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  1. Perfect. The more they underestimate us the quicker we will catch them.
  2. Was at the u21 match tonight. Not one player anywhere near to a step up. Pretty abysmal standard to be honest
  3. If he gave up his wad when king took over that argument could be valid. That he turned out to be as greedy as the boards who raped us is no consolation. Also the fact that he just pissed about these last years treating it as a big joke is the reason i have zero respect. Handing big buck contracts to washed up pros, golf outings rather than serious preparation etc etc the list of unprofessionalism is endless
  4. He wont be back until BT roll up for our first return to champions league action. Of course he will getting paid handsomely for spouting pish.. ahh just like the good old days....
  5. If he had resigned honourably he would have left with no pay off. He was removed from position of manager by the board but they opted to continue paying him for one year as per contract rather than cough up the utterly obsene amount of money in a oner..... still feel the same way about super?????
  6. Is it not just a one off guest role. Marvin andrews was on the other week..
  7. Will need him next season to topple Aberdeen if the top.haha
  8. Agree hope we dont go back to that kind of signings
  9. Why cant we just keep the focus on the football and get ready for a challenge next season. Most of this interview will come back and bite us. Ie bumming up ally when it looks like he has only done the deal so he can take his bt job.
  10. Have to say that following kings comments today it will only fuel the "new club" comments from the usual suspects. Hard now to say fuck you when our boss says its important to us. I think he should have kept that one under his hat until it is clear it could be done
  11. It will be wattie and all the ally supporters bleating about how much he had to deal with behind the scenes etc cant imagine he has anything significant to say.
  12. As i suspected a hollow gesture so late in the day it is hardly making a difference now but he gets the thanks of the club and will no doubt believe everything is hunky dory again. Chapter closed and please no job for him in any capacity..
  13. Im sure you are correct that Allys endorsement influenced many fans to pitch in. Remember that knowledge of Ally selling out by accepting the million shares came much later and was not exactly volunteered from the great one. ally gave the impression he had been given proof of good intentions between his no endorsement no trust stance and his all in backing.
  14. Might be but the crowds didnt materialise after king took over until warburtons football dazzled the disaffected. My boycott started a few years ago and was football related
  15. In Allys head but not in the real world
  16. I think Ally would forgo the last few payments to be loved again. I would pay him what he is due and forget about him.
  17. Aye unless he's a pretty special talent and they will get as many strikes as they want...lol
  18. Craig is correct that this idea has been around the last 4 years or so. It can work with younger age groups and depends the areas involved. As they move to 11 aside competitive football it all starts getting a bit nastier. The real horror stories are probably in the minority but there is a simmering undercurrent in many games with arsehole coaches and agressive parents.. the big debate that takes place is the idea of non competitive football for youngsters. You have the old school side who just scorn it and want their kids and teams to get intae the opposition from a young age as they think they are developing winners. On the other side some are to namby pamby and want it all sterilised and contact and agression free. For me and i believe the succesful youth development coaches would say that football is always competitive as that is the nature of the game,the key is do you believe that its win at all costs for kids or is there times when it really isnt the end of the world if you lose a game but the manner you played and the effort displayed can be equally important.
  19. Love it these guys are going to their graves obsessed and twisted up with their hatred of Rangers. phil the phuck up is one seriously ill guy. That he still spends his every waking minute writing and obsessing and wishing we would disappear into thin air is the traits of someone on the edge. I hope the haters all twist and turn and endure sleepless nights hurting and plotting in their diseased minds ways to damage us. Sad sad wankers...
  20. Interesting article. Was shocked that it did occur to him to cultivate better relationships with the managers whereby his judgement and opinion counted for something. Absolutely NOT shocked that the managers in question appear to have made no effort to ensure that this was a key relationship in the club structure.
  21. There comes a point where I believe we have to trust the board to get on with business and just concern ourselves with the football. Its verging on obsessive ala three names etc where everyman and his dog wants to.micro analyse every detail regarding Rangers. You can scrutinise to your hearts content and believe me I am.not offended just think its something I would leave to the obsessed haters out there as they stew in their own bile.
  22. This is getting pretty tiresome with folks slaughtering people coming to the club when they have no idea if they are indeed competent to do the job. I would bet it will be the same ones who will slaughter the team and. Warburton when we have our first sticky spell.
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