Koeman going to Kelty?
  2. We were complaining the attacking play was sideways and backwards, almost static. Kent sets off on a diagonal run, right to left. That compels whoever is out on the left to move forwards or inwards even backwards but that player will likely take a defender with him and so the defence opens up a bit giving opportunities for the other attackers. I hadn’t realised this until he was out for so long.
  3. They’re not coming because of Brexit. The point is that whatever their reason, Brexit hasn’t deterred them. We were told there would be an exodus and no company would want to come into pariah state Britain.
  4. A vintage Hibs team. O’Rourke deserved to be in it after the mediocrity alongside him at the start of his career.
  5. That was some team Scotland had. Stanton and Buchan in defence. How did the opposition ever score?
  6. Does that show that AF is the better manager?
  7. Very true. The exceptions are Souness and Wallace, first time, sort of. He went down in terms both of geography and status to Leicester though that was more to do with not being given what he needed at Ibrox rather than a burning desire to join a great club admired since childhood.
  8. We don’t wish to know that. Kindly leave the stage.
  9. We can’t do much about our looks but stepping back from the trough and avoiding flamboyant dress would help.
  10. I don’t approve of this sort of thing. It’s timmish. But since I’m on, Gary Player. And Ian Botham.
  11. Is it not if you can remember it you weren’t there? I canna mind.
  12. John Prentice the flukey, offside equaliser in a benefit match v Elgin City 1952. For the first competitive goal, I was sure it was Derek Grierson but checking the record it was in fact John Prentice again v Thirds Glasgow Cup Final 1953.
  13. Any idea who the tims don’t want us to get?
  14. You and I usually warble from the same tattered hymn sheet but not on this one. You jest, of course?
  15. I see what you’re getting at. Mancini opened the door for Guardiola to slip through. How would the magic circle of managerial wizards get on at keeping Burnley in the top division for years? Not so well, I fancy. How would Dyche get on at City or Chelsea? We’ll never know.
  16. I don’t think Hagi is that type of player. He’s a locksmith and an innovator. Aribo ought to be. Talent. Physique. But something’s missing.
  17. Anybody who dolls himself up like that must be instantly disqualified.
  18. Correct. I think that’s what I was trying to say. He would have gone to ‘Spurs if he’d been invited but not, for example, Brighton or Palace. It’s a risk for him but he must think the risk of finishing second to celtic is greater.
  19. Villa job’s available. That’s what’s changed. He might have gone to ‘Spurs if he had been invited. I doubt he would ever have gone to Norwich, Watford or the like.
  20. Is it? Always thought it was Lamps.
  21. If I were Patterson I’d be wanting Liverpool. If it’s between Everton or Villa he might not want to go to the manager who didn’t pick him.
  22. Brighton, Palace, Southampton, Norwich, Watford, Brentford, even Leicester. Some are above Villa in the table currently but together they don’t have Villa’s potential. Fair to say, though, that some notable managers have failed to unleash that potential.
  23. That looks right except drop Mourinho back to fifth place because of his destructive tendency. Guardiola could overtake Ferguson and Tuchel’s coming up fast on the rails but he may not be a stayer. The new runner from Villa Park has a lot of hard furlongs before Rodgers is even in sight.
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